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Badass Chico Lopez dogs

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by GamedogCornersDaddy, Sep 20, 2021.

  1. che

    che Top Dog

    it depends all on the character off the breder. It depends on who is buying and who is selling, i paid 350 for a wel bred pup from wel known dogman while other pay more than 1000 for the pup from same littler. Its at the end off the day the choice off the breeder and buyer.
  2. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    Traveling really ain't got a lot to do with anything. It is really just circumstance and availability. Ricky Jones gets brought up a lot however he rarely ever left his backyard can you think of something away from fl or TN? Same with stp and Crenshaw or even Davis don't think he went farther than ms. Most guys stayed local/regional and it doesn't take away from anything. Flip through a old sdj and look at the locations. Have no idea where all this stuff with being international automatically makes one better then the folks that stay within driving distance better. I don't think anyone would say norman hooten was any less because he stayed regional.
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  3. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. CH Dog

    As an old pricefighter myself it was harder on me to fight overseas after a long travelling then around the corner. Think the same goes up for dogs. And hats of to all the ones you mentioned @ben brockton respect for them and those long gone dogs. Owned some of the Norman Hooten blood through Jailhouse and it delivered me some good bulldogs way back when bred to Hall's Ch Joker RIP 2 them all.
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  4. che

    che Top Dog

    Different time, different circumstances ! Today this days , more dogs, more dogmans over the whole world, one example sometimes one dog stay open for a year in a country there is no takers , sometimes you may need to travel to do your sport against best dogmans from other country its like a champioen Leaque . And traveling from a hot country to cold country may make not that difference for you as person because you have different clothes too but for the dog is not the same . And traveling from country to country need a lot off professionalisme. It Will bring a lot off disadvantage with it. Alot off stress! Your dog can lose a lot off weight water and he get more tired. It cost more effort for the dog and the owner. Onece a goodfrend Sansit knl had to travel from his hot place to the cold snowy montain. He had his show at very cold
    mountain the opponent was living there few meters from the show place. Whic is more lucky u think, if the both dogs were same caliber and wel keeped. Sansit did win this day but he told and write this was one off his difficult showes he ever had. He always say today this day circumstances getting better , if i want to be best i need to beat the best i can reach so far as my circustamces make it possible. He is from Turkey. He need visa for many countrys his last shows were in serbia, Russia, Romania. He met there the best from this countrys he did beat them all. A lot of dogmans have better circustamces but they are oke with it. If there is no challengers for their dog or if there is no dog at theirs dog weight they even not try to make it happen in an other city 100 km far from their place and they keep saying. Dog was open for months . I think in a country or city most dogmans knows each other what they have or not. World is small but dogworld is smaller. If u want it so bad i think we all need to put more effort. I think it is not that easy. Home is home! Home feels many time better than new places
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  5. Benitez

    Benitez Pup

  6. Krull

    Krull Pup

  7. Krull

    Krull Pup

  8. Speaking on “Captain”RIP I would just like to say this… Being as honest as I can…
    Both loses that Captain had over there were not his own dogs. He just basically borrowed both of them from a couple of friends in the USA (Paid them $ of course) , and said I will bring them back if they are victorious in their respected Hog Hunts) at the time all that Captain wanted to do was find “weights” to bring out because he was trying to be as active as he could at his old age.
    Personally wouldn’t have recommended him even bringing those 2 to show.”But,he said “I want to fight” He even put the forfeit up before he had the weights.. lol
    Typical Captain…
    Capt even bought one of the camps a new carpet because theirs was in horrible condition,
    Captain was all about the dogs well being first. Seen him lose his mind it on people for poor handling.. He was one of a kind!
    After one of the events, “They said”, Captain brought his best Champion…
    Lol… Not saying he didn’t lose, or making excuses, cause Cpt wouldn’t want this even said!!! But I’m gonna put my opinion out there..
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  9. Cap didnt even know them dogs he would call and ask u have this or that
    I refused him a couple of times
  10. I’m not 100% understanding your meaning.
    Captain would take no offence if you or anyone else did not have a weight for him to buy/use as he is extremely well respected and was handed dogs from some of the best kennels…
    He was able to use dogs from very well respected and honest/good ppl…
    Art of Siam
    Lowkey kennels just to name a few!
    Mr Dew in China also
    Many different camps would offer him what he asked for because Cap was so honest…
    He literally flew across countries just to check out locations to make sure they were safe and only would agree to very few ppl a side! Usually less that 6 ppl to a (treadmill race)
  11. Mashamplan

    Mashamplan Big Dog

    Travelling is obviously challenging on a dog and the dogman. It tests his ability to bring his best game despite the challenges from.travelling to different climates and elevations above sea level. It is usually a logistical and financial challenge.
    Someone mentioned Champions League. In that analogy you comparing international with the champions league and thus implying that local matching is the national leagues of each country. That may hold weight if its was the best at each weight in a country meeting the best at each weight in other countries , but unfortunately it's more the best that dogmen with money have meeting each other and not always the best in the country.
    Take note I said not always. So in my humble opinion comparing the dog game to the European Champions League in Football (soccer) is not a fair comparison. Because many great dogs are not in the hands of dogmen that are able to travel unlike the sport of soccer (football) where the clubs with money dominate their national leagues and thus face each other in the continental tournament.
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  12. boilermaker123

    boilermaker123 Big Dog

    Chico lopez is a known snitch..I have absolutely zero respect for him or anything he has done
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