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How to make a treadmill

Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by Krane, Mar 4, 2024.

  1. Krane

    Krane Pup

    I'll be taking her to the vet if anything gets worse but she just has minor cuts and a limp she got banged up pretty badly but not enough for it to be deadly since it wasn't a big car instead just a tiny camero she was trying to chase it and got ahead of it and she was in their blind spot since this incident i won't be letting her run with my car in the field anymore if it means she tries to run with other ones i used tis as an way to get her energy out so it may be a little more my fault I'll treat her cuts and wrap up her limp She's a G so she ate the hit. she'll be on her rest bed for at least 4 weeks im probably gonna have to make her a treadmill or buy one so my question is how can i make one and if you have one for sale how much?
  2. Krane

    Krane Pup

    My bitch got hit by a car^^
  3. Staff0rd

    Staff0rd Pup

    Dude, stop being a re-re and take the dog to vets. It may have internal damages..

    "She's a G so she ate the hit".. wtf is wrong with people these days..
  4. Ssdd

    Ssdd CH Dog

    I'm just gonna toss this out there along with the obvious.....

    Making a solid mill is a 10s of thousands(more if you whack folks like some) side hustle.... no one is just going to give a LAME their blue prints, jigs, suppliers etcs...

    "ThOuGhTz YoUz Be KnOwZ Da HuZzLeZ g"

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