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Floyd boudreaux needs our help

Discussion in 'Southeast' started by Carlos betancourt, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. Mr floyd is in mid 80s. His house is falling apart. His house needs shoring, exterior walls reframed, and fencing for his yard. Hes a proudful man but cant do it on his own.i will start a go fund me account In his name by this weekend...pls help this legendary breeder of the dogs we love thx and god bless
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  2. That breeding pic is with Boudreauxs ham done last sunday to my bitch which is off Boudreauxs dagger and Boudreauxs kizzie..I will be in attendance with mr floyd at the popularvile dog show at the end of this month..he is dear friend and wudnt ask ..I took it upon myself to reach out to the community...I will let this forum know when the account is started
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  3. Seem like a scam to me
  4. Before I get flamed, there’s just so many fund scams. And Carlos why don’t you speak to Floyd or someone close to him about it? to be dealing with money donations to him. Who are you
  5. I'm a close friend to him....I have spoke to him last sunday about this..I know how it looks but this is forreal
  6. Anyone who's been to his house know I'm telling the truth...I ask mr floyd to go through with this...and with his permission I did...he doesn't know to much about the internet...I told him I wud reach out to the dog world
  7. Like I said that breeding is to ham done last sunday
    ..and we talked I asked him if I could do this because I know he needs the help..and that's true
  8. I created the go fund me account...its under " floyd boudreaux house repair...I will be donating a 100 tomorrow this is not a scam....all proceeds will go to mr floyd boudreaux...that's me and mr floyd in the picture..and I will be in attendance with mr floyd at the dog show in popularvile ms at the end of this month...pls show this honorable man our appreciation
  9. wait a second , didnt he get a bundle of money when they took his dogs and he won the law suit
    if the fund me works will they scrape the yard as well and put some lime and gravel
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  10. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

    How many dogs does he have now? He’s gotta be gettin up there in age! His son and family isn’t helping?
  11. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    Why isn't the money going in Floyds name ?
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  12. Honestly I dont want to put the families business on the street...but no...their are not in the position to help...yes he still breeds quality bulldogs...but that's his income..his sole income..its alot for the up keep of dogs
  13. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

    I know he has dogs, I’ve had some bred from his yard recently. I meant maybe he should cut back on the number. His family business is their business, I understand. I was just askin. I’ll see what studs he has and maybe breed one this spring to help him
  14. O
    Well ham and dagger are the two on the yard now he also has a redboy dog on the yard as well....breed off of baileys jakeredbone and binga...cant wrong either way...that dog is reg as boudreauxs marty
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  15. If it wud make everyone happy I can change everything on the go fund me account to everything will be in Floyd's name...I just didnt know what I was doin when I started the account....now that I do know it will still say floyd boudreaux house repairs but my name will totally be off of it and replaced by floyds...again I will be attending the show with floyd this month and anyone that's sees this and is there is free to ask about this in person...or 5042509849 that's my personal cell number..text before u call ..and we will call mr floyd on a 3 way conversation...he needs us at this time of his life
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  16. To bulldoghistorian....no he filed a lawsuit but never been litigated yet with no sign of getting retribution
  17. LisaWM

    LisaWM Big Dog

    This is unfortunate to hear, the poor man has been through so much, a true living legend in the breed. Anything i can do & share to help I will!
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  18. Thank you lisa....the go fund me account I will change and put everything in his name....I didnt know what I was doing when I set it up but now I do I ask everyone not to donate until it is corrected so no one thinks it for me thank you lisa and everyone else who is concerned about this situation
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  19. I have been misinformed
  20. No worries...ok I did change the organizer to his name ...I will be donating this afternoon or tomorrow morning ...the go fund me account is under floyd boudreaux house repairs...proof is available at anytime

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