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***breeder of the century***

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by oldslowblue, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. Revelator

    Revelator Big Dog

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  2. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Yep. I don’t own any Garner dogs but TG has put a lot of good dogs on the ground.
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  3. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    There is no true answer as there is no true definition of a 'breeder'. Is the breeder of the century the one with the most wins? the most game dogs? the most puppies sold?

    For sheer percentage of game dogs per puppy made I would go with Carl Mims. When the over-all conversation with any number of people there is a consensus, "a Mims dog will scratch, he may not bite and he may cut a barrel in half in a day, he may bark at the leaves as they fall and he may be the biggest pain in the ass to own, but he will scratch".

    For sheer number of dogs sold, and maybe someone has passed him, but James Edwards. If you live in NC/SC odds are your first dog came from Mr. Edwards. He worked for Wilson Electric til he retired. They would call every five to six months and ask him to cash his checks so they could square up the books. He sold his dogs, he bought litters and re-sold them, and he owned a hundred dogs with a handful at his house. He bred the greatest match dog of all time in Molly Bee. And in true 'breeder of the century' fashion he leaned over to twenty of his closest friends and whispered, 'this is how Molly Bee is really bred' and fifteen of the 20 were different versions.

    Most impactful breeder of the last hundred years is Calvin Krebbs. He made the dog/dogs that made Red Boy, which is by far the most popular dog in the history of the dogs.

    If the breeder of the century is decided by a guy who used dogs as his product and created a business model that no other can compare to, it has to be Mr. Garner. He identified a product and made a personal/capital investment on the highest quality product possible. From there be built a network of people who are paying him to do all the work as the true marketers of his product. Hundreds of people are riding up and down the road going door to door 'selling' his product with their entire livelihood depending on their every decision and he then gets the monthly dividend checks. He in turn re-invested those dividends into even higher quality products and even created a diversified portfolio to reach even more customers. His marketing firm reports back to him and he tailors his next investments accordingly as his network is ever growing, and more importantly, ever believing. He should be teaching business class at Kenan-Flagler, or maybe even at an Ivy League school way up north.

    Define what a successful breeder is, then we may be able to narrow down the field. LOL

  4. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    Maurice carver literally can't argue against it.
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  5. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I doubt anyone could argue against Mr. Carver.

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  6. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

    what century , this one or last one
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  7. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Here we go with logic and basic understanding. LOL


  8. Earl Tudor,Maurice Carver,Floyd Boudreaux,Garry J.Hammond,Bert Sorrell
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  9. ziggy311

    ziggy311 Big Dog

    This is the 21st Century. Carver did not live to it. Neither did Earl Tudor. How can they even be mentioned if they did not live to see it?
  10. Revelator

    Revelator Big Dog

    I look at a question like this "breeder of the century" and equate it to the last 100 years. If we went 1900-1999, 2000-2099, we're not even a ¼ of the way through this one, so how could someone even earn the title yet?
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  11. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    When did carver an Tudor die?
    How long is a century?
    What " hicks " dogs made any impact in the same century lmfao
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  12. crook60

    crook60 Pup

    I personally don’t understand what could dictate a breeder of the century. Dog of the year and dog of the decade for example is already quite an achievement. Most reputable and honest breeders give it their 100 percent into their program, some don’t and that’s understandable. I just feel it’s discredit and disrespect to the many breeders who put their blood sweat and tears into the love of the breed.
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  13. Revelator

    Revelator Big Dog

    While pinpointing one particular person to bestow the title of "breeder of the century" would be difficult, because it's subjective. But I think it's easy to say there are a few who can be considered the most impactful breeders throught the history of the dogs. If a person can look at this objectively, and not allow personal feelings to stand in the way, I think everyone would be in agreement that guys like Maurice Carver and Earl Tudor, and a few more like them, have made the biggest contributions to this game. That's why they are always the names in contention for a title like this.
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  14. you write that this is the 21st century .. 23 years have passed .. based on 23 years, how can we determine what kind of mark a person will leave on the next 77 years? no way..

    In 23 years, you can't create such a permanent thing that you fit on the list of breeders of the century .. so by definition you have to examine a closed period .. otherwise it's a very difficult question, because Lightner, Colby, Maloney, Patrick and many others would fit on it .. but only five name could be written
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  15. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    I'd go with Floyd B. personally.
    The Eli line is so well established on it's own, has several strains with in the line that still compete and been crossed into every other line that I'd find it hard to not have him listed up in the top 5.
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  16. crook60

    crook60 Pup

    I agree. There are those who we hold in high regard because of the impact and pioneering they displayed in the breed. Many good dogs of today would not exist without their contribution
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