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My patt

Discussion in 'Patterdale Terriers' started by beejay, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. beejay

    beejay Pup

    This is my male,Tarzan, he was 8 months old in these photos. I believe he is Nuttall and Booth, not quite sure because I haven't got his papers back yet. I also have a female that has MQH Malone and Schaiffer's John Steed in her background. I don't have any pics of her yet. I have just recently aquired these dogs and I am still educating myself on them. If anyone knows where I can find a line bred Nuttall Miner dog, or a Booth Mileo dog in the states, let me know.
  2. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    What kind of dogs are these??
  3. beejay

    beejay Pup

    Patterdale terriers.
  4. jampe69

    jampe69 Pup

  5. jampe69

    jampe69 Pup

    nice lookin pat :)
  6. beejay

    beejay Pup

    Thanks jampe. I will post photos of my female and there pedigree when I get it together.
  7. snakewidomski

    snakewidomski Big Dog

    Booth's Mileo is now Fulford's Milo.
    Milo is 12 years old and owned by Todd Fulford, USA.
    If you want some offspring from Milo, you can ask Todd Fulford.

    PITS+PATTS Big Dog

    IM not sure about the USA but Hurricane kennels have tight Miner blood the'.ve exported
  9. pit4ever

    pit4ever Banned

    how is patt working out for you ? good pet ? good worker ? because i want to introduce to one of my friend that wants small and good working terrier dog.
  10. B

    B CH Dog

    Deadgame Patterdale's! http://patterdale.tripod.com/atstud Todd Fulford owned Booth's Milo HOF! He actually just passed. It was a dual sired litter but he had them DNA's and Noahman was the sire of all of them. I got a pup from him 4 months agoi. Great man to deal with.


  11. AGame

    AGame CH Dog

    dammit i wanna get me a patt i miss my lil rat terrier jrt mix she was a hell of a dog she would kill snakes moles rats any type of small rodent poor girl got into a nest of copperheads and had 30+ bites on her body and still lived 2 weeks thought she was gonna make it she was doing good back to her old ways and then one night she must have gotten hit again and passed on us

    PITS+PATTS Big Dog

    Hello mate,thats a nice dog you've got there.Hows he getting on?
  13. So do any of you work your terriers . I mean the APBT these dogs CAN do what they
    are bred for . I mean why own them else wise?
  14. bauer

    bauer Top Dog

    Thinking of getting me a patt next..

    PITS+PATTS Big Dog

    Belive me,these dogs can do what the're bred for!
  16. beejay

    beejay Pup

    Sorry, I've been busy, haven't been on here in a while. My patts or growing. Female has been bred and due to drop within the next week.
    This is my female a few months back.
    This is my male and female.
  17. beejay

    beejay Pup

    This is the story on these two black devils. I got Tarzan (male) at around 8 months old. Due to certain circumstances, the man I got him from couldn't spend time with him as a pup. He is flat out wild, that's how the name Tarzan came about. I have tried him, and I've seen what I needed to see. Not much barking, just go in, get rough and catch. Thats what I like. The only problem, I cannot take him hunting because I wouldn't be able to catch him. I'm still trying to tame him up, besides just figured I'd get some pups off him before I risked losing him. The female, well I picked her up at about four months, and she is very timid also. She was the runt of the litter, so I called her Little Bit. In my opinion, she is bred better than the male, but I do find him to be rougher than her. I've also tried her, she will get in there, but not nearly as catchy as Tarzan. Now granted she is younger than him and may just take her a while longer. Regardless, I decided to breed them, with these two being the only patts I have at the moment. I know they are gutsy, so I figured before I took a chance of losing one, I'd have some pups to make sure I had something coming up to take their place. I also just found out that the woman who ended up with Tarzan's sister is sending her to me, I'll post photos when I get her.
  18. rathernotsay

    rathernotsay Big Dog

    Beejay, If Im reading this right you bred an 8 month old pup? maybe it works , maybe it doesnt. do what you are going to do, im not sitting on a hill telling anyone what to do, but i will say what i think. breeding working terriers after only one season of work is irresponsible. its about quality not quantity. and you dont know if you have quality after only one season of work. a dog with no recall to a timid bitch is what im reading, congratulations on that one. afraid to lose the blood you have in your yard? how bout draw a few straws and throw them in the freezer for future use ? my two cents
  19. luvpets35

    luvpets35 Pup

    I rescued my Patterdale at 3 mos. He was abused in his crate and in a truck by a man. He is 2 now and still belly crawls on the ground to get back to the house if a truck comes by when we are out. Otherwise he is the best dog I could ever have asked for. Very loyal, protective, and loving. I think he is a Patterdale Apbt mix? Any thoughts? Any ideas how to help him get over his memories of the past?
    Thanks :)
  20. beejay

    beejay Pup

    RNS, I do understand what you are saying, but I do think it's possible to make a valid point without all the uneccessary sarcasm. I do not sell dogs, at the most I may give one to a friend to try. Everything on my yard is for my own pleasure, no harm in me experimenting. Opinions on breeding practices vary from person to person. Myself, I believe producers do not have to be the best dogs in the world, but that is a whole other argument. This gyp was aquired strictly for her bloodline. She (the runt) was wrecked at an early age by the pick of the litter male. I was expecting that she may have been ruined , but in the last month or so, she's starting to turn on. She is a small dog (8-10lbs) and last week she showed me something that would leave me to believe she has the hardest mouth of all my dogs. I only ended up with one male pup, and he is showing well. I guarantee he will be put to the test.

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