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Reminder! Personal Conduct!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Vicki, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Staff Member

    A. Forum Use
    • Remain respectful of your fellow forum members. This site does not tolerate racism or discrimination and we keep a zero tolerance policy. Everyone on the site has a common interest but we all share different opinions. It is vital for a healthy forum to respect each other’s opinion. There is nothing wrong with a discussion or debate but slander, personal attacks, and/or insults will not be tolerated. If you have a serious issue with someone you are expected to contact him/her via private message to resolve the dispute. If private messaging cannot resolve the dispute we ask that you please contact a forum moderator to assist in mediating the problem.

    • This community does not support or condone the illegal act of dogfighting, however we understand the necessity of such discussions for the purpose of education only. Approved conversations would include discussions pertaining to current events in the news media or historical accuracies on the subject. However, dogfighting is not to be discussed in any other manner including, but not limited to: insinuating or accusing members of dogfighting for pictures they post or posts they make, pedigrees or dogs they may or may not own, etc. If you find you have an issue with something posted to the site, or is in direct violation of our rules, please report it to the administration so that it may be properly handled. Please do not make a post to it.

    • Each person is allowed a single forum account. If you share the computer with someone else they are allowed to make an account but it must be on a separate working email address. If you share your PC and someone uses your account to break a rule, you will be held responsible. Please keep the email address attached to the account in working order. Sometimes we send important announcements or communications and without a working email you will not be notified.

    • The forum has specific categories for posting so please pay attention before posting a thread. Staff members will move threads posted in improper forums to the appropriate forum. You may not receive notification of this event.
    B. Posting Guidelines
    • Posting is a privilege so treat it like one. Your posts need to be clear and easily understandable for other members. Please refrain from shortening words and using chat speak. The posts need to be on topic. If your post has nothing to do with the thread you are reading, please make a new thread in the appropriate category. Please do not post a second time to correct mistakes in your post. We have an edit button so that you may alter your post after it has been made. If you have problems with the system you can ask a forum moderator for assistance.

    • Please do not spam on the forum. Links to useful information are acceptable as long as you give a description of what you are posting. Please do not post links in an attempt to drive traffic up at another site. Posted links may be removed at anytime if the staff feels they violate our policy. Off topic subjects may be discussed in the pertinent forum only.

    • Cross posting from other forums is not acceptable. The content at those forums is for their members. Please do not start “board wars” or incite another forum into waging an online battle. If you have an issue with another board please take it up with that forum or its owner.

    • Kennel bashing, bloodline bashing, and overall derogatory remarks regarding someone’s choice in dogs is not acceptable. Once again if you have a specific problem with someone you need to address him/her about it. Please do not post links to kennels or forums in an attempt to persuade others to take action. The forum is used to provide information to people so that they may better educate themselves and understand the breed. Forcing your point of view or opinion on someone does not accomplish this goal.
    C. Disputes
    • Whenever possible if you have an issue with a member of the forum you should private message that person directly to try and resolve the situation. Under no circumstances should you bring your problems to the forum. Private business is between the involved parties. If you are unable to resolve the situation through private messaging, please contact a forum moderator for assistance. Posts providing private or personal information will be edited or removed depending on the staff members decision. You may receive disciplinary action for repeated disregard for these rules.

    • If you have an issue with a staff member you need to follow the chain of command to address that problem. If you have an issue with a moderator you need to contact an administrator. If you have a problem with an administrator you need to contact the board owner. Challenging any staff member on the public forum is regarded as the poorest of personal and professional courtesy, and will not be tolerated. Public questioning of staff decision concerning banning, position assignment, or other staff decisions is to be dealt with in private. Contact the person you are having an issue with and if you find no success resolving the problem contact the next person in the chain of command. All staff members regularly visit and use the board but no one is on the computer 24/7 so please be patient in resolving an issue. We will address matters of urgency in the proper priority.

    • Abuse reporting should be as specific as possible. If there is an immediate or potential problem regarding what someone has posted in a public forum, please advise the moderator for that forum. If there is a major issue with the board you need to contact a forum administrator. For abuse of forum features (such as spam through the forum PM or email system), please contact the forum administrator. While we appreciate your help we would ask that you let us resolve these sort of issues. Please do not report the same incident multiple times because that just leads to confusion and longer times to resolve the issue.
    Feel free to read the rest Person Conduct Policy here!

  2. carly

    carly Pup

    excuse me what is this reminder of personal conduct for? i have never even posted on this site.ive been on here 3 times.this being my 3rd now.

    MISSAPBT Top Dog

    This post is a reminder for all members.

    10-4 3MTA3 :D
  4. rallyracer

    rallyracer CH Dog

    this was not directed at any one particular person-if it were they would be notified. it is a general reminder to all members

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