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Free magazines/books

Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by F.W.K., Jan 29, 2018.

  1. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. CH Dog

  2. Carolinacur

    Carolinacur Big Dog

    F.W.K. likes this.
  3. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    Whoa, thanks brother!
    F.W.K. likes this.
  4. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    If anybody has the DOGMAN 2000 video, id like to have it. That is one of the vids i noticed was gone off of youtube.
    Soze the killer likes this.
  5. floydtn

    floydtn Pup

    Im looking for it too
    pitbulld0gs and Soze the killer like this.
  6. wicked13

    wicked13 CH Dog

    Fatbill one ?
  7. floydtn

    floydtn Pup

    Thats the one im looking for
    Soze the killer likes this.
  8. I've seen it.....but why the fuck has it gone of youtube??
  9. wicked13

    wicked13 CH Dog

    Try other websites like YouTube but not YouTube it was in 2 parts
  10. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Go to Fat bill pitbull kennel.See if that help.
  11. wicked13

    wicked13 CH Dog

    I believe it's being sold for 50$
  12. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    Yeah, the Fat Bill one, it was in 2 parts. The channel is gone now that had it, they had a ton of killer yard vids too..
  13. wicked13

    wicked13 CH Dog

    Try the Russian versions of YouTube they might still have it I seen it way back on one of them sites or it coulda been a Chinese one

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