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Gr ch tant's yellow rom

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Dream Pits, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Re: Gr ch tant's yellow (6xw) rom

    Burns stumpy mixed with the termite stuff!
    And that's all she wrote...... I kno only from
    Experience! Check out that spunky bitch off
    Him.... Her accolades may not be up there,
    But boy she gottem!!!!! Yessur
  2. SacRedboyOwner

    SacRedboyOwner Top Dog

  3. Re: Gr ch tant's yellow (6xw) rom

    Aaa would be the way to go

  4. Boze

    Boze Top Dog

    Re: Gr ch tant's yellow (6xw) rom

    i dont want to tuen this into a tornado thread but i does not get more notable than the kennles tornado went into, she beat bobby hall, the local boys, rastaman, d. farve, STP, jj hayward, and tant, it does not get any better than those men right there, and once she beat STP, you can bet ur ass the others came with the best dog on there yard.
  5. Boze

    Boze Top Dog

    Re: Gr ch tant's yellow (6xw) rom

    shady lady beat all first time out dogs didnt she
  6. Re: Gr ch tant's yellow (6xw) rom

    I totally agree Boze...............
  7. therealjudge

    therealjudge CH Dog

    travis hands down is the best producing dog of the last 10 years. he produced over 45 winning dogs, I can't think of another dog that has done that, can anyone else?
  8. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog

    Ch Bozack, Ch Red Man, GrCh MayDay
  9. maddog2020

    maddog2020 Big Dog

    Why aren't there more rodney dogs?
  10. Boze

    Boze Top Dog

    Re: Gr ch tant's yellow (6xw) rom

    i definitely agree with that and i really am not sure which is why i was asking it was said all shadys opponents were first timers now if it is true that is not sayin much when dogs like queen and tornado were going asgainst ch and better
  11. Boze

    Boze Top Dog

    prety sure virgil did that boy produced his ass off
  12. flipboy

    flipboy Pup

    Re: Gr ch tant's yellow (6xw) rom

    Amen. I remember Tito telling about her.

  13. 08smoke

    08smoke Banned

    best sons of yellow??
  14. 08smoke

    08smoke Banned

    Best Producers of Yellow
    1. GR CH Mayday
    2. AAA
    3. CH. Bozack
    4. CH. Big John
    5. Toe Jam

    Best Hunters
    1. CH. Big John
    2. GR. CH. Mayday
    3. GR CH Rodney
    4. Bruiser
    5. CH. Bozack
  15. Mashamplan

    Mashamplan Big Dog

    Percentage wise Ch. Hardcore's Redman seems to have been a phenomenal producer.
  16. SBKennels

    SBKennels Pup

    Re: Gr ch tant's yellow (6xw) rom

    Don't forget Tant's AAA that was a hell of a dog we owned the son directly off of AAA called NTP's (Tant's) Monchu look it up and we bred him to some high octane bitches including his own daughters and all I can say us look out for us
  17. SBKennels

    SBKennels Pup

    We Finna shatter that 45 winning dog record with NTP's (Tant's) Monchu POR soon to be ROM
  18. Hoppin Harley

    Hoppin Harley 'Rouge Blood'

    Re: Gr ch tant's yellow (6xw) rom

    Yes sir, I've owned a few pure red boy dogs I gotta really good female now holland/Marlowe cross she can produce too!! But she was changen gears around 3mths ! All 3 pups I ket off her last breeding had to be separated before then !!
    I'm breeding her to P-Town's Screamer when she comes in so I'll have some good Cottingham Blood

  19. Hoppin Harley

    Hoppin Harley 'Rouge Blood'

    My close friend has some of the best off mr.Tants yard,he had ch bobo for awhile breed him a couple times he got scout,now that scouts gone Tank took his place as a producer and proving to be a good one! He also breed Roy to roberta and got a few good ones. One of those was a female named ten minutes 'she earned that name' another buddy has a son off AAA bred to sinco! His name is mat I bred my hell bentz gyp to him but she didn't take, mats produced a few god ones too !
    So I believe mr.Tants blood has a very high pectage when it comes to produce'n bulldogs ! My buddy that' has been running this line for years told me yellow is the best producing redboy dog of all time and I believe that to be a fact


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