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Jeep vs Chavis Jocko

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by Botswana Kennels, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. stinkrock

    stinkrock Top Dog

    Jocko all the way.
    david63 likes this.
  2. bigeli

    bigeli Big Dog

    well just heard about this from one of the old timers that honeybunch quit also.......?
  3. rodeoman069

    rodeoman069 Big Dog

    Honeybunch did quit.
    Jeep did try to jump the wall and was brought back in. I dont know why thay let hem win the match.
    Jocko would have had his hands full with jeep but after about 1h45 I think jocko would come out on top. But know one will ever know
  4. cincyboy

    cincyboy Big Dog

    first i heard of honeybunch quitin interestin
  5. G Money

    G Money Pup

    I would have to go with jeep
  6. Rock n Rye

    Rock n Rye CH Dog

    First I ever hears of HB quitting.. Also jeep never tried to jump, go ask Coop who was there and had major interest in Jeep opponent and he says Jeep never tried once to jump the wall, he says we had him but that mofo got out and brung it.
  7. Cadibuck

    Cadibuck Big Dog

    Thats the first I've heard of HB standing too..personally, I don't believe it. And Jeep was a badass animal! He ended Homer and thats that! I don't care how Homer was brought in..Jeep did what he was brought to do.
  8. crenshaw told me streat up a couple yrs befor he died that homer was the better dog
    david63 likes this.
  9. if u guys get the sdj it's a interview in there with o.stevens where he say gr ch angus curd out thats why they used homer in the first place i can post that sdj if yall aint seen it thanks

  10. ragedog10

    ragedog10 Top Dog

    I have a interview with Crenshaw he said Honey never curred or stood. Now the first time tryied by Irish Jerry she did nt start which if totally different from quitting. Now for Jeep hopping the box Cooper himself said Jeep was a BULLDOG 110% the dog they used fought by the base of tail and anus now thats a hell of a style to figure out lol. Ole Man
    david63 likes this.
  11. Congoman

    Congoman Big Dog

    Heard Jeep was all bulldog by someone that was at the show too. I will say this I would roll with Jocko based on the styles. Since Jeep wasn't a defensive ace I think that Jocko's style would be too much even if they were the same size. Jocko would've got backdoor and never came out. Would've probably shut the show down in about 40-45 at the most.
    david63 likes this.
  12. Foundation

    Foundation Big Dog

    its been said by all the great dog men, a superb dead game dog will fall to a deep game dog that has size on it. ^^^^ this makes the most sense to me...
  13. Foundation

    Foundation Big Dog

    and this follows that up also making the most sense ^^^^^^ ... Begging the questions What if... jocko vs jeep...

    I would like to see Boomerang and Alligator.. but they would have killed each other most likely.. what a waste.
  14. Sampson1

    Sampson1 CH Dog

    My opinion is this. If and only if they wouldve met I believe Chavis wouldve had to bring Jocko down to Jeep's weight. Now if this happened im going with Jeep based on the fact that the handler of the DG Homer made the same mistake and we all know what happened because of it. Now if they were the same size naturally I think Jocko wouldve flatlined Jeep in the box because styles make fights. But IF Jeep couldve kept Jocko out of his spot long enough I see Jeep out scratching him as I dont believe Jocko had the kinda gamenes Jeep did. This is all based on what i've read and or heard though so who knows really?

  15. redrumdog

    redrumdog Top Dog

    Boomer was a lot smaller then Alligator.I would have liked to see Alligator vs.Hootens Butcher Boy. Jeep was a great dog no doubt about it.But Jocko was too big for him .Crenshaw would not give up that kind of weight and Chavis wasn't going to cut Jocko's weight that much.
    david63 likes this.
  16. I have been round old dogman and they say Jeep was a bulldog to the core and had it all with ok mouth... but Jocko even at the same weight was to much for Jeep. Jocko was the type of dog that would and did kill what was pit in front of him. A dog wit half or just as game but along wit set on to kill you no matter what is a hard dog to beat. That's where dead game come from. And the killers have also proven to be dead game...
    david63 likes this.
  17. U could have not said it better. Jocko was just to much dog. For Jeep and an ace at the pit
    david63 likes this.
  18. 08smoke

    08smoke Banned

    we often hear jeep just as a "game" dog, he had a mouth as well, but into a dog like homer it would take more than just mouth "as we found out". jocko was very rough that could bite, as well as smart using the "back end" technique. With that said it would be a toss up, " if jocko wouldnt kill jeep within the first hour in a half, it would be in favor of jeep"- in my opinion.
  19. SBKennels

    SBKennels Pup

    butcher boy would have finished him but that would have been a good show. I use that Butcher Boy stuff as an out that stuff there. Pow. And for everybody with these opinions I deal with old dog men that knew both dogs. Jeep won his matches do to being able to scratch. (because he was game as hell) But if you're unable to scratch which would you do let your dog get ruined or pick him up. I think that he would have been picked up, because he is dumb game so he would have scratched everytime. But would you put a dumb game dog like that against a dog like Jocko, or Zebo for that matter with mouth, ability and the shere physique, it would have been a good match but a slaughter in the long run, Jocko's build was too strong for jeep to hurt him.
  20. Foundation

    Foundation Big Dog

    exactly how I see it..... Good post

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