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Gr Ch Shady Lady v Anyone

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by The Keep Book, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. Rock n Rye

    Rock n Rye CH Dog

    This is hilarious, first lets discuss a few things. You continue to mention that he never wanted nothing off Queen of Hearts. Well how many of Queen's pups were sold to public? Her owner was a dogman and gambler who wouldn't even tell people how his dogs were bred, but the big kicker is this. Queen of Hearts was a Boomerang x Bolio dog or Boomerang x Eli dog depending on how you believe Bobby Jr to be bred. Rebel ran Rascal/Jeep dogs. Go look at all his Champs and what not they are a bunch of Honeybunch dogs mostly down with Rascal influence so why would Queen dogs be his choosing?

    Shady was open for a year and so was Queen. What Queen owner did was say he wasn't traveling to Florida and since he already beat Rebel's Ch Lou in his own backyard. The time that was reported wasn't correct, the time was added out of respect. Anybody that was there knows it wasn't even 10 mins and Ch Lou was RIP. About 95% of Ricky's wins were in his backyard he didn't travel out much and please stop spreading this lie that he was part owner of Tornado. He never was owner, part owner, didn't have a 2% or nothing, he simply knew Ken A and was telling people when Tornado was open or available. That dog had nothing to do with Ricky at all..

    Also before Ch Lou was put to rest, she was considered the best dog on his yard at that time and out of Ricky's own words Bad Becky was the best dog he had ever seen. Don't fall for the hype that nobody wanted Shady or was scared of Ricky, folks got tired of having to travel to another man's yard.
  2. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog


    Queens owner was a gambler? Yeah right! The Rebel could have offered 20k, 30k, 5 KILOS or a speed boat for a pup and the owner of Queen wouldn't have resisted the third choice!

    It's obvious you didn't know what was on the Rebel's yard. Two of the studs he advertised was Ch Sundance Rom and Ch Mt Man's Homer. We both know the Boyles dogs were Patrick dogs crossed to Eli. Last time I checked Shady Lady didn't have Jeep in her or neither did her 1/2 brother Ch Stephano! The later Rebel dogs were either Ch Sundance over Ch Homer or vice versa! I would say that's heavy Eli.

    The Rebel didn't have a problem traveling to meet Gr Ch Buck and if you said most matches were 60% to 70% in his backyard would be correct!

    The agreement with Allen was he would condition Tornado for part ownership! That's a FACT! He conditioned Tornado for two shows, that's a FACT! You stop spreading the lie he didn't! Allen had no problem breeding to Ch Sundance, another FACT! Folks got tired of losing to the Rebel and used the excuse they didn't wanna travel check the winning %s in the Journal!

    Bad Becky wasn't his best dog stop spreading that lie! She lasted 30 minutes off the chain with Shady Lady and before if was broken up Becky was on top! Since I knew the Rebel very well he told me many times Shady Lady was the best match dog he ever saw including the Queen! Now as far as Ch Lou her call name was Lou Lou she wasn't close to the quality of Shady Lady!

    Shady Lady was open for over a year and trust me the Rebel would have traveled to Mars to show her! Like I said before he had no problem taking Ch Sandman out of retirement to take on Gr Ch Buck who was still being campaigned. After the Buck/Sandman match Melvie, Bob and The Rebel all agreed it wasn't wise because Buck had just came out of keep and his fitness level was higher than Sandman because of it!

    We can all speculate who was better of the three but one party was involved with all three.

    The Rebel could have got pups off Tornado, no problem!

    Allen bred to Shady Lady's sire, FACT!

    Queens owner was scrambling trying to get pups of of Shady Lady, FACT!
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    no matter how you sugar coat it the rebel was far from the best as far as a breeder,,,
    he bought and cheated alot of his wins,,,
    he would not travel far from home but expected others to...

    he went out like a chump and showed be viewed in that light,,,
    those that accept ratas and praise them are very questionable...

    Whether its Mayfield,,,Garner or so and so,,,
    the thing that gets me is how faithfully blind followers are to the facts...
  4. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    Pistol as smart as you THINK you are your reading comprehension sucks! I never said the Rebel was the best breeder!

    What you are having a hard time wrapping your head around isn't character that makes a dogman it's what he accomplishes that matters and those accomplishments can be measured against other dogmen's accomplishments!

    You new jacks don't get it and because I know who you are you may never get it! Numbers never lie!

    In your last post you posted the names of a pimp and a convicted pedophile! In my best Iceberg Slim voice...You don't have to be a trickbaby to feel the negative effects of a trick, baby! Those exploited women are affected as well as their kids and how many generations of people does a pimp affect negatively? You listed a convicted pediphile who was such a coward he took his own life instead of face life in the belly of the beast! These dogmen you romantacize and fantacize about weren't the most outstanding pillars of society! The majority are quite opposite!

    The Rebel didn't cheat or buy wins stop saying that bullshit! Who he beat is a who's who of famous dogmen and it's documented!

    Nobody follows anyone blindly but the accomplishments are what should be remembered not someone's character! If Hitler has a keep that works I will do it! If Hitler was alive today and had good dogs I wanted I would buy them! It's always about the dogs nothing more or nothing less!

    Btw for you to insinuate because I remind people about the accomplishments of certain individuals that I'm a certain way I have no problem showing up on your doorstep to show you! There are individuals who have posted on this very board been to my home and if I was a certain way don't you think it would come to light by now?

    It's always about the dogs!
  5. Rock n Rye

    Rock n Rye CH Dog

    thought you just said lets put some facts into it. What facts did you put in it? Yes we know Ricky sold drugs and we know what happened. Guess you don't know much about Queen's owner and the circle they kept and the money they've made lol. Those guys had everything, they even had horses and racing greyhounds as well as sled dogs lol. Rebel did offer up a good penny and Queen took that pot easier than she did any other pot against Lou lol.

    Oh ok so Shady, her brother and father werent' Jeep dogs.. Umm i said Rascal/Honeybunch and Shady had plenty Rascal in her through CH Homer.. Ok so there you have it it was all those Eli dogs, well Rascal & Jeep goes back to Eli too but you're right... Nevermind Ch Demon, Ch Darby, GrCh Sandman, Bossy ROM, CH Turtle ROM, Ch Rambo, Ch Bubba ROM, Ch Toot, Ch Leroy, Luke ROM and GrCh Sampson to name a few. Yes Sundance & Homer were good producers but Ricky said same thing about Homer that Lester said. His offspring were great or they weren't. He threw a lot of cold dogs and curs but the good ones were beyond good.. Wouldn't say they were his best or favorite stud dogs. Since you knew him you know that he always said his biggest mistake was matching and losing Sandman as he showed to be the best producer..

    Everybody has a story, Ken also made it very clear to anybody that Ricky had no ownership of that dog period. He wasn't the only one to shape Tornado.

    Again that's your words not his, because when he spoke he spoke of how great Bad Becky was and the work she put in. yes she also beat a Ch something that Shady didn't do and the word is that when they bumped and after 30 it was stopped and Becky was on top. Shady shows were over in 4,6 or 11 as you were saying so at 30 if Becky was on top who was getting the better of who? I know a lot of people who have seen or owned a lot of Chs & GrChs it's rare that any of them admit that a dog they lost to was one of the better ones of their time lol.. He brought Sandman out because he thought he would whip Buck as Buck wasn't a fancy dog. He also said many times afterwards it was the worst decision he made.

    Queen owner also had dogs off Mayday so was he scrambling then too lmaaoo.. Like Ken, Ricky and a lot of the players back then the guy had hundreds of dogs he wanted what was winning and if he liked a dog he got it. He ran eli dogs and crosses so it fit his mold. Long long time ago we lost to a 4x that made GrCh that night beating our 2x. That next weekend they came back and bought yearlings off that 2x that beat. Don't mean for one second they thought our 2x was better lol.. They liked the dog, we ended up going to get the same line of dogs that the GrCh came from and enjoying success. it's called not being kennel blind but you're right it's all fun and talk with a lot of speculation..
  6. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    Ok, it took me a second to get back to your reply. There are a couple of things I had to reresearch because my memory isn't the greatest because of age so I will do my best.

    The last owner of Queen didn't go into the Rebel vs Ch Lou. The Rebel never had a problem traveling, putting his money up or taking a dog out of retirement.

    He took Sandman out of retirement, traveled and put his money on the line. Buck's fitness level was much higher because he had came out of keep, Sandman's baseline fitness level was zero. Melvie, Bob and the Rebel agreed was a big mistake. A testament to the Rebel's conditioning and his belief in Sandman the contest went over 3 hours!

    The last owner of Queen never matched into the Rebel vs Ch Lou! The Rebel NEVER had a problem with accommodating people whether price or location. Buffalo Soldier beat the Rebel three times in a row for over 100k! Price I feel was never an issue and the Buck/Sandman match was testament of the Rebel's faith and ability to travel. Shady Lady was open for over a year with no takers and that wasn't an accident!

    I'm glad you mentioned the long list of other champion and gr champions on the Rebel's yard in addition to the most impressive stud lineup in documented history! Btw the Rebel never had more than 50 dogs at one time on his yard which makes the list of champions, grchampions, winners, por and rom dogs that much more impressive!

    The Rebel was averaging morethan two shows a month so why would he take the time out from dominating the documented competition to condition Tornado? My perspective is from knowing the Rebel personally and from what came out of his mouth. First off the Rebel ain't doing nothing for free! The Rebel was way to busy to the tune of over two a month to condition a dog free...throw out the fact the Rebel said he would condition Tornado for part ownership! Knowing the Rebel and the quality of the dogs on the yard he probably felt Tornado wasn't talented enough to get something off her or breed one of his studs too! The bottom line with the Rebel was he wasn't doing shit for free!
  7. Rock n Rye

    Rock n Rye CH Dog

    Let's clear this up, the last owner of Queen did go into Rebel, he bought Queen and let her previous owner do the shaping for her since it was down there. After that show is when Queen went to her new home up in the Michigan. You can make a thousand reasons why Sandman lost but end being he did lose, still a great dog though. I know i've spoke with Buffalo Soldier when he was home several times and guess what he went to beat Rebel in his backyard all 3 times.. He's one of the few to ever have beaten Ricky back to back. Shady was open so were many others, Queen was open after her 8th and found no takers either.

    That comment is kind of double-edged. He didn't have 50 in his backyard but just as his buddies he had multiple yards but that stud lineup has not and probably will not ever be matched again. He had a great run and was legendary for it. You know the rebel and you know how he liked to talk so a pair of lips can and will say anything. I hear what you're saying but i know the other guy who shaped Tornado and quite a few people who ran around with those guys and Rebel was only part owner in his mind. Wasn't it Ken Allen who posted in the Journal that only thing Ricky ever did was condition Tornado but had no parts of her other than that? It was Journal or AGDT when he had the ad page with Tornado on it with her wins.
  8. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    Every champion you named except maybe one was on the Rebel's yard when I was there! Makes no difference to me because the Rebel wasn't doing shit FREE! He had enough going on which is documented in the Journal and Allen couldn't have paid the Rebel enough money to condition Tornado because the Rebel had more money than three generations of Allen's family tree combined! Either way he was directly involved with Tornado and Queen! Shady Lady was open with no takers and Tornado's owner bred to Shady Lady's sire! Go thru the journals and review the names the Rebel ran over like a redneck trucker and nobody could ever argue the Rebel duckef anybody whether money, dogs, travel or retirement!!!...ITS DOCUMENTED!!!
  9. Rock n Rye

    Rock n Rye CH Dog

    who cares who bred to what? those guys had 100s of dogs they wanted animals that were going to hunt. You counting Ricky money like Ricky was the only one who had money lol.. Them dudes surely weren't no broke dick riders but believe what you want. End of the day they didn't meet, Tornado won 10 beating some top tier folks and was just 1 show short of facing 3 different Chs. Ch Blondie would of faced her if not for losing to Lady Stone, Ch CC was in line to face her before losing to Ladystone and then they could never get it aligned with Ladystone who was a bad ass bitch too. Queen faced her share of dogs going for Ch or GrCh etc.. Great dogs are great dogs
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  10. DJordan22

    DJordan22 Pup

    Crazy it seems as though you knew the rebel well, and i think all would agree that he was a fierce competitor, so could you tell us why he never tried to avenge his loss to The Queen?
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  11. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    Not only was the Rebel a fierce competitor he had some of the best dogs in this solar system when he was at the height of his game!

    I can tell you this for a fact. It wasn't the Rebel's fault the Queen/Shady Lady match didn't take place!
  12. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    My memory isn't the shapest as I have gotten older but I knew Abraham didn't own Queen when she met Lou Lou! Abraham bought her after!
  13. Rock n Rye

    Rock n Rye CH Dog

    it wasn't known to folks but he had bought her and EZ kept her to H/C for the show..
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  14. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    That could easily be correct! I firmly believe it wasn't the Rebel's fault the Queen/Shady Lady match never materialized. Knowing the Rebel he wanted some "GET BACK"
  15. promoe

    promoe Top Dog

    where is the beating a dead horse emoji when you need it?
  16. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    There was another bitch that was trying for Shady but it never got hooked . Ken said there wasn't a bitch that could beat that dog .
  17. DJordan22

    DJordan22 Pup

    Fact is he never wanted a rematch with Queen. If he felt he had one that could beat her, including Shady Lady, then he would have tried again.
    Anyway, I enjoyed the discussion. Take care
  18. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    The Rebel was never afraid of any dog or dogman! He had dozens of champions on his yard at one time, had monopoly money and wasn't afraid to take a grand champion out of retirement!

    Arguably one of the greatest to do it was scared?
  19. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    All the Rebel wanted was revenge! He was afraid on no man or dog! History has been written on how confident he was with his dogs which is the epitome of the Buck/Sandman match!
  20. bandm

    bandm Pup

    Ricky wasn't afraid of Queen he just didn't have anything that he had enough confidence in to go into her with. You can bet your bottom dollar that if Ricky knew he had one to beat Queen he would've made it happen, just like he did with Sandman/Buck, Sampson/Zincer, etc
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