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Red-nose Champions

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by COLDSTEEL APBT, May 8, 2006.

  1. jasong

    jasong Big Dog

    I might be wrong but one requirement of a AmStaff (according to the AKC) is that the dog must have a full black nose.
  2. jasong

    jasong Big Dog

    Alot of the old school dogs were brindle. Almost all of the Colby dogs were brindle.

    RIVES PITS Top Dog

    i'm good and yourself? sorry to hear about the pups or was that an old thread?
  4. PitBull_30

    PitBull_30 Top Dog

    I know you didn't imply that one didn't exist I'm just saying I think there were more solid white winners than there are now. I got the term "reverse brindle" from UKC who used to have a page of dog colors on their old site. They went to the University Of California David to determine colors geneticly. I recently moved from the Detroit area and I've seen way to many bybs but I've never heard the term "reverse brindle" used by any of them.

    Colby's Bob-Tail Bob 21xw
    GR CH Clark's Tramp
    GR CH Tudor's White Rock
    GR CH Henry's Imported Richmond 8xw

    These are the only ones I can think of now but there are more.

    Attached Files:

  5. miakoda

    miakoda GRCH Dog

    I got ya. And the reason for this is b/c the majority of dogs now days are NOT bred for function, but rather for color. White "pit bulls" were the big fad in the late '90s & early 2000's & when you begin to breed for anything other than function, you lose that function & end up with non-standard dogs (& people pay attention to the majority of the pit bulls colors in rescue....first red/red nose dogs, then white, & now blue are becoming overabudant)
  6. ABK

    ABK Rest In Peace

    Mia, "reverse brindle" did not originate as a peddling term. Boxer ppl have used the term reverse brindle for years as the proper term for so-called "black" Boxers. Mastiff ppl use the term too.

    The reason you've probably never heard of reverse brindles before '99 is b/c there weren't many of them. But once the blue fad hit, their numbers went up expodentially.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 9, 2006
  7. PitBull_30

    PitBull_30 Top Dog

    I totally agree. I guy that lived down the street from me in Detroit used to bleach his red males coat and called him a "rare palomino". LOL! He also bred white "Pit Bull Argentinos". I shouldn't laugh, it's sad. :mad: It's amazing what idiots can do in just a couple of years to a breed.
  8. ABK

    ABK Rest In Peace

    That's awful!!! I hope he doesn't own any more dogs!
  9. damn i have heard it all now,there really aint much more they can come up with to make money is there.
  10. PitBull_30

    PitBull_30 Top Dog

    I don't know if the guy still has his dogs or not but he had them when I moved. I felt really bad for the male because his skin was always dry and he'd scratch himself raw. He had a REALLY sweet temperament. He tried to sell me a red pup once and said he would turn lighter as he got older. I tried to educate him some but it was no use because he wasn't uneducated he just didn't care. I actually took a male he called Sin out of his yard because he had no water for two days. He had them on really heavy chains and for shelter he had a METAL barrel turned on its side. When I first got Sin he was 41lbs but he is now almost 80. People make me sick.

    Below is a pic of Sin now.
  11. PitBull_30

    PitBull_30 Top Dog

    Lets try that again.

    Below is a pic of Sin now.

    Attached Files:

  12. SEAL

    SEAL CH Dog

    I didnt bother reading some of this but to get to the point. You see less of certain colors as winners because those colors as a trait are recessive compared to say black dogs with a black nose. so you see less blues solid whites reverse brindles etc bcs those traits are less prevalent in dogs that are not bread for color.
  13. You Gotta Look At All The Inbreeding And Linebreeding Of Specific Marque Dogs In The Pedigrees. Most Of These Dogs Are From The Same Stock. Years And Years Of Getting Tighter And Tighter Will Only Serve To Solidify The Double-dominant Traits, Like The Black Nose. In A Game-dog Breeding Program, Where There Is No Regard To Colors Or Looks, What Works Works, And Usually Ends Up Being Inbred Or Line Bred Back To What Created It. Hmm...i Dont Know Exactly How To Word What Im Trying To Say.....maybe Someone More Articulate And Less Drunk Can Help Me Out ???
  14. runt

    runt Big Dog

    unless the dog was oldfamily red:)
  15. Aurora

    Aurora Pup

    Real easy , ned nose is a recessive gene , therefore many more dogs are black nosed . No one nose color is superior to another in terms of box quality
  16. 14rock

    14rock GRCH Dog

    There we go people. Come on now, think back to 3rd grade statistics class. If 75% of the marbles in a bag are yellow, and 25% red, chances are that 3 times out of 4 the one you pick will be yellow. Doesnt mean yellow is a better marble, it means its much more common.

    As for WHY there are so many black-nosed dogs, people already said it-Black nose is dominant over rednose. More black nosed dogs=more good black nosed winners.
    1 person likes this.
  17. jadedpitgirl

    jadedpitgirl Top Dog

    You think you would get the hint after asking on every message board out there. There are plenty of red nose Ch's both in the show ring and in the box. Time after time, the members post up the names of Ch's for both. I wish you would get over it. There are more red nose Ch's than just the crap on your yard. Why don't you PRODUCE a CH instead of using the Ch ancestors of your dogs for peddling your pups!:mad:
    bahamutt99 likes this.
  18. diggit

    diggit Banned

    well said jaded.... LOL.
    im going to bite my tougue and not get in trouble LOL.

    but i think he is asking this question is he wants to see the CH [] dogs in HIS petbulls.
    its funny when he posts "pure black nose pit" on the castillo forum and hes been breeding for 10 + years :-S
  19. Attila

    Attila Guest

    Now this is a good answer. You can tell Rock has his marbles in a row. I lost mine years ago. but this is a perfect answer. love it points to Rock from me. Not that he needs any but I give them where I see the earner is.
  20. LadyRampage

    LadyRampage Top Dog

    My 2 cents....

    In MY opinion rednose dogs tend to be (in the majority I have owned/bred) a little short in the brains department...lol I say that yet have an excellent red rednose male that is one of my main stud dogs..lol He's a damn good dog, and even better producer, bbbuttt a little on the crazy-stupid side..lmao..

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