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Integrity, Character and your Word.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by AGK, Jan 11, 2022.

  1. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    What do these characteristics have to do with the dogs?


    For starters, ones word used to really mean something. For a few of us, we still actually live by this thought process yet we end up just setting ourselves up for failure in the end by doing so in this day and age. In a world where frankly, very few peoples word amounts to squat shit, you really have to deal with folks anymore by their actions not by their words. Damn shame IMO.

    The dog world is full of clout chasers that seem to lie to oneself as well as to others and it has become the norm anymore, maybe it always was IDK. Im only speaking from my experience, I'd like to hear others though. I do however know, the people I myself am really down with for the long haul are those who have always been stand up 100% and always about their word is bond because it's out of their character to be any other way.

    Over the last 25 years of my time with this breed it seems to me that a large number of people involved with this particular breed really are the bottom of the barrel of society and have no kind of morals, values or ethics of any kind.

    When did it become acceptable to say one thing and do another? That goes from the working aspect to the breeding aspect and all avenues in between. I always wondered if it's like this with in the other breeds too or is it just the kind of people the APBT tends to attract. These are rhetorical questions I often ask myself since I deal with many people daily in regards to these dogs. Some are the best folks you'd ever meet while others I wouldn't trust as far as I can throw them. Maybe I was raised differently or something but it's never ok to waste another mans time and it is never ok to deceive to get what you want. Have some self respect and dignity for Christ's sake.

    Character is another dying trait that goes hand in hand with integrity. You either got it or you don't. Personally, once I feel you're one or the other, you'll get treated accordingly by which person I feel you are until you show me otherwise. Though I tend to give the benefit of the doubt when I shouldn't.

    Just food for thought. I'm bored tonight and figured it could be an interesting topic to discuss since we all know both kinds of people. The real and the fake.

    Figured anyone who been into these dogs for 5 or more years has came across many examples of both types of people. Feel free to share what these traits mean to you and the company you keep......
  2. kiwidogman

    kiwidogman Top Dog

    Yep like the guy I knew for twenty plus years that pleaded with me for weeks to loan him $600 to do an AI. I took a cash advance on my credit card at 23% to help him out. Three years later I got my $600 back from his woman by giving her a puppy. And then there’s the so called mentor/mate/arsehole that came round while I was at work and raided my medical cupboard. Or the guy that owed me money and tried thought it was a good idea to repay me by giving back a bitch I’d given him for free as a pup. I could go on. Most humans are scum, if I wasn’t stupid game I would have been driven out of the dogs years ago. Not by the usual suspects, by those I thought I could trust.

    Expect nothing and you’ll never be disappointed
  3. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    Personally I'm more comfortable around the what's considered " lowlife outsiders of society" and such. Always had more respect for someone that will punch you in your face rather then talk shit behind your back. I employ fellons at my business. Guys that could have been me if things were different. The guys I have would literally put in work for me if it really came down to it. They don't lie, cheat or steal from me. Because they respect what we are trying to do. Regular " society" has no idea what a man word or action can amount to Because shit never got real for them. Related to the dogs. Don't be surprised when they quit. Be surprised when they don't. Same goes for people.
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  4. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    I agree Ben and I do as well. Anyone of my my close people will fuck someone up over disrespect or acting up out of line. They are most all criminally minded violent type people.. That's not what I'm referring to though by the bottom of the barrel comment. I could see now it does sound like that after reading back what I wrote.

    I'm talking about those snake ass folks who tell you what you want to hear to get what they want from you. You may even go out of your way to help them out and then they fuck you over anyway.

    I know plenty of criminals that their word is still their bond. If they say it, they do it. I'm not talking about them. Them my peoples too lol. You know exactly where you stand with them.
  5. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Like you said, they respect you because they know and respect what your trying to do. Them are not the type of people I meant by that comment. Now if they did let's say lie and steal and try to cheat you, those would be the ones I would be referring to. A person having a felony don't make them a bad person. A lack of integrity and having poor character does.
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  6. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    I guess just pertaining to the dogs and relationship with the folks around them. I was very lucky to be around good guys like Joe and Jerry. Joe always said the man behind the dog is the biggest factor and I just lived by them words. I definitely noticed when I got out of the scene and came back the quality of good folks have declined. Truthfully I'm disappointed and fed up with the dumb shit. I wish I could forget about the dogs all together but I'm hooked. If I could somehow run my business and convince my lady to up and move to Mexico I'd be on the first thing smoking.
  7. Sleep

    Sleep Big Dog

    Interesting topics to say the least @AGK. Man this topic could've been bought up many many times.....I honestly think integrity and morals and ya word goes out the door with majority dogmen when they see something they want or kno you got something they want....they sweet talk and swindle there way in to getting what they want and some do as they agree on there end but much just tryna get up on the next man
    We might as well add the words Hater/hatred in there cause ya so called kennel partner or family will turn on you faster than an outsider if you'll doing better at anything then them...that goes from dogs, jobs, or money...shit in life period...Real is hard to come by in life period especially in this dog eat dog world of the pitbull life....yeah there are so scumbag in this sport but there also some REAL MEN TO LEARN LIFE LESSON FROM....MY 2 CENTS
  8. chili

    chili Big Dog

    Just folks in general. Most talk. Few walk.
  9. Michele

    Michele CH Dog Super Moderator

    Keep your circle small. This world is not what it used to be. You, and only you can either allow the bullshit or throw the bullshit to the curb.
  10. gog123

    gog123 Top Dog

    Your as good as the company you keep as they say. So I try to avoid people I know in my heart ain’t decent people with morals. Some of them I’ve known all my life, as I’ve got older I keep it short n sweet when I see em. Simple hello and goodbye, ain’t worth the attention or aggro they bring by behaving like muppets. They aren’t ever going to amount to fuck all and are to stupid to even see it. A lot of the time I think you can tell when someone is bit of a wrong un. Same way you can meet someone and tell they are good stuff. Won’t ever have the friendship with em like close mates but know they are trustworthy. I think a lot of it has to do with upbringing, but life’s to short for me to want to excuse others behaviour for em. Just don’t get in the habit of constantly trying to see the good in people and ignoring your gut…people ain’t no good…

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  11. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. CH Dog

    It is a backstabbing business which contains all walks of life. The good the bad and the ugly. The school of hard knocks will teach you how to avoid and how to handle certain indivduals. Honesty foremost the way to go.
  12. San Siro

    San Siro Big Dog

    Yes is crazy that now people are not having any kind of code anymore. Get caught, shut your mouth. Saw something, shut your mouth. Heard anything, shut your mouth. See a person that have it all together, work hard to reach the same or better.
    Mind your own fucking biznizz.
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  13. che

    che Top Dog

    I never follow the words, I always follow the actions. I am raised to be honest and a real man. You can say one word too me, I will see , hear and notice more than you wanted to say. The way you talk, the way you look , the way you move . Maybe I will not see it all but I will see there is something wrong with it or not. I will feel the energy is right or not.I keep my mouth shut, keep my ears , eyes open. If I say something it would be nothing important. I wait to see how you talk about others and how you act near them. I am called eagle eye by some. Your actions will tell me more who you are than your words. I stil keep my mouth shut. A fish with his mouth closed gets never caught. I got hated for being honest and real. I am oke with it.
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  14. Sleep

    Sleep Big Dog

    Man idk you...but u hit all the nails on the Head...say it louder for the people in the back
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  15. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Great topic AGK
    I'll just go ahead and say what I say.
    dogs, because people suck.
    It goes in phases as how the dogs tend to help Introduce us to so me interesting people.
    First one wants to know everyone and what they are running. Mainly to learn. Next one begins to close their loop and begin culling people out.of their life based on a standard we all know. Not quitting. Moving forward.
    After more time one realizes that the dogs need us and us them. A routine development on the day to day care and the time it takes to do it your best. This takes a lot.of time. Most people are very needy. They want your time, and anything else you will allow them to take. If they wanna take somethin, give them something to take with it. A fist or a friendship.

    I have went out of my way to help people in the past just.to realist they are like the dog that will bite you. Some.may want it, others may not.

    Most often time I take into conciderstion, thst everyone is different and was raised differently.
    Put that in a local scale or a global scale.

    Often times people screwing.over others does not stop there. It really has a ripe effect and can damage what is the core reason the people are even talking to begin with....the dogs.
    Just to own the dogs can get us tossed into categories by the other people who keep the dogs and anyone else that has an opinion. Believe me when I say, if they have one, they will let it be known in this day and age.
    After giving many people time, I just realized that most of them will quit too just as the dogs, but we need to be surprised when they stay and don't look for.the exit.

    I will now repeat. "Dogs...because people suck"

    Hope y'all are well and remember ...the less you trust. The more you cull.
  16. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Great topic. I must have missed it earlier in the week. Great posts by all.

    I will hit a couple points. @AGK it is in other breeds as well. Anytime there is competition and a dollar out there to be had the worst comes out in people.

    I will babble and example. I had Fila Brasileiros for a long time. That community has clicks and circles like any other. It is even more cut throat than APBT because the only way to prove anything is by using the subjective opinion of another. That subjective opinion can be swayed rather easily. Knowing how a dog is bred or who bred it or who owns it will often dictate that subjective opinion. They will backdoor shit talk you right out of those dogs in order to sell one of theirs. Happens a lot.

    I left home with maybe the best female I have ever owned and went to a place where this guy preached about a man's word, and it was all about the dogs and he had no use for thieves and cheaters and such. I had been around this guy three or four times and honestly felt like he was good people. They rubbed. They won. And a dope boy was down from up north with several piles of money to buy dogs from them. The next day he called and let their cat out of the bag. He heard some things after the show he was not suppose to hear.

    So, short story long. The guy that had a nice job, a nice house, a nice family and sold a good story was a no good piece of shit. The dope boy from up north who lived that 'hard life', who had done time, may or may not have done the things he was locked up for, was upfront and honest about something that was really none of his business other than 'right is right and wrong is wrong'.

    So people are people and the book is not always the cover.

    There are countless stories in these dogs of good and bad.

    @ben brockton My company does thorough background checks to the point a person's record has to be absolutely spotless to be hired. We are on the flipside of your point. Our turnover rate is high because as the old folks say, "A new broom always sweeps best". I know a ton of people that has some scratches, and bumps and bruises from their past that would be ten times better employees than some of the shit I have to work with every day. Consider yourself lucky to be able to pick and choose based on your life's experiences vs. what someone from far-away corporate thinks is important.

    But so it goes.

  17. patjr

    patjr Top Dog

    Honesty, trust and respect. For me it's the constant effort needed to be honest with myself and reduce the excuses by striving to eliminate them one at a time. Trust is the main component needed when you enter a closed society and the higher up the tightrope becomes you're going to need a safety net for a if or when "shit happens" may occur. Respect what you know or think you know. In general, mistakes are going to happen along the way which is all part of our experiences and growing, but it is when my own starts to affect another that weighs heavier on my mind....(nothing related to anyone else dog but my own). Life's a risk, steady as she goes and take care.
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  18. Revelator

    Revelator Big Dog

    @AGK you said a mouthful. And honestly, I feel like being a man of your word is what DEFINES integrity, and integrity is the basis of one's character. You are correct, this game brings out the dregs of society. That by no means defines everyone, I have met some solid, grade A people from this world, people I am proud to call friend and welcome into my home, break bread with. But one can not objectively look at the participants collectively and not see the seedy sheisters, backstabbers, scammers, and a plethora of other pejorative descriptions. Anything underground will always attract the less desirables. Which is why the game is in the place it is in today. As I referenced in another post yesterday, all it takes is one look at the clowns in an FB dog group to see why we can no longer do things as we used to. It saddens me that things are as they are today. But it also makes me value and appreciate those connections I make with people who exemplify those very same attributes you titled your post with.
    I'm a nobody, I can take my opinion and fifty cents and still only get a half cup of coffee at Joe's Diner. But, it's my opinion nonetheless.
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  19. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    This game does bring out the worst in people as well as the worst people in general. But so does the ministry, the lawyers, the doctors, the construction workers, blah, blah, blah. The bulldogs are nothing more than a cross section of society. If society has racists, and thugs, and killers, and molesters and robbers, well, the dog game will have those things too. Just like any other endeavor.

    My only issue is that people seem surprised or pissed when they get taken, stolen from or lied to as if the dogs were the main vein to the Holy Grail. If a Pastor ripped me off, I have issues. If the Deacon in the church slides one in me (or someone's wife) I have issue with that too. If a doctor cuts corners to make more money at the expense of a patient, I am not good with that in the least.

    But when a guy who is willing to break the law and commit felonies by riding up and down the road then I should not be surprised nor pissed when someone in that group steals.

    It is like no one has any use for a dog thief but does not get up in arms when a car gets stolen, or the kids bike down the road gets ripped off.

    End of the day, a man is only as good as his word. His profession or his hobby has little to do with that at all.

    Good people are like good dogs in a sense, they are where you find them.

    This is why dogs make better friends than people.


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