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Catch dogs I own new to the website

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Sam_3030, May 27, 2014.



    Double what ps wrote, nothing beats a good Team. When every one knows thier part, a good coach can control a
    PACK in a orderly manor the yields are plentiful...
    Thanks for the share and please keep the pics and stories coming, alot of us seem to think a PACK is not visable with gamebred bulldogs...
  2. Sam_3030

    Sam_3030 Pup

    A gamebred bulldog with good handle can be achieved but still has to be respected by all means... Just gotta introduce them to other dogs when young and taught right from wrong
  3. Sam_3030

    Sam_3030 Pup

    Got some new post lol let me post em!!!!
  4. Sam_3030

    Sam_3030 Pup

    This boar hog was out in the middle of a field when we spotted him with the night vision... It was a hot night but had some wind for the dogs to work in. The only problem was that the hog was 400 yards away and the field was plowed and wet too wet for a truck to drive in so I decided to walk the dogs in for the kill. I grab my catch dog and made my way, I got within 100 yards and my female catahoula picks her nose up and it was on!!!! Never seen it at night I watched it all on nightvision she ran right up to the boar smelled him backed up 10 or so yards then opened up! Wasn't long before the 3 other strike dogs joined her... I haul ass with the bulldog then he breaks so I stop and listen with bulldog still on the leAd. Wasn't long before they stopped him again on a little piece of brush from what I could see I get 50 yards and turn ole Red loose. He stumbled he was running soooo fast lol. He gets in hits the hog and it's quiet all you hear is breathing which usually means it's a mean sob and he ain't going without a fight. I walk my way in the brush and it's a trash hole about 10 feet deep where the boar decided to stop and fight it was crazy! His head was swinging he was pissed but my red wouldn't turn em loose. Got in flipped em and gave him the 10inch Kbar to the vitals he was done another good hog down and another happy farmer with one less hog to worry about ruining his crops and soil
  5. Sam_3030

    Sam_3030 Pup

    Another good hog caught last week
  6. Sam_3030

    Sam_3030 Pup

  7. Sam_3030

    Sam_3030 Pup

  8. Sam_3030

    Sam_3030 Pup

    Put the AR to work too


    ...some nice porkers there good catch's.....enjoy.....
  10. St. Ides

    St. Ides Big Dog

    I'm wondering how you get the dogs started? We don't have hogs around here, but I've always been interested in it.
  11. Sam_3030

    Sam_3030 Pup

  12. Sam_3030

    Sam_3030 Pup

  13. Sam_3030

    Sam_3030 Pup

    St. Idas it depends on what dogs your asking about...

    Strike Dogs which are usually hounds hound crosses black mouth curs you name it are trained in many different ways... The way we train ours is that we start them very young which you can because most of these breed don't catch they simply Corner the hog and hold him at bay.
    Put em in a pen with a piglet and see what there reaction is if they bark well your off to a good start! After knowing the dog will bark at a hog you wanna work him by dragging scents or fur of the animal your pursuing. In my case hog skin will work just fine. Hold the dog drag the fur and stash it in a well hidden place in the woods then sit back and watch em work. Last but not least do some mock hunts with em catch a hog in a trap and stash em in the woods tied by a leg worn something to slow dog and let your pups find em do this several times and when you feel the time is right take em hunting dogs usually learn from repetition and experiences...

    As far as catch dogs those are pretty simple to train. A bulldog is usually hit or completly miss. I've seen em all.... With bulldogs I don't like to let em catch a hog until close to a year old until their adult teeth settle in so you don't damage their k9s those are very important have especially on big boars. A catch dog with no teeth is like a gun with no bullets if you know what I mean. Well what I do is start em off early as well but just present them the hog when young. If you catch one in a trap walk the bulldog up and see what he does if he gets crazy he's more them likely gonna catch wen the time is right!
  14. Sam_3030

    Sam_3030 Pup

    Once the bulldogs teeth set I he's ready to hit a hog. Same as a strike dog get a hog tie em to where he can stay close and let your bulldog hit em watch how he catches and correct him as needed. I like mine to catch on the ear because it's like a person if someone grabs your ear your more then likely gonna go where they want you to haha and control you same with a bulldog and a hog. After you get him catching where u want repeat but this time let one of your strike dogs bay it so the bulldog knows when he hears they hounds bark it triggers his catch sense and knows to run toward the bay... After his first time going to the bay you got a catch dog buddy. There's other things you can teach like breaking em off of other wildlife and just strictly on hogs or teach em to turn loose on command but I don't prefer that I want to have to use a break stick or cut the hogs ear off to get my dogs off. Good luck
  15. Great pictures and stories! I am a former hog dogger, my hog dogs are all gone now and my catch dog is a crippled house dog now. I run hounds on big and small game but they are not the right type for hogs (too long range, way too catchy). You have some good dogs there, thanks for sharing them..
  16. Nute

    Nute Pup

    Damn good looking dog you got there! I had a good catch dog once. Was off of Emody's Buck Shot, and White Trash's Brown Sugar, a Crenshaw dog basically. A good looking red bitch she was, and could catch like nobodys business. Long story short she ended up losing her k-9's, and was only bred once before retiring and becoming a great "pet"!

    I'm kind of partial to those red dogs, and love to see them working. Glad you got yourself a good one! Keep posting us some pictures!
  17. Sam_3030

    Sam_3030 Pup

    Couple more hogs we caught this past month
  18. kdue

    kdue Big Dog

    nice. u got bacon for years to come
  19. shotgun wg

    shotgun wg Big Dog

    Good hogs with nice cutters .

  20. Dam1985

    Dam1985 Banned

    Great pics and top work, get yourself on The Hunting Life forum people will love your stories and pics.

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