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Chico Lopez

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Holocaust, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Some folks got a gold finger and I mean what ever they touch turn to gold .Just a good eye for buisness and not everyone got it..shit I don't, I work for a company.
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  2. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Me either lol I work 3 jobs.
  3. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Shit my boss is rich like everyone else's lol
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  4. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I am way in the hole and I mean way in the hole. By not doing the puppy thing, and not selling puppies, the only return on my investment has been W's.

    If ever there were a business model destined for failure.......

    That is I work for a company as well. I hit the clock, do the work and they take care of the rest. LOL

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  5. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

    You can get a Chico Lopez dog for $1k if you know the right people. Right off Awesome Mayday.
  6. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    That's a lot of money for a puppy.


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  7. Chico Lopez is 100,000 steps ahead of all of you
  8. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

    Not compared to the $5k he is charging. Chico Lopez is a peddler...but I think $1k for the pedigree is fair. And it is drivable from where I live: modules.php
  9. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

    modules.php La Reina is not limited by Chico's ridiculous breeding contact, and will be bred to a proven 3 time winner. Pups are within driving distance. I think everything that is going into this breeding makes the pups worth $1k. Plus, it is going to piss Chico off, win win.

    If you want to work your ass off, produce a 3 time winner, breed it to some highly valued blood (Chico may be a douche canoe but those bloodlines are good) and sell you dog for peanuts, hey feel free.
  10. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    The clown show is very entertaining lol
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  11. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    My comment had no intentions of being a slight on what someone else is doing. Just for me it sounds like a lot of money. I'm cheap. I have missed out a number of good deals because I am cheap and even sometimes when I am willing to spend money I am hesitant (my secret way of missing out on the deal/not spending money)

    I was spoiled early on as I grew up in the dogs and I was not allowed to make a lot of the mistakes most make when they get started. By starting with good people I met good people and from there dogs were given/traded/placed more than they were sold. There was a mini-click here in the late 70's and whoever bred to what the litter was split amongst ever how many puppies in the litter. The group even split stud fees.

    I guess that is where it was engrained in me that dogs should not cost much of anything. A bit naive I guess.

    After that the very cross I like most was the Snooty-Red Boy and Red Boy-Snooty dogs were 40 minutes from the house for $250-$300, if I had to pay for it at all.

    That was like a hundred years ago and as the prices have climbed (like everything else) I still think they should not cost as much as they do, regardless of pedigree.

    So no slight intended.

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  12. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

    Yeah...everything is SO expensive nowadays. I think $1k is fair for a dog. We had double digit inflation this year. I am getting another good dog here that is a 2 hour drive from me. Probably a better dog than the Chico dog and $700. It is just I have been obsessed with that blood ever since I had a dog off Haunch. And he Chico dogs have won, it is just he is such a peddler for charging $5k. Also, I have built a good relationship with the breeder...I just have a good gut feeling about him.

    As far as $1k.... I mean you guys go through soooo much. I did a breeding once and got $600 for the dogs which would be like $1k now. They sold fast cause Haunch was winning and I had a. guy call and say he would buy every Shago dog I had. He bought 3, one turned out. I kept one. I did it because I wanted a dog from the breeding. I did the math for all the hours I put in and it came out to about $4.50 and hour. So lets say $7 in todays dollars. Thats not much money for picking up a lot of shit!
  13. Pullingcovers

    Pullingcovers Top Dog

    Didn’t you pass up a bollero that ended up making to the top
  14. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Not Bolero but down out of that family was Ga. Tom's Huckleberry. He bred Huckleberry to his daughter Hannah (I think) and I could have had two for just about the price of one and I hedged around a week or so and then decided to go get them. Someone else got there the day before me and they both turned out to be nice dogs.

    One of the better males in our part of the country was Ch. Caballo. It was said he was so smart that if he could drive and count money he would be a solo act. As he was doing his thing his brother was only a step behind. I could have bought him for like $750-800 hundred dollars as a 16-17 month old young dog, He went on to CH out as well.

    The moral to the story is to offer me your dog for $$$$ and I will turn it down flat or hee-haw around until someone else buys the dog. From there, based on my luck and my history, someone will end up with a really good dog.

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  15. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

    OK...I have a question. I know you should always look at the man behind the dogs, but lets do something different: Let's separate them.

    We all pretty much agree that Chico Lopez is a peddler with no honor. However lets view the dogs as if owned by someone else. Are the dogs bereft of his name any good. Say for example that slim12 owned one, and bred this dog modules.php to the best dog on his yard. Would those pups have any potential of being good, or would they just be pretty pedigrees? Yes, Mayday was bred out the ass, but there are other great dogs back there, Hollingsworth dogs like Crash (who I saw first hand and a producer) Awesomebuck ROM, Bailey stuff, GD CH STP Buck, Stone City, etc..

    Everyone talks about Mayday, but there were many other great dogs from that blood like GD CH Barracuda etc. Except for he Bailey outcross (which isn't really an outcross) it all goes back to Hollingsworth. The breedings all make sense. And yes I know it is the dogs themselves and what is p front, but dodn't some of hose dogs do well?
  16. che

    che Top Dog

    Chico lopez is making money breedings a lot off time, is there a good dog out off his breedings yes from time to time he also breed a good dog, but don’t forget even a cur can give a good dog.
    He hunt on good money with his pretty pedigrees. @slim12 we have reading his ideas many times. He is not about the money .No matter what when money become the main factor and honesty is not there it will fail in the end. Pride and a bit not over the hill ego plus honesty makes better dogs. I like honesty…. Not ego and money…yes chico travel , I respect that but it’s also good for his marketing
    GrChHaunch likes this.
  17. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

    Thank you. This confirms what I have heard. As my name suggests, I have been a huge fan of this blood for more than 25 years. I actually called Chico about 13 years ago about getting a dog and was so turned off by him I declined. I think he was charging $2.5k back then and if I had been impressed by I'm I would have paid it. I am poor now, but had the money back then. Everyone talks about Mayday, but there were a TON of good dogs that came from the Hollingsworth line.

    I have a good relationship with he owner of the Chico dog, his yard is full of some very good dogs and he is going to breed his best to this dog and I am going to get a female. He has bloodlines that nick well w/ the Hollingsworth stuff.. That is the plan. Of courser life often has plans different from your own personal plan, LOL.
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  18. boilermaker123

    boilermaker123 Big Dog

    I'm sure he is most snitches are always planning ahead with the police
  19. Show the paperwork.
  20. Chico denied your bitch ass. Just be honest. Now take the leftovers from someone else. Do what you gotta do. hahahahaha.

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