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If you don't know, you ask! Where to start?

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by matador, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. matador

    matador Pup

    As much as I'd like to say I'm knowledgable when it comes to dogs, I have to admit that I am not. I've owned rotties, GSD, Am Bulldog and now currently have an Olde English Bulldog. My old man trained and raised most of the dogs I mentioned and as he is getting older and suffering more from PTSD it's a challenge to converse with him in depth about dogs. My OEB is more of a guard dog, or is emerging as one-he's only 8 months old. But I've always wanted a dog with drive/gameness like the dogs I grew up with, athletic, tough, but willing to please it's owner. From my understanding the OEB is stubborn and not as eager to please, and it's toughness has essentially been bred out of the breed.

    I'm wondering where I should start looking for a pup that's better fitting for what I want? Not many people in Minnesota with dogs anymore, in the late 90s and early 2000s there were a lot of game dogs around, and I had the chance to witness some true greatness amongst these dogs, amazed at their toughness, skill, and overall appearance. Now, those are just memories that I wish to relive for myself.
  2. promoe

    promoe Top Dog

    buy a gazette there is usually every flavor of the month in each issue..just be prepare to spend some $$. or you can spend $10 here lol ;)
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    I am advocate for therapy bulldogs and agree that well bred and acting bulldogs are ideal for the sort...

    Be careful as peddlers will tell you what you want to hear to make a sale,,,
    and sometimes you can purchase one from a breeder who suits your situation to a T and the puppy not be the one...

    I would say that Garner is one of the best breeders today but he would be the last person I would but a companion from,,,
    a young man purchased a pup from Garner with all the bells,,, dna etcc...
    He paid $1500 for the pup and by six monthes the dog was fircracker that need a dogmnan and whisperer to handle,,,
    So at one year he ended up on some dogmans yard wrecking shit and biting everything that moves or dont...
    I would say a companion dog would be a rarity for Garners offspring as opposed to most of Hammonds dogs in which a manbitter is a rarity...

    do your home work and choose wisly,,,
    the most consistent biddable bulldogs I have seen where from Hanks daughter Dirty Mary lines...

    Are you Veteran we might be able to help you in your search as friend works with a group around camp lejune...
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  4. We have had many Garner dogs as house dogs. Great in the house
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  5. and a dog that was positive for blood parasites from Hammond....


    I have both seen and heard of more failures with trying to make dogs from garner companions that any other,,,
    I have also seen good biddable dogs from garner but they almost always seemed to be heavier spike or other blood than tight frisco...
    Frisco would piss him self when touched,,, imagine what inbreeding on that for generations would produce???
    Tom dont take the time to weed out funny acting dogs...
  7. I have a Chinaman Tab bitch. Shes almost like the girl you described but i put many hours into her and shes pretty dependable. I train dogs and have for awhile so if OP doesn't have training methods or good mentor I agree maybe go for a not so busy type line.
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  9. Zemkiose

    Zemkiose Pup

    I am not sure about it.
  10. The only 1st hand experience I have had is also with the Dirty Mary lines. They were great with people and extremely good with kids but at the same time they had a lot of game. It's been several years now though, I'm lookin too.
  11. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    My male Broly is a great house dog (Garner on the bottom, Spike/Chinaman) and he is great, however i spend all day with him, he is my sidekick, i been working with him since day one and never stopped. Could be the top half but either way, he is a fantastic house dog. Once he is outside the house though, that is a different story, anything with fur or moving he wants it dead lol. Even a plastic bag blowing in the wind might just need to die lol.
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  12. There's a reason why because TG sells more dogs than any kennel I've seen! He is mass producing anybody willing to spend 1500-2500(not including shipping) on a pup can get one. My pup is 5 months going on 6 months and he is chill as long as he gets his daily exercise. Your also wondering why did I get one when I could have got blood just as good for free well it's preference I've had a el negro dog before he was a great dog ! Inside/outside dog outside in the day in at night most the time. I did not buy this pup to be a house pet even though he will be outside/inside when we move.
  13. A lotta dogs still here in Minnesota, you just gotta look around. Sometimes you don't always have families you had in mind but none the less at that point you can always put one on a plane lol. I know a litter down from Luther/machobuck that just hit the ground.
  14. matador

    matador Pup

    Lol, my bad for the late response, shits been crazy. I see some cats over north and south walking what look like hitters, I'm still looking for something. After researching, I know I want an adult working male, I need his temperament to be good around the house, yard and kids. I just moved and got good space!
  15. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    I'm gonna make a suggestion, take it with a grain of salt....

    If your planing on having young kids around this dog, you would be much better off getting a puppy, not an adult working dog. Not saying you can't get one that works out around the kids but IMO, your better off raising one to be accustomed to having children around than getting one that you have no idea of the way it was raised, what bad habits the dog may already have, etc.

    Not a chance I would take with my own kids unless I knew the breeder/owner very well. Even then, I'd still be pretty cautious.....

    Good luck on your endeavour.....
  16. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    Im with AGK here on the puppy VS adult thing, not to mention, if you want a good working dog, the best ones are "made". If i had my choice of building a dog up from scratch or getting an adult that has already bonded with another handler and is already sort of set in his ways? Give me the puppy every single time. One of my buddies just got an adult dog in, i had to hear him bitch about this dog everyday on the phone for a week or more about the dog not doing this, not doing that, just not on par with what he does with his program and dogs. He did eventually get him to work a little but nothing like he wants him to.

    That is not to say all adult dogs will be that way and that is not to say that raising them from pups is a guarantee but from my experience building a dog up from scratch has more advantages in terms of working a dog. The big plus is the bond you build with the dog, i start working all mine as soon as i get them, it may not be real work and as Slim would say "they don't really know they are working" but they are and you are building a strong foundation for later down the road when it's time to put full keeps on them.
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  17. matador

    matador Pup

    Makes the most sense, while I was counting on "taking someone's word" I definitely believe raising up a pup is a much more solid way of imprinting what you do want into the dog. Thanks for the wise words
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  18. matador

    matador Pup

    Thanks for the game! Finding an adult has been hell as it is. I drove way to Michigan in March only to be disappointed by what I encountered. I still left and came back home hopeful, I won't put the carriage before the horse and go the pup route.
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  19. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    I tell ya now el Negro dogs are no fucking joke! I got a little gyp here now that is basically heavy Boyles on top with some Dirty Mary on back in the 6th and 7th and heavy Maverick on bottom with some El Negro in the 4th, she is a FIREBALL! Hell on wheels. It was so bad the first 4 weeks she was here, i had to make a meme because she was bat shit crazy, wide ass open lol, the whole litter was like that though. She has settled down a little, not much, but a little and let me be clear, there is no way i would have her around a young kid/child, just not something that i would want to worry about, not afraid of her biting one but they are just to wild, especially this little bitch, she is literally wide open 24/7, no chill. I also wouldn't recommend a dog like her to a first time owner lol.


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