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list of good kennels or bloodlines

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by glockd, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. glockd

    glockd Pup

    im new to game pitbulls and im looking to get some good bulls with a very high drive to put in my first yard
  2. DogEatDog

    DogEatDog Pup

    Start reading here on the forum and everywhere you can on the internet or in books.
    It's not very likely that people will hand out a list of good kennels to a newcomer.
  3. 6sN7s

    6sN7s Top Dog

    so you decided to get into game dogs and start yourself a yard all of a sudden?

    most pitbulls have a high drive, so basicly any kennel will do.

    id you dont sucseed you can always start collecting fossils and minerals
  4. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Do a bunch of reading on and pick one that seems to suite you. Welcome to the site, this one is packed with stuff, just have to learn how to sift it. Bout like pannin for gold.. There gold in them there hills.
  5. glockd

    glockd Pup

    thanks i will do alot of reading and researching before i spend money on pups
  6. ShakaZ

    ShakaZ CH Dog

    The way you are going about things ain't smart, buddy.
  7. skank

    skank Pup

    Did i read that wrong or are you wanting to start a kennel ? Cause um that's not something you just jump in to
  8. Research, Research, Research...Thats the only way to do it. There are soo many great lines out there, just have to pick the one you like the most and see where it goes. It's not an easy thing to start, Why start a kennel, just get a pup and see how it goes....JMO
  9. kera5

    kera5 Big Dog

    good info. N.P.
  10. fonzie

    fonzie Top Dog

    iam more into the blue game type dogs not bullies blues but keep them gamedogs
  11. mac 11

    mac 11 Banned

    LMAO! Where they do that at?!
  12. bgblok68

    bgblok68 CH Dog

    Here goes another thread. LOL
  13. DutchGame

    DutchGame Big Dog

    This just made my mf day, especially after seeing the picture of that cur bully in your avatar.
  14. glockd

    glockd Pup

    naw i dont want to start a kennel i just fell in love with the breed when i seen them perform and want to own good gamedogs
  15. DogEatDog

    DogEatDog Pup

    Joking, right?
  16. TripleJ

    TripleJ CH Dog

    if you seen them perform you should get dogs from the best ones you seen. that is the smartest thing you can do.
  17. and listen to what people are telling you research, research, and research, getting into the dogs for the first time your considered pretty green, so best advise, eyes open, ears tuned and think about questions before you ask and listen to what some of the more experience people are telling you, lots of good books avail also, not from petsmart either good luck
  18. Butcher

    Butcher Pup

    Sir listen, just reading is not enough!!! You have to spent a lot of money and time for travelling to see and test YOURSELF the dogs. All people will tell you that the dog that they own are the best, only the best. and they all want to gain money from you! So open your eyes and take good care! If you saw 3 to 5 dogs of a special bloodline which you like a lot then you can make your decision and still have to care!
  19. Good advice there butcher, of course reading is just a very small small part of it, no book is going to promise what works and what doesnt, at leqast i havent seen any in the last 10 plus years, the descion is going to be based on what you see and i agree 100% with butcher that you actually have to see what works for yourself, and yes it can be costly, as we all know to well, so just disregard the book thingy
  20. Here is what you want to hear. Start hanging around the dog shows. Don't maul people, but pay attention. When you see something that you like, talk to the owners. Do the old beautiful dog thing. Ask about the bloodline, if you don't know what they are talking about, don't shake your head, tell them that your new and you have the bug. Leave it at that. Then go to the next one and keep it up. Maybe, you'll find what your looking for.

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