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Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by solid1kennels, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    now see look at the fine pictures we're getting . there is some nice looking dogwomen out there .
  2. I do what I can ;) thanks lakewood
  3. Come on dog women. Let us see what you got.
  4. LOVE a man that wears the pants, but i like you much more without them. ;)
  5. Jim_G

    Jim_G Big Dog

    Hey Lakewood, where's your dogchick dude? C-mon now show us what you got man. Lol maybe I go half w/old goat and place a bet.

    here's mine...
    Here in the USA we do our jobs rite! :) =right!

    @ Dream. bad boyz from Boston! Krank' it up!

    Chevelle SS 454 LS6

    Happy Halloween!


  6. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    We wanna see her handling a dog man! LS6 huh? I'm jealous....
  7. Jim, hats off to you my friend. Used to have a 69 Chevelle 396 that used to do 11's at Englishtown. Sadly, it went over a guardrail into a tree.

    Quite a misses you have there. All I can say is Wow.

    No Dogwoman at the present time. Soon.
  8. Well said best in Show. Sorry it took me a second or two but I understand now. Best of luck to you and the Hubby.
  9. Jim_G

    Jim_G Big Dog

    thanks..man that's a bummer...reminds me back when I hit a tree with my old '70 Trans Am shitfaced trying to run a local cop waiting for me outside a sports bar. That was an expensive bummer lol..love all Chevelles from 70 and down. been with us from '72. mostly stock w/low miles. Tina only shows off our pups she never works with them only when she does her nails. Oh well it's better than nothing. :)
  10. Similar thing happened to me. Just did the breaks and turned off onto a side road because I went by a cop at over 100. Hit a wet patch on an old metal train bridge and something let loose. 8 feet in the air into a tree. The cop felt so bad for me that he didn't give me a ticket and told me, and I quote, I'm not going to bother looking in that cooler either.

    As far as your misses, all I can say is your a lucky SOB.
  11. Jim_G

    Jim_G Big Dog

    Wow man I hope you pray to god every day...glad your ok from all that. hey cops are human too.. shit happens and sometimes we catch some breaks in our journey to life..but we need to learn from bad experiences and help others from driving under. not worth it these days.

  12. That was a long time ago. Scratched the cornea in my right eye and broke a few ribs. the funny thing was the very next day i was off to Queens to go to college. Man I miss that car.

    A few years later I bought a 75 Stingray. It turned out to be the worst car I ever owned. It nickle and dimed me to death.

    As far as DUI's, they are no joke today.
  13. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    ok we've got some good matches . but there's some on here that have'nt put up a picture . so go get a camera and get busy . and you girls smile big to . sadie you better be training boogie sounds like he's in keep .
  14. fajahmaria

    fajahmaria Banned

    @lakewood dogger

    Here in the USA we do our jobs rite! :) =right!

    to awnser that..

    than you can say goodnight to the dogs..
  15. I don't think it will be goodnight. I think it will be segregated to where you will really have to jump through hoops to be a Pit Bull owner.
  16. LOL I am OG. Been in a 7 month keep so far and peeled off 70 lbs. :)
  17. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    damn boogie , i think i might bet 100 on you to get my 50 back . you keep up the hard work . hihi , sadie you better be training . boogies changing my mind .
  18. fajahmaria

    fajahmaria Banned

    well whatever you or every other, doing his thing right :P lol
  19. bgblok68

    bgblok68 CH Dog

    Jim G, nice ride I got a '70 Chevelle SS 396 4-speed I've had since '77. Put a couple of million miles on it having fun so its nowhere as nice as yours but I gave it to my oldest daughter and she's gonna restore it. Boogieman congrats on losing the 70 lbs. Fajahmaria if I was your neighbor I'd be slinging cats over the fence all the time to fire the dogs up just to see you come running in your string. lol
  20. sadieblues

    sadieblues CH Dog

    ok one more .. I am not scared of the boogieman he can bring it anytime ....;)


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