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Just now registering.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by BootsOnTheGround, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I just registered which is kind of weird because I have referred to this website/forum for misc. questions I have had about APBTs over the last 7 years. I was in the Army for the last 5 years and spent all of those years at overseas duty stations. My father was really big into this breed and I guess I just followed in his footsteps. I have only owned rescue or dogs without papers. Reason being is I have never owned these dogs other than a companion. I know some of you guys use these dogs for shows, weight pulls, hunting (which I am interested in & posted a topic asking about it), and things along those lines. I just kind of thought since I don't take part in those uses, there isn't really a solid reason to buy a game bred dog. I also followed this forum in the past because I think a greater majority have ideas along the same lines as me when it comes to how this breed should look, be capable of, and behave in general. I remember when I first saw those Razor's Edge/Gotti dogs people constantly advertise in the classifieds. To me they don't even look like APBTs and more closely related to some type of Mastiff. I also think that those dogs that are 110 pound monsters are damaging the breed more than making it better. I don't think I should be able to out run or have more agility than an APBT which it seems like those blue dogs significantly lack. Right now I have an APBT that I saw on craigslist. They wanted to get rid of him because he growled at one of their children which is understandable that they didn't want to risk anything further happening. Since I recently got of the Army last April I was looking for a dog due to the one I had before I left died while he was being cared for by my sister since I was stationed overseas. I got my dog 5 months ago and he was a little aggressive. He never bit anyone, just growling. To me that behavior is unacceptable but at the same time getting that issue resolved is a slow process. He used to growl for a variety of reasons such as if you kiss him on top of his head, if you pet him for longer than he thinks you should, and growled if someone gets close while he is eating. It's a slow process getting him better about those things. I have been giving him space, observing his warning signs, and allowing him to become comfortable with me. I don't try to rush him into chilling out a little bit. Over the last 5 months he has gotten to the point that you can reach down and pick his bowl up right from under his mouth and he doesn't make a sound, but he will look at you with puppy dog eyes until you give it back. He still doesn't enjoy kisses, and as far as the low "under the breath" growls that he used to whip out if you pet him longer than he wanted you to, he doesn't do that anymore. The only two times you will get a growl from him is if you try to kiss him, get all up in his face, or pet him while he passed out. I think maybe the family that had him before me didn't pay enough attention to him while he was with them because of their children requiring so much attention. He doesn't show teeth or anything, all his growls currently are low and under the breath. If you have any techniques for me to expedite the transformation in his behavior, they would be appreciated, maybe something I'm haven't tried, two brains are better than one. Other than that, good to meet all of you in advance and take it easy.

  2. Welcome and thank you for your service . I'm sure you'll some help here . I had a similiar problem with a dog I obtained at eleven months , I just had to make him realize I'm the man ;-) He had to learn to respect me as I was the sole person to care for him , he can't so it for himself . Growls at the food , take it away for ten and pay the dog no attention...growls at me , gently roll that dog on its back till its relaxed . I'm no expert and am still learning , that's why I'm here but it worked for me . Dog was abused and mistreated , then turned into one hell of a bulldog and my right hand man for 13 years . Best of luck
  3. Ldfpreach

    Ldfpreach Pup

    Welcome Boots... I have a rescue that is just the opposite... extremely shy and reserved... However with everyday interaction she is really starting to come outta her shell! Most of these type of problems seem to stem from a lack of socialization...
  4. CajunBoulette

    CajunBoulette CH Dog

    Love to know if any more progress was made with that dog...me personally I make my dogs submit to me..... Accept that I lead the pack or your ass won't eat! But yea I think jus workin with a dog like that will help.... Cuz we never know what a dog has been thru

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