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Question for the Hog Hunters

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by OutInCA, May 31, 2010.

  1. viegas703

    viegas703 Top Dog

    well i just heard the apbt isnt a very good hog dog because of their dog on dog agression. thats the only reason i said that.
  2. NewSchoolDogMan

    NewSchoolDogMan Top Dog

    Wow, so this boy is 80# chainweight? He is one huge dog LOL. I wonder what his conditioned is, probably at least in the 60s.
  3. OutInCA

    OutInCA Pup

    Ha ha. Ya, 65 or so.:) He still has baby fat.
  4. shortbedder

    shortbedder Big Dog

    I like a weatherby for big hogs, can't use dogs in Ca.
  5. NewSchoolDogMan

    NewSchoolDogMan Top Dog

    LOL, reminds me of Ch. Plumber's alligator. That is one big catchweight apbt :)
  6. cheese

    cheese Top Dog

    Depends where you are, unless it was changed recently.
  7. littleblackdog

    littleblackdog Big Dog

    http://www.apbt.online-pedigrees.com/public/printPedigree.php?dog_id=216217 I would put my money on this boy any day of week when it came to hog hunting, you will find your best in a unlikely place. This dog was free and ADBA papered as well. Once again boys don't pay for the blood unless you really like what the person is selling. This is his main stud dog now for his future hunters because this dog shows the traits he wants in the future generation and before this blue dog, he had some cold mayday dogs. The only reason they are breeding him is to produce replicas of him and he does that well. I have seen one daughter his and she is an amazing athlete too.
  8. NewSchoolDogMan

    NewSchoolDogMan Top Dog

    Not everyday you see a blue dog that can work, unless of course we are talking lacy's, cane corsos, etc.
  9. littleblackdog

    littleblackdog Big Dog

    I know, I have seen very very very few but that boy there would make you proud to own a blue dog, lol, I never thought I would say that one but I did.:)
  10. forty6mantis

    forty6mantis Big Dog

    uh. many people hog hunt with pits. look it up on youtube. some pits that don't work out in the box can do hogwork.
  11. NewSchoolDogMan

    NewSchoolDogMan Top Dog

    I thought if I ever did say that, it would be for a cane corso or a blue lacy. Though I am glad your blue dog is able to work. Waking up to see a blue dog like that must be like scratching the winning lotto ticket huh?
  12. OutInCA

    OutInCA Pup

    Wow. :) Thats great. He looks like he would have fun hunting. He is a unique blue fawn. Thanks for the input!
    I will have to show him off to a few people who like the blue show dogs and let them know there are some workers out there.

    I agree with the others. He helps the breed (especially that color of pup) look good.

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