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Bloodline qualitites

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by XxKonnectionsxX, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. XxKonnectionsxX

    XxKonnectionsxX Top Dog

    I have a qustion for all you "dogmen" out there. I hear a lot of people saying they like this bloodline over that or they like this mix with this and that and blah blah blah. OK Why doesn't anyone ever post why they don't like this and that or why they do like this and that? I was wondering if there was anyone out there who would take the time to list the different bloodlines and what are their good qualities and what are the bad qualities or traits these dogs posses. I think that would help me and a lot of other people in deciding what bloodline or lines they would like to work with. Even if you aren't familiar with all the bloodline types. At least post what bloodline you have or are working with and what are their good qualities and bad. Post the BAD even if you don't wan to. lol I just hate when I ask a bloodline question and I get a simple answer. I need details. Thanks to anyone that could help me out.
  2. rocksteady

    rocksteady I'll drink to that..

    My line of choice is McCoy, more specifcally the Rozmus McCoy line which is most famous in Michigan and a few surrounding states. . I can name most (if not all) of the downfalls of the line But lol..who wants people to think of the worst in a line?? (why people probably dont post that all over..)

    Ovwer the years the McCoy line has suffered greatly by BAD BREEDINGS These are dogs you need to check and check hard. (mostly because of the bad breeding going on) The line sufferes now from straight hocks, tend to get large ( I had a 90 pounder ) the tighter the are bred, the more abiliy they lose ..(true with many lines) I think in all, the worst is that if you choose to breed these dogs, you need to cull and cull again., Most people dont want to take the time /money /effort .. but I think the end results are well worth it. I think most of the problems in the line however are a result of people not being carefull or caring what they bred.

    But the good points make up. If one is willing to take the time, these dogs prove to have excellent temperments and are all around dogs. And are game to the bone when they are good. ( Rozmus McCoy dog beat "CH" Kingfish twice ..allthough never reported they were contract matches so kingifsh really isnt a Gr CH ) Loyal, not to bad on the eyes.. they make good housedogs, too now we're having success in the show ring, weight pulling, hog hunting ..

  3. mutt

    mutt Pup

    my line of blood is chinaman although i love snooty and a variety of others but i choos china man #1then snooty...lol
  4. crossfire

    crossfire Big Dog

    Being Chinaman is a Snooty cross then it is pretty safe to say that your line of choice is snooty and snooty crosses.
  5. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Guest

    Thats a hard question to answer because everyone has there own opinions and experiences with all these different bloodlines. But this is only my opinion so here I go. The Eli blood depending what strain you choose they are usually very rough and hard mouthed dogs but lack deep gameness. On the other hand pure Redboy dogs are very deep game but lack ability and mouth. Pure Patricks dogs are game but lack alot of ability and mouth but when crossed with Boyles you get better all around dogs. Same as if you add some Jocko to the Redboy you get better all around dogs thats why the Yellow dogs are doing really good right now. The line that I love and work with is the Jeep/Redboy/Jocko with a little rascal in em, the good traits of this line Im working with is hard to super freaky hard mouth with good ability and they are crawling game. The bad traits of my blood line is low to average wind or endurance and some skin problems. Also every line produces there good and bad dogs Im not going to lie to you and tell you all the pups from my breedings turn out to be good dogs some times more then half the litter is curs but you have to cull and keep the good ones for your seleves thats how you can improve your line, but when I do get a good one that shit is the BOMB if you know what I mean lol..lol..
    PGK likes this.
  6. mutt

    mutt Pup

    no chinaman is snooty and eli cross and both are considered indavidual blood lines now so no i like chinaman 1st then snooty ...crossfire
  7. mutt

    mutt Pup

    and all snooty crasses are not to my likin so dont put words in my mouth .....with all do respect
  8. tzo45

    tzo45 Pup

    good post konnections.i like how you came straight to the point with it. i think alot of people would be curious about what people do and dont like about their certain blood lines. i have been kinda wondering about that boudreaux stuff.
  9. drunkmuppet

    drunkmuppet Big Dog

    Good questions here.
  10. Advocate

    Advocate Big Dog

    I like myself a good scatterbred dog. Momma said life was like a box of chocolates ;)

    My uncles Frisco dog OFF TG's yard cannot compare to my scat bred red boy male in any way shape or form. Not drive not mouth not even wind! I know because i run them both a flirt with them

    =^^=GYPSYKITTIN Big Dog

    when I got started in dogs I got lucky to get some hienzl/nigerino crossed dogs linebred off athens able, loved them dogs!! they never let me down!!
    now I have a working blend of bolio/chinaman/boudreaux, having great results so far!
  12. great topic, i got started not to long ago and i got lucky to get started with a chinaman/redboy cross!:D i wanted to know the pros and cons?
  13. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    this is really good, wish more people would post their opinions on the different lines.
  14. outrightmike

    outrightmike CH Dog

    i got lots of patricks in my dogs there not pure.but they dont lack mouth abilty diffently game.but the bad is?i have no bad.there willing to do what ever makes me happy.game rised or house raised.
  15. TNK

    TNK Pup

    Exactly how a "quality" bull dog should be :cool:
    I dont feed chain biters muchless man biters.
    Save all the "tuff" dogs for the "TUFF" Guys ......:rolleyes:

  16. Robber

    Robber Big Dog

    | | |

    Good post. I think about as accurate as you can get while staying general.

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