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hello from sc

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by allmightyhunter, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Hello Iam new to the board but not the game. I started raising hounds in 1996 and still have that family of dogs. I look forward to the board and greetings to all
  2. mlmaas

    mlmaas Top Dog

    What part of Sc you from?
  3. Im south of myrtle.
  4. hellrell

    hellrell Pup

    im from myrtle beach as well but moved to georgetown
  5. mlmaas

    mlmaas Top Dog

    i'm down in Beaufort.


    I'm in the Lowcountry (Charleston, Ladson, Summerville & Moncks Corner) area.

    Nice to see some fellow South Carolinians on the forum.

    What bloodline are ya'll running?

  7. im from columbia wuz up evrybody
  8. eli/carver blend
  9. I came down from ohio a year ago and am waiting on this litter to drop to get a pup to raise again Ive been pitbull free for going on 4 mnths and the one I had for ^mnths before that was a blue dog I thought if Im going to raise another one it should be the stuff I raised for 8 years right. Tell me what you think www.apbt.online-pedigrees.com/modules.php?name=Public&file=print&Pedigree&dog_id=374910 its due tomarrow hopefully. Anyone headed to show in nc next month I ve been debating on making the drive
  10. Im around murrells inlet. I spent a couple weeks in paris island for summer camp in 96
  11. mlmaas

    mlmaas Top Dog

    I did that camp in 2004.
  12. semperfi and hello to everyone.


    The ole' Lady and I are thinking of making it just to see some old friends who're going to be there and live around that area. If we do, I'll probably bring a little 21 lb. bitch I've got that's 4 & 1/2 yrs. old.

    Here's 2 of my mutts,





  14. tapiajr

    tapiajr Banned

    hello from the central valley in the west coast
  15. Those are some good looking hounds youve got there jack.
  16. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to Game-Dog!
  17. Thank you I dont know what I did wrong on my pedigree of my pup. Not smart enough I reckon
  18. http//www.apbt.online-pedigrees.com/modules.php?name=Public&file=print&Pedigree&dog_id=374910
  19. Young SeNsE_VA

    Young SeNsE_VA Top Dog

  20. Thank you I guess Ill learn sooner or later. Mimi was the best dog I ever had the pleasure to feed. I'm hoping for a great puppy and can't wait for it.

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