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Cousin taken from us yesterday

Discussion in 'R.I.P.' started by Naustroms, Jul 26, 2010.


    U.T.K'S SCORCH Big Dog

    damn bro the good die young!
  2. mindbender

    mindbender Big Dog

    Loss is never easy, especially when it is someone so young. I hate this sort of thing but unfortunately it is becoming more common place in our lives in this country. Please know that your family will be in my family's prayers. I am so sorry for your loss.
  3. chef_kergin

    chef_kergin Big Dog

    Sorry for your loss, mane.
  4. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    Hate hearing this. I personally know what its like to having family taken from you. Stay up, RIP
  5. blackbisquit

    blackbisquit Banned

    My condolences.:(
    i wishe you and your family all the best!!

  6. art

    art Big Dog

    dam sorry to hear

    ATEXAN Big Dog

    R.I.P. Sorry for your loss.
  8. fblb

    fblb Top Dog

    Terribly sorry for you, and your families loss, never easy to loose a loved one. R.I.P. Our thoughts go out to y'all in your time of grief.


    Its happenin everyday and everywhere.. I will keep your family in my prayers.This is never easy...

    R.I.P. my G
  10. Boy-boy 416

    Boy-boy 416 Big Dog

    damn man sorry to hear about that i also recently lost a cousin he was 17 years old shot to death and died in his fathers arms five years back my brother was shot to death in his living room and died in my arms 3 years ago a lost another cousin and a year after that his brother was killed both shot to death to i know the feeling all to well man just wanted you to know you aint alone i wish your family the best feel free to pm me if you need to talk to somebody man stay up il tell my brother to look put for him
  11. roe1880

    roe1880 Big Dog

    Damn cuz, real sorry to hear that... R.I.P. Andre... My condolences to you and your family...
  12. scratchin dog

    scratchin dog CH Dog

    Sorry for your loss. :(

    MISSAPBT Top Dog

    oh no im so sorry for your loss!

    Kia Kaha (be strong)
  14. AGame

    AGame CH Dog

    extremely sorry for your loss condolences to you and your family
  15. widerange

    widerange Big Dog

    sorry for your loss. keep you and your family in our prayers.
  16. So sorry to hear about your loss. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
  17. dajuice

    dajuice Big Dog

    Sorry for your loss fam.
    Our prayers go out to you and family.
  18. deerhunter

    deerhunter Big Dog

    Sorry for your loss.
  19. outrightmike

    outrightmike CH Dog

    :(sorry for your loss.:(

    DEATH-GRIP Banned

    sorry to hear !! prayers sent your way !:(

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