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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mr Mark, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. GSDbulldog

    GSDbulldog CH Dog

    Show and performance breeders most certainly do cull, although not always through such extreme methods. Why don't you go have a talk with Diane Jessup as to how many dogs she has had euthanized for not making the cut...
  2. Diane Jessup doesnt "cull" dogs. Having to euthanize dogs because they are too agressive is not the same as killing a dog for not being game enough. But Ill ask!
  3. And you're aware that these people in this thread are talking about making changes to better suit the sport of dogfighting? And you think thats fine?
  4. simms

    simms CH Dog

    One means to an end is the same result. It's not your call....
  5. GSDbulldog

    GSDbulldog CH Dog

    Uhm. Right. "Culling" refers to removing a specimen, for whatever reasons, from the gene pool. She has most certainly done this on numerous occasions, and not necessarily because the dog was "too aggressive". I'm not knocking her program- she does a helluva lot more with these dogs than I could ever even dream of doing. But she stands as an example of someone who has a very strict ideal when it comes to what dogs should represent their breed. And this isn't a bad thing!

    Correction, the good folks here are speaking of preserving the original traits that make the bulldog such a spectacular breed of dog! The inner grit that made these dogs such masters in the pit has made them such a utilitarian breed of dog- a Jack of all trades!

    I am opposed to dog fighting, but I am also strongly opposed to "dumbing down" the breed to fit today's politically-correct atmosphere. I strongly respect the men and women of the past who dedicated their lives to creating, improving, and preserving these dogs. And I for one am disappointed to see so many ready to tear down their legacy under the name of advocacy!
  6. Ok. You're not even addressing the issue. You KNOW FULL WELL that these people are talking about creating a better fighting dog and Im not sure why you are denying it. This is not about bettering the standard of the breed. This is about people trying to enhance the APBT fighting perfomance.
  7. >BLAZE<

    >BLAZE< Big Dog

    The standard of the breed was based on fighting performance.
  8. GSDbulldog

    GSDbulldog CH Dog

    What exactly is a "better fighting dog"? A strong, yet agile dog that's driven to succeed even under the direst circumstances? A confident dog that is eager to please? A structurally sound animal with good conformation that will allow him to work to his fullest potential?

    Sounds like a working* prospect to me ;)

    *Any of the following words or phrases may be substituted:

    -fly ball
    -weight pull
    -French ring
    -dock diving
    -search & rescue
    -Law Dog
    -hunting/catch dog

    Hmm. Jack of all trades, for sure.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 14, 2008
  9. ?????? So these people arent talking about dogfighting then? Or are you saying dogfighting should be considered a "trade" and a fun "activity" for you and your APBT? I mean did you read the post? You're telling me they are talking about flyball? Well this is a rare form of ignorance I dont get to see too often.

    BTW I emailed Diane Jessup so hopefully she will get back to me in regards to culling dogs.
  10. BullDog143

    BullDog143 Big Dog

    Why isnt this oliveah (tree hugger) still on this site. She is putting this site on blast and nobody is doing nothing about it. We dont need these people on here.
  11. >BLAZE<

    >BLAZE< Big Dog

    oliveah3158, are you a vegetarian?
  12. GSDbulldog

    GSDbulldog CH Dog

    From Game-Dog.com's header:

    Pit Bull Community is dedicated to the preservation of the pit bull in its original form as a game-bred dog and in its modern incarnations as a loving companion pet and top competitor in weight pull competitions and conformation shows. We are opposed to all forms of animal cruelty, and do not promote any illegal activities,
    but we celebrate the history of the pit bull and value its qualities of courage, strength and tenacity as the essence of the breed. We are therefore against all forms of breed-specific legislation, and work to protect the constitutional rights of pit bull owners.

    The very same traits that modern day fanciers of the breed are looking to preserve (And improve on) are the very same physical and mental characteristics that make the American pit bull terrier such a versatile breed of dog.

    BTW, Diane Jessup posts heavily on www.thepitbull-place.com Run a quick search for "culling" and just take 10 minutes to read her responses.
  13. So now we are comparing euthanizing poorly bred, poorly tempered, disabled dogs for humane reasons to culling dogs that arent game enough in fighting pits? You seem to imply I have to be either FOR CULLING FOR ANY REASON or KEEPING SICK, UNHEALTHY DOGS ALIVE NO ACCEPTIONS. If you think Diane Jessup would be pleased about threads posted on bettering fighting dogs in an effort to preserve the heinous act, then I think you're a little confused. And culling was not even the topic of discussion. The post isnt about culling dogs, its about bettering a dog for bloodsport. TRY TO FOLLOW ALONG.
  14. simms

    simms CH Dog

    If you dont stand for somthin you stand for nothin. If an animal doesn't cut the grade it doesn't cut the grade...culling is in order for what ever reason it may be. It's pretty simple.
  15. pennsooner

    pennsooner CH Dog

    Diane does in fact cull, just not for "lack of gameness".

    She does try hard to avoid it and just spay/neuter and place if she can but she does cull. For lack of drive, over aggressiveness and for structure issues.
  16. Right. So those are two totally different reasons to kill a dog. To say "culling is in order for what ever the reason may be" is basically saying its ok to breed dogs for fighting and kill the ones that dont fight or fight well enough. Its a waste. Its disgusting to kill a dog for no reason other than not being game enough in a fighting box. Im still not really clear on your opinion about this particular thread.
  17. chinasmom

    chinasmom CH Dog

    NO...."culling is in order for what ever the reason may be" MEANS TO KEEP THE BREED TRUE TO STANDARD whatever his purpose is, showing, pulling, disc dog, or dock dog. You need to understand that the breed is used for these activities today because of how they were bred in the past, to be stable, hardworking, loyal and enduring.
  18. Its ok to contribute to the forum and attempt to correct me in my errors but Im talking about dogfighting and you're over there talking about fun activities to do with your pit bulls. I mean have you even followed the latest comments or did you just go straight to the last page and start typing? Unless you've looked at the thread Im concerned about then your comments arent valid. Because all I see is a bunch of people talking about everything EXCEPT the fact that these people are conspiring and bouncing ideas off of one another on whether they should change the APBTs size to make it more agile in fighting other dogs. I didnt think that many people would deny whats right in front of them...Im shocked really.
  19. Big Game

    Big Game CH Dog

    Too cull is to remove a Geneticly inferior animail from the gene pool. Dogs get culled for health isues , Inproper bone structure, Unstable temperment etc... Breeders are the Keepers of the breed. It is because of culling that we have the healthy stable breed we have today. It is the breeders Responsability to cull. Its the breeder that carry's the burdon of having to cull dogs so pet owners Have Healthy, Sound dogs. Insted of Geneticly week unstable Time bombs. In nature only the strong survive. Mother nature does all of the culling. Notice how a white tiger cant survive to maturity in the wild out of captivity? All responsable breeders of all breeds cull. to cull does not = Kill, But rather to remove from the genetic pool. I.e. Nutering/spaying etc..Culling is in no way directly related to dogfighting. Big Game
  20. chinasmom

    chinasmom CH Dog

    Don't try to belittle me on your little witch hunt. I have sat idly by while you spewed off your comments about hard working men and women who love the breed as you say you do. I have read from the beginning of this thread which turned to culling from dogfighting. You are not getting it, you will never get it. You believe what you believe and that's that. We believe what we believe too. I have read this thread from the beginning and decided that you are wasting a lot of time on here and ours by answering your posts. Go back to saving the world with your posts and leave mine alone. Send AC to my yard and they will see 6 dogs living as pets with one another. I guess I'm not the "Classic Dogfighter" huh.
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