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Gr Ch Shady Lady v Anyone

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by The Keep Book, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    It wasn't the Rebel's fault, he ducked nobody and the list of famous dogmen he spanked was very long!
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  2. Man you have all you're wires crossed when it comes to you saying Abraham was ducking Ricky Jones n Shady Lady...lol...
    I knew them both personally and seen Queen kill Rickys best dog 4X winner Ch Lou..
    Ricky was literally looking at other people's dogs to match into Queen with and thought he had found the one to beat queen when he hooked J. Allen's 4X winner Ch Lady Beast into Queen only to see Queen kill her third 4X Champion right there in the BOX !!!
    Shady Lady didn't fight anything like Queen of Hearts faced..
    Hell, Shady Lady fought a bunch of wall jumping cur dogs where as the Queen fought five 2X winners going for their Championships and three 4X winning Champions going for their Gr Championships in Ch Lou, Ch Pepper and Ch Lady Beast whom all three she killed right there in the BOX with Ch Lou and Ch Pepper supposedly being the best dogs on the entire planet at that time..Hell, Rickys Ch Lou would have killed Shady Lady and Ricky even knew that and that's why he avoided the Queen..
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  3. Got that all wrong..After seeing Queen kill his 4X Ch Lou right there in the box he knew she would kill Shady Lady too...
    It was 4X winner Ch Lou that Ricky knew was the better than Shady and the REASON why he used Lou instead of Shady..
    Lou had been just as impressive as Shady had been with 3 very quick and devastating wins in just 4, 6 & 9mins with two of them three being kills in the box..Cant remember her other win but it was short n sweet as well...
    Anyway, don't drink that kool-aid about Shady woulda beat Queen because I can promise you that Ricky brought his best dog the night he matched into the Queen..
    And for all the love, fanfare and hype that now surrounds Shady Lady for her five wins against some questionable dogs other than just one.. Well let me tell you who would have been Rickys PRIDE N JOY had she beaten Queen of Hearts, yea it would have been "Rebel Kennels Gr Champion Lou" and not Shady Lady who he had the least of confidence in of the two..
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  4. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

    Was Queen as impressive as we assume and read she was? How did she rank in the dogs you’ve seen? You don’t have to give names if you don’t want... Queen was one of my favorite females to read about in high school. Thanks and be safe
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  5. MAPS

    MAPS Pup

    Gr.Ch Tornado, seen her make dbl Ch that night and seen this bitch go I. Can't picture a dog at her weight hurting her.
  6. Wow...awesome Maps.
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  7. Siega the great and gr ch vleska
  8. Seen 3 of hers one bad bitch and she did it in europe
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  9. Me too man. Also siega the great and orphan annie
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  10. There were a lot more red rednosed freaks out therr
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  11. White rock was a litteral bone breaker too 5 all time in stratton's book
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  12. I love molly bee over shady lady
  13. Can you drop some game on hit workouts?
  14. boilermaker123

    boilermaker123 Big Dog

    I know yall ain't seen gr ch shady lady go...I seen her longest and she killed that one..was on a down dog in 5 mins....doesn't matter anybody opinion...she will.still go down in history as one of the greatest and her total time for all 5 combined will never be broken....bad Becky was just as good but different style of dog...shadys style was impossible to stop...
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  15. boilermaker123

    boilermaker123 Big Dog

    Don't know who u are but I know ur wrong...bulldog p was there with Ricky when he called Joe to try hook into queen with gr ch shady lady...for some reason Joe did not want to make the match...I also spoke with norfleet who was Joe's money backer..he also confirmed what bulldog p had said..Ricky had called and tried get it done but Joe didn't want do it..why ?..I don't know and not gonna speculate...I do know Joe came to bulldog p later and bought a match dog we had schooled out and was ready to go...I was gonna buy him but bought Shady bill rom as a pup instead...the dog Joe bought wound up being 4xw ch shady boy Joe did great job and did right by the dog
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  16. She wouldn't have won 5 across that point I bet that against the best the balkins and ukrainians had over there ijs
  17. Evolution knls global gr.ch. siega the great on bad bitch game and could squeeze
  18. Bullets Cotton?
  19. Mashamplan

    Mashamplan Big Dog

    I'm no fan of Shady Lady, but saying a dog would or wouldnt have won the amount of times it did in a region is opinion cane can't be backed up with any fact.
    Shady won her five in extremely short order. I am of the opinion that QoH and Tornado would have beat her if they had to meet. They never did. So it's only an opinion. While theres nothing wrong expressing the opinion, I shouldnt get defensive when others Express their opinions , neither should I speak as if it's a fact.
    Just saying
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  20. DJordan22

    DJordan22 Pup

    Not trying to reignite this fire, but was just wondering if anyone could share why Ricky never accepted the challenge from Rastaman with Gr Ch Ladystone? Heard he was after Ricky and Gr Ch Shady Lady pretty hard.

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