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Busenbark Dogs?? Looking for opinions and whatnot

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Brutepit, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. Brutepit

    Brutepit Pup

    Hey folks!! Says it all, I'm curious about Busenbark Dogs, if anyone has had any, tried line/inbreeding them?? Any and all imputed invited!!! I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


    The best advice I can give is the first battery of rattler dogs(DIBO) were good,,,
    it took some redboy(DIME) through tab to revive the bloods second battery...
    BOLIO(BLACK WIDOW) is lacking to really revive a third battery...

    Ratler had some good arts missy blood that carried a good amount of black widow but often times the dibo drowns it out...
    They seem to get fairly squat and short of good breath these days and need some body bred back in them in my opinon...

    Its an old formula that if the balance of dibo to black widow and dime is off,,,
    they fall short in my studies...

    I think a redboy jocko line with or with out some bolio tombstone would help prepel the line also,,,
    than breed the best back to busenbark dogs but seek a outcross...
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  3. Brutepit

    Brutepit Pup

    Probably the most thorough and professional advice I've ever seen, lol. thanks a ton!!!
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    the ticket would be the calibre of the outcross as the great BJ was in this ped,,,
    many are kennel blind and breed only eli dogs or only bolio but I believe there is a balance in the two...
    an example of a 1/4 busenbark out over heavy bolio tombstone with some redboy jocko,,,
    again the ticket would be the calibre of the busenbark outcross as shown with AC...
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    The Motor has a bit Redboy from Redman and a touch of Tombstone/Bolio from Pats BillyJack,,,
    besides those slight outs the Motor was basically busenbarks Ratler w/ Jeep blood...
    now add some good sorrels shoshone aka zeke(bolios sire) as well as other sources of carvers black widow and some Stu Fowler Dime blood and...
    Bamaman I know you are as particular to a good Sorrell cross as I am,,, those Dibo dogs sure thrive with the shoshone/stu fowler/corvino blood...

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