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hello new here..showing my boy I got for free

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by carolina336, May 7, 2013.

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  1. hi this is gucci...I guess he was bieng fought from the looks if all the scars on his cheek and head. he was left outside with a bad case of intestinal worms. owner was giving him laxative for sum reason. he was trying to poop out his intestine. .pretty sad sight.. so I talked to the guy who first took him from theguy who originaly had him. and he wanted to give him to me no fees. I have already spent 250 at vet plus more on food...I don't know to much about bloodlines but do you guys think he is a pure blood apbt? ? 20130507_180048.jpg 20130507_180055.jpg 20130507_180130.jpg anyways he pretty laid back. doesn't really bark and is calm around strangers and even other animals. its like he doesn't care. ive only had him 5 days and Im still learning more about his personality. well thnx got a lot of work to do getting him to a normal weight. he is currently 46 pounds so im guessing hes a pretty big boy when not skin n bones. well thnx for reading.


    Yep he's a apbt..and a very nice dog..best of luck with him...
  3. awesome! :) and thanks
  4. sadieblues

    sadieblues CH Dog

    If you don't have a pedigree from a reputable breeder the dog is a mutt I can't tell you anymore than you know since the guy you got him from didn't have any info on his parents or linage he could have some Apbt in him but without having some type of knowledge on the breeding that he came from it's impossible to know for sure. Also just because a dog has scars on it doesn't mean it was fought. The dog for all we know could have been in an accidental yard fight doesn't mean the previous owner was fighting him. Dogs get in fights it happens it's a common misconception that whenever an Apbt or a Pitbull type mix has a scar on it that it was fought or used as a bait dog lol Those are rediculous assumptions. If the dog was infested with parasites it would make sense that he was underweight or having trouble gaining weight. Once you rid the dog of parasites he should put on a little more weight doesn't appear to be skin and bones but looks a little frail. 46 pounds is average for the breed so I would say that's a good weight. I wouldn't try to put a whole lot of weight on him just get rid of the parasites and feed him a quality kibble or put him on a raw diet. Best of luck with him.
  5. therealjudge

    therealjudge CH Dog

    Damn Sadie, you should know better than that. If you don't have a pedigree, your dog can still be 100% pure blooded A.P.B.T. the difference is you just don't know the lineage. I wouldn't be trusting with that dog around other dogs or animals because just when you get comfortable, you will have a trauma on your hands. These dogs don't play well with others.
  6. sadieblues

    sadieblues CH Dog

    How the fuck can you call an APBT an APBT if you don't know the dogs linage? Lol I understand not having registered dogs because not everyone registers their dogs but they still know how the dogs are bred if it came from an honest dog man he at least knows what he's breeding. Unless you know something about this dog that I don't like who it's parents are and what's behind them I stand by what I stated the dog is a mutt or a mix of some sort.
  7. I am currently feeding him cooked meats mixed with potatoes (no skin) peas carrots and toped with cheese (changing meat type every 4 days) I plan to switch to raw meats soon. his poop is finally getting solid and he no longer has exposed anus red thing. I talked to my friend and he said the guy was using him for dog fights he said he won x amount of times and the man he took him back from wants him back! I feel bad my dog was treated like shit and left to suffer when he got sick..my friend said he told the man the dog is gone and he won't be getting him back... today a stay dog came to my house and my dog seen him threw the window, he wouldn't stop going to the door and window to look for the dog even after 30 minutes passed. when I would take him out side he would stare down there street intensively. I really do now realize how dangerous my dog could be and will keep him away from dogs from now on like u said. thanks
  8. when I mentioned scars I ment a lot of scars..not a few but a lot seriously. I also wasn't to sure if he was a fighter I jus wanted to help the poor guy.but called my friend and he said he was fought a lot :(
  9. sadieblues

    sadieblues CH Dog

    Well because these dogs love to fight accidents can happen so scars are common in accidental yard fights, sometimes people loose dogs to accidental yard fights so it's not at all that uncommon for these dogs to have some scars if they have come into contact with other dogs even playing these dogs play rough and leave marks . Some people use these dogs to hunt hogs they sometimes get hurt durig a hunt wounds heal but scars are left behind. I am just letting you know that even if you see an Apbt or a pit bull type dog with scars on it don't always assume the dog was fought. The media and the big organizations like Peta, and the HSUS put that info out there that a pitbull with scars was likely used as a fighting dog when that is more than often not the case. These dogs like to fight so accidents can happen and sometimes they can be deadly not saying your dog wasn't fought just don't always assume that a dog was fought based on scars there are many reasons why a dog might have scars doesn't mean the owner was fighting the dog. Someone like a neighbor could see your dog and not know you or the dog and call animal control on you making a false report that you fight your dog because it appears to be a pitbull with scars on it that's how easy it is to assume something with no knowledge of anything this a common struggle responsible Apbt owners face due to the uneducated it ends up hurting owners and the dogs after all you wouldn't want to be falsely accused of something you didn't do. That's all I was trying to say. You have a very cute boy love him and give him a great life don't get hung up on what breed he is as most will say it's a pit bull anyway based on how the dog looks.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 7, 2013
  10. true..I don't talk about his history in public.I figured I could be more open here. .I definitely don't want to lose my boy hes real sweet to me. good company. thanks for all your replies and compliments
  11. ursaminor

    ursaminor Top Dog

    You cannot say he is a mutt just as you cannot say he is an APBT. We don't know. I give you credit for typing all that out tho these posts are like dime a dozen.
  12. sadieblues

    sadieblues CH Dog

    A dog that has no proof of it's linage is a mutt what else would you call it? If that's the case any random turd on craiglist being sold as an Apbt would be an Apbt because someone said it was. I don't know how any of you can look at this dog and claim it to be an Apbt without knowing anything about the dogs breeding if you can do that than tell the OP the dogs bloodlines tell them what selective traits are behind the dog . I guess I can go pick up a random dog from a shelter that looks like an Apbt and say it is even though I have no clue what traits are behind the dog. The fact is none of you know what this dog is therefore it's a mutt or a mix of unknown origins whatever you call it you sure as hell wouldn't call it an Apbt. I'll be dammed if the dogs that I paid good money for that come from hard work and selective breedings by good dog folks be lumped in with any random dog that comes from an unknown breeding that could be anything for all you know. I know exactly what I am talking about lets see any of you breed a dog that you know nothing about to one of your dogs that come from selective breedings of proven linage and known traits and tell me how that works out for you lol.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 8, 2013
  13. sadieblues

    sadieblues CH Dog

    I bet if this dog showed up on the news for biting a human and the media outlets called it a pitbull you would be calling it a mutt then lol...

    To the Op I mean no disrespect when I say your dog is a mutt/mix, not a bad thing at all plenty of good dogs who come from unknown breedings but if you wanted a dog bred to the APBT standard to show or breed you wouldn't be picking up a dog from a shelter or go to some guy breeding a pair of dogs with unknown linage. You would go to a reputable breeder that is breeding quality animals to the highest standards set before the breed. I don't know anyone who breeds honest dogs without knowing how they are bred calling them Apbt's, I suppose you have some out there that do but no one I would deal with. You have a lovely dog regardless he will make a fine dog I am sure of it.
  14. lil mayhem

    lil mayhem Top Dog

    Wasn't there a little grand champion some years back that wasn't known how he was bred? Just that he was a bulldog and whipping everything in front of him. Papers don't make the bulldog. Bet no one called that 35 a mutt.....lol. Regardless of how your dog is bred op good for you saving him and giving him a good home. Good looking dog.
  15. If you dna test a dog with papers. Guess what comes back?
  16. Epona

    Epona Banned

    GR Ch Bruno Boy
    GR CH 35
    and this beast

    i know
  17. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    A mutt....
  18. sadieblues

    sadieblues CH Dog

    I agree papers don't make the dog but I bet most of ya'll breeding bulldogs know how your dogs are bred and I can almost bet none of ya'll would be out there looking for a game dog on the side of the road to breed to . Dna tests are not accurate we all know they all come back mixed that's why getting dogs from honest dog folks is the best way to go. The bottom line is no one here saw the breeding on the dog posted the OP has no clue how it's bred neither do any of you therefore the dog could be anything that is the truth.
  19. gh32

    gh32 CH Dog

    Rid him of the worms and he should be fine. Just a FYI,assuming a dog has been fought just from a couple scars is jumping to conclusions in a pretty serious way. Plus if not hitting other animals,it just wouldn't make sense for him to have been fought now does it.It's just if I give a guy a dog,I can assure you I don't want him going on a forum and making speculations such as that,which could get someone in serious trouble if the wrong eyes saw that. Anyway,he looks like he could be part APBT or pure,without a ped you will never know.Just take care of him,get him wormed on out and feed him a good diet and he'll be fine.
  20. gh32

    gh32 CH Dog

    You can say he is a dog with an unknown breeding,which constitutes a mutt in most cases.That is not a derogatory term IMHO,the dog can still be a good dog.But when people ask us if the dog is purebred,we can't say in certainty that it is. MY advice is in all these cases is,just take good care of the dog and not worry about it.
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