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Kimbo Slice

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by deepsouth, May 17, 2008.

  1. TheVictor22

    TheVictor22 CH Dog

    I agree. But I have been following his progress. He trains like a mad man so in time he will improve and has potential to be great. but time is not on his side. He got in the game to late. but I do think he is more then capable of leaving his mark on the MMA world.
  2. bullydogs

    bullydogs Top Dog

    Most will improve with training. However, the skills/quality of fighters these days are far superior of fighters from the past. The growth of MMA is insane. I agree that he will make a mark, however... IMO in strictly ticket sales. He will draw new fans into the sport. And it would be costly not to take advantage of his popularity. The hardcore MMA fans know that he little to no chance of beating anyone significant in the fight game. Thats just my opinion. Even if it beat "Tyson" it would mean very little. I would love to watch it though, and so would thousands of others. Tyson is mentally, physically, etc. washed up. His hay days are behind him. In his younger day he would have probably crushed SLICE in a couple seconds.
  3. kimbo is in the ultimate fighter , if he wins he'l go pro!

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