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Good dogs are where you find em'

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by YoungLion, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. YoungLion

    YoungLion Big Dog

    "Good dogs are where you find them" is in many ways self explanatory and I have my own personal take based on my experiences. However I would be interested in hearing what others have come to understand about this saying. Any examples of how this saying has proved to be true to you ?

    Thanx in advance
  2. CajunBoulette

    CajunBoulette CH Dog

    Always thought it meant don't matter where it came from or who bred it... If its good its good

    CBRSALT Big Dog

    To me it means just cuz theres alot of breeders on the net with dogs with pretty peds doesnt mean their good dogs. Some are and some not. Lots of ppl get on here askn for help to find such and such blood when their own area may be swarming with it like roaches. When i first joined i asked about it myself and a member told me in my area theirs lots of quality dogs. Just had to get out and meet folks. Found alot of breeders on the net that i liked their dogs and ended up buying a high dollar pup from one. Didnt work out though. Then stumbled upon a guy who breeds some very good dogs but ul never find em on the net. Got to know him good and got one from his stock. Never knew he existed or that hes only 10 min from my house. Got a good one from him and planning on getting another in the near future. Hes been working dogs for 20+ years. Older guy and knows alot. Never would have met/known him if i never got out and looked.
  4. Wow I've never heard that before

    CBRSALT Big Dog

    Boogie strikes again.lol. Thought about it and if you were answering the OP you would prob say " it means get off your lazy ass and go look for a good dog". Lol. Am i close?
  6. ursaminor

    ursaminor Top Dog

    To me it means that good dogs are where the good dogs are.. whatever the fuck that means lol.
  7. YoungLion

    YoungLion Big Dog

    yea and momma always said life is like a box of chocolates lmao
  8. LOLOLOL To me it actually means even dumbass byb's and know nothing idiots end up with a good one every now and then hahaha :)

    I do agree with your post though too. Big names and pretty peds don't mean shit. The majority of that shit is designed for one thing.......peddling
  9. If you want a good dog you have get one that comes from a good dog"good dogs are where you find them"
  10. YoungLion

    YoungLion Big Dog

    I can dig that Boog and have experienced both scenarios. One the best bulldogs I ever owned on was was a gift from my father as young boy. I doubt if the BYB had a clue of what he was peddling off. All I know is to this day when I see guys from back home that have seen there share of good ones they still ask where did you find that black and white old leg dog. Then as I got older the first dog I ever purchased was bred to boot with big names out the yin yang but he paled in comparison to that old black and white leg dog my dad found in some guys backyard for my 15th birthday.
  11. TDK

    TDK CH Dog Staff Member

    Good dogs being where you find them is a truth which cannot be denied. Trouble is, dogs being exceptional which have come from unknown places or without known breeding, such as Gr Ch 35 and others, are THE RARITY, and not the norm. That old saying, true as it is, should be followed by "But you are more LIKELY to find them in some places than in others."
    I also believe it can apply to performance a lot more than it does to ongoing breeding practices. The reasons should be obvious.
  12. This Is What The Impatient & Dishonest Say To Themselves... So To Me, It Means Keep The No-good Shady Ass Doggers Away From Your Yard So The Few good Dogs You been Feeding Don't Go Missing.

    But Then, I Live In Arkansas...And We're Known To Have Some Thieves/Dogmen That'll Get Ya!!
  13. Bellucci

    Bellucci Banned

    so true....
  14. True like my first time I breed my male to a good rough byb bitch, I got a litter of bulldogs that only 1 that curred. All became winners
  15. Jockamoe

    Jockamoe Banned

    Goodogs are where the good breeders are!
  16. Not a dogman...but good bulldog is when u have ur own stock and put them to tha test against top competion.
  17. AVON

    AVON Banned

    I bought a dog from a dope head for $75, the ill dude was about 20. After putting a ill weight on him. I sent him to hell & back and he returned cool every time. One day I sent him off maybe 7-10 mins after being bred for about 20 mins and he never lost his cool against a fast lane dog I never knew how he was bred, this was before I got fast lane dogs.
  18. BOTP Kennels

    BOTP Kennels Big Dog

    My best dog I ever had didn't have ped papers either but she was everything I wanted
  19. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    True a good dog can pop up anywhere but good percentages are a different story. Ill play the numbers lol jus me though
  20. lil mayhem

    lil mayhem Top Dog

    Getting started I spent some money and was given 1. Between them I am glad I spent the money for %'s but that gift was by far the best thing on my yard. She was later stolen w/o the opportunity to breed her.

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