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Frothing at mouth and flirt pole time

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by RedRiot, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    I'm still learning, same as you Soze.. Best advice I could give you is learn all you can, use what works and discard what don't on each dog, always accept your share of blame when things fuck up (which they will!) and if you ever see an oldguy written keep, don't waste your time reading it!
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  2. thank u slim12.all your info is much appreciated.......
  3. Lol.ha,ha,lol......Old guy I never blame the dog.if the dog fucks up.I think?we're have I gone wrong?I go back over it in my head.and rest assured,I've defo done something wrong.and I make sure I don't do it again! You gota be honest with your self right?blood will tell right?..I no some things don't work out but that's the risk u take.that's life I suppose....with good blood,it normally man who fucks it up,not the dog......
  4. reids skipper

    reids skipper CH Dog

    Can honestly say ive never used a flirt pole always liked the springpole with both back legs on the ground ... some great advice on here off slim , oldguy etc ... its true you aint too old to learn new things
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  5. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    I use a 10’ feet x 3/4” inch diameter pvc and drill a hole through about 3” in from one end. Then run mil spec paracord through and tie it off to a durable toy, like a Kong product...about 8" inches of cord from the end of the pipe to the toy. The flirt is also useful from the edge of my in ground swimming pool. Same principle except the dogs swims for it instead of running. I get some pretty nice jumps into the pool too. No problems with hydration either lol.
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  6. Just been looking on Amazon.you can get them.there about £12-15.seems reasonable price?...could be not that strong?maybe could make a stronger one?........the rope on these ones is cotton......
  7. GK1 that sounds like a great method with the swimming pool.
  8. Reid's skipper I love the spring pole but can't use one were I live.the dogs a noisy fecker lol.but some times I take them (used to a lot,not so much now)to this big school field,loop some inertubes round the top of a football goal,attached a rope,and we were good to go.gotta do it at night though lol.and still make sure no ones round.if they heard the dog screaming the way it dose they'd been on the phone in no time,saying there was a mental beast at large lol........
  9. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    Another decent flirt pole I used was a telescopic fishing rod. fits inside a day sack along with lure, breaking stick, water and my sandwiches :) go to a quiet spot, extend the rod and away you go.. Car boot sales are full of carbon fishing rods dirt cheap, another thing I did was hit the golf course after it got dark, the flags on the greens were made of plastic or carbon and the flag itself made a good lure, show a bit of respect to the golfers by taking your dog off the green to work him and always return the flag into the hole when your finished , nobody even will even know you were there.
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  10. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Used a telescoping fishing pole once too. It may be the best over all because afterwards it reverts back to a fishing pole. No questions.

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  11. :)):)):))Lol.lmao.your nuts old guy,I can't stop laughing lol....great being out of a night with them on a adventure.even if it's cold I never feel cold with a dog pulling me every were.we've had some bad weather as of late.but it seems to be warming up.with that said.time for some of them late night adventures!.....:D:D
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  12. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    That sounds like a good system GK1.. I remember reading a Bobby Hall book where his dog broke a toe, couldn't run the mill, so BH drove to the gulf of Mexico and swam the dog every day in the sea.. Great idea I thought, so I bought some waders, dragged my own dog into the water and learned the hard way the north sea and gulf of Mexico are 2 completely different situations.. We both almost drowned due the waves and cold temps.. finally got out and my dog almost died of hypothermia!
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  13. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    Im actually using the bottom half of a Graphite surf rod right now for my flirt pole lol. I like both spring pole and flirt pole.. Back feet on the ground for 10 minutes, then i drop it down to eye level ran through a quick link, sort of like a pulley where all 4 are planted for 10 minutes.
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  14. :)):)):))your killing me old guy.to funny mate.don't mess with the North sea.your dog must of been thinking,what the fecks he got me doing here?lol..:)):))your lucky you never got swept awayaway.lol........
  15. Just been back on Amazon and e bay,and some of the flirt poles are telescopic.I might as well get one and see what it's like.they seem alright.have a look folks........
  16. palooka

    palooka Premium Member Premium Member

    i like he spring pole as well skipper but prefer all four feet on the ground, instead of hanging it above the dog, i put it at head height.
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  17. Davefre

    Davefre Pit fanatic

    A great workout for the dog is a springpole. Walk the dog until he is empty.
    take him to the springpole and encourage him to work it, even if he just takes hold of the hide or whatever you use for him to grab onto.
    most dogs are naturals and will take hold with a bit of encouragement.
    let him work until he releases the hide. Once he does that take him away and put him back on his chain or however you keep him.
    next day take him out, walk him to empty and them take him back to the springpole.
    see how quickly he realises that if he stops working the springpole he goes back on his chain. Won't be long and you will need a break stick to get him off of the hide.
    i agree with all 4 feet on the ground. watch his mouth for sores and obviously the spring must have enough stretch in it that he does not pull his teeth out when he takes hold and starts working. That's an exageration obviously but you get the idea.
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  18. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    It is true. I believe they will figure out the relationship between working and staying off the chain.

    I have had a few that were absolutely obsessed with the spring pole. This is a bet I have made with a number of people. I have a dog out there right now that if you laid a nice fresh chicken quarter on top of a world class ribeye, covered in an awesome flavored gravy in his bowl or showed him the 1" cotton rope on a garage door spring......I will go 'all in' he will choose the cotton rope. A real nut job. He gets it every day. The session lasts for an hour or so. All four feet on the ground with enough spring pressure that if he lets it go it snaps out of his reach. He then has to settle for that ribeye/leg quarter. LOL

    I had a Bolio/Snooty bitch once that would hang off hers for hours on end. Before I thought it better to have four feet on the ground hers was with two back legs on the ground. The height was so that she could jump and get it and then her weight would put her legs on the ground but it was a constant bouncing up and down.

    I did not like this set up completely but it was this or chain fighting, barrel eating, rock toting, nut job of a hard keeper. The 10-15 hour a day on the spring pole kept her teeth intact. She could bite bricks in half and breathe underwater but stayed toned and fat free. Never stored an ounce of fat. For the non-bulldog people "skinny".

    Big fan of the spring pole. Especially when the dogs are totally into it.

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  19. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    My TB x Spike male is like that, the very first thing he does is go check and see if the spring pole is down. I had to wind up putting it up when not in use, he would just go straight to it and work no matter what.
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  20. palooka

    palooka Premium Member Premium Member

    the best spring pole set up I've seen ,didn't use a spring ! instead , it had a hide attached to one of those resistance bands weigh lifters use, they come in different colours for different strengths, this one was green, band attached to a wall at head height and the dog worked the hide with his four feet firmly planted. i always play with pups with a flirtpole, it rare one wont chase, most become obsessed with it and all other work stems from that, start them from the nest and you'll never have a non worker.

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