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Fish Oil

Discussion in 'Health & Nutrition' started by blayzeingsun, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. I was giving my dog fish oil for awhile to help her skin in capsule form. Is there such thing as to much prevention??? Ie: she has a rash it is clearing up and i am chnging her dog food as well does anyone know if fish oil will be beneficial as well? Her vet recommended it for her.
  2. Hello blayzeingsun and welcome to the site!

    What is the condition that prompt you to use fish oil in the first place?

    How long have you been using it and how much?

    What feed were you giving and what is it now?

    How old is your canine?

    Fish and Flax oil is readily available and helps skin and coat health. Many times skin and coat conditions are brought about due to feeding low quality kibble. In other words, changing to a high quality kibble may be the only change you need.


  3. I'm not currently giving it to her I was giving one capsule (i believe 500 mg without looking at the bottle) once daily. She gets a very awful rash under her back legs and it spreads up her chest. Also she has this rash right now and I am spraying her with Apple Cider vinegar as was suggested and antibiotics and it is working very well but one of her nipples is very inflamed.?!?! from the rash...and i can feel little bumpy scabs in her ears which those 2 things have never happened before now. Anyway i want to change her feed to either Nutro Max or Science Diet she is eating atta boy right now. Also she is 3-4 years we got her from the pound 2 years ago and they were unsure of her age i believe she is 4 but our vet is also not positive on wether she is 3 or 4.
  4. Alright, let us try and figure this out. You state your female getting a "very awful rash under her back legs" which spreads upto her chest. Do you have pictures of this? When did this situation start? Did you make any changes in bedding, feed, etc around that time? How about a change in washing soap? Is the rash itchy or just inflamed? Does it go through stages or remains looking the same?

    Wait, just read what you are feeding her....Atta Boy?????? Wholly Molly! Why don't you just give her gun powder instead? Sorry lady but that stuff is poison. Just look at the ingredients:

    Cooked yellow corn- (corn not suitable for even livestock consumption, and previously cooked before kibble company bought it).

    Meat and Bone Meal- NEVER get a kibble where meats sources are not identified. It could be road kill, hooves, and whatever else!

    cooked wheat- It was previously cooked and can come from different sources. Certainly a No No.

    I skipped a few nasty ingredients.

    Animal Fat- Again, when they do not specify where it comes from (Chicken, meat, etc) it could have come from restaurant oil waste....Yikes!

    I mean, I can go on and on about how bad this feed is. I can certainly state that Ol' Roy looks like a quality food when compared to the poison you are currently feeding your dog. By the way, Ol' Roy is also bad kibble (just in case).

    So, since I looked into the ingredients of the feed you are giving her, CHANGE THE FEED IMMEDIATELY! I certainly believe feed quality to be the culprit of your problems.

    Here are some kibble suggestions:

    Chicken Soup for the Petlover.......(My personal favorite due to low cost and high quality)



    From the two choices you gave me (Nutro and Iams), I would go with Nutro if my suggested kibbles are unattainable. I would suggest NOT picking Lamb as your major protein base. I have read from many sources that Lamb should be left as an alternative to a dog with allergies to regular meats such as chicken and beef.

    I hope this helps. Please keep us posted. In addition, feel free to research in the "Health" section for information on how to evaluate kibbles on your own.


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  5. Attila

    Attila Guest

    fish oil is fine. it is a source of vitamin E which stimulates cell division and good cell growth. However if you over do it and the dog as even one cancer cell you will kick that into overdrive. Go with recomended dose and no more.
  6. Thanks for the information I switched her food to Science Diet. And all her spots are gone.
  7. 40lbRed

    40lbRed Big Dog

    Wait, fish oil can increase cancer growth?
  8. 40lbRed

    40lbRed Big Dog

    I looked and didn't see any Vitamin E on my fish oil label. Is it not listed or am I missing something?
  9. CynthiaATL

    CynthiaATL Guest

  10. marshall619

    marshall619 Top Dog

    My dog has had problems w/ seasonal dry coat & shedding. I supplement Grizzly Salmon oil to his commercial or raw feed w/ great results. Just follow the recommended dose & you'll be fine. :)

  11. NEohioPit

    NEohioPit Pup

    Every winter my dogs coat gets reall dry and she sheds everywhere.this winter i give her one fish pill every morning and shes been fine

    If you want your dog to live a long, happy, healthy, feel good life...you will shell out a few extra bucks on some decent food! The money you are willing to spend on suppliments and medication will likely be more than what you will pay, over time, for a higher quality food.

    I'm not bashing you...as there are MILLIONS of people out there who don't know any better when it comes to canine nutritional requirements vs. what is in (or isn't in) commercially available dog foods.

    Science Diet may have cleared up her problem...for now...but is still at a VERY LOW rung of the decent kibble totum pole.

    Many dogs have allergic reactions to the absolutely CRAPPOLA ingredients in many kibbles. That sounds like what has happend here. With the switch to a different food, you may have reduced the total intake of the culpret ingredient...but chances are...its still in the new Scitence Diet.

    Personally, I'd rather spend the extra $20 a month on a good bag of dog food, than those couple of drives to the mall (or whatever costs $20 these days.)...know what I mean???
  13. mydawgs

    mydawgs CH Dog

    I have a 13 yr old APBT. He was very dry all the time and was suffering from arthritis as well. I was told by a good dog man to use 3 salmon oil tabs (he is 45 lbs) 1 vita E (400 iu) and synflex for his weight. His coat sparkles and in 6 mo was runnin around like my 8 yr old staff!

    Definately upgrade the kibble or try raw....

    Good luck! Welcome....
  14. sadieblues

    sadieblues CH Dog

    I give fish oil, Alaskan salmon oil, and vitamin e to all my pups. They also are on EVO and Innova. Fish oil not only does wonders for a dogs skin and coat. It also helps boost their immune systems and is good for their heart and brain.
  15. AceBoogie

    AceBoogie Pup

    I give cod liver oil that you can buy at the grocrie store
    geritol too
    and as far as a rash under the belly and legs it could be ants in the sleeping area
  16. prpitdawg

    prpitdawg Top Dog

    are you sure it's not staph? i saved a well bred dog from a not so deserving person and he started getting all these bumps and his fur fell out. we immediately took him to the vet, no mange mites or anything like that. my vet is old as dirt and never told me what the problem was just gave me meds and told me to give it to the dog. i talked to a real good dogman i know. he said it's staph. i gave my boy antibiotics (cephalexin) and put the stuff the vet gave me on him (it was formulated similar to tenactin). he cleared up great. also if i notice that my dog has allergies, which some dogs can be allergic to grass, i go to tsc and get something called mane tail and groom. not the shampoo, this is something that you put on the fur and leave it on. it helps the fur to come back quicker. fish oil does make the coat pretty and healthy.

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