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RIP Gage (cross post)

Discussion in 'R.I.P.' started by MidnightSkyKnl, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. simms

    simms CH Dog

    ABK, you summed it up here.


    SPFDOGS Guest

  3. Marty

    Marty Guest

    Take this back to dogs deserve better and sleep on it...

    Wilmington, NC– March 10, 2007 — Dr. Katherine Houpt, VMD, PhD, Dipl. ACVB, of Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, will testify on behalf of the Responsible Dog Owners Of The Eastern States at a scheduled hearing in Wilmington, North Carolina on Monday, March 12, 2007, concerning plans by local animal control officials in New Hanover County to implement anti-tethering laws.

    The Responsible Dog Owners of the Eastern States, a coalition of individual dog owners, clubs, rescues and humane organizations, is challenging the proposed anti-tethering law, asserting that tethering, and the strict enforcement of local leash laws, is a safe and humane means of controlling and confining dogs to properly safeguard the community.

    Dr. Houpt, the James Law Professor of Animal Behavior in the Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University, is the world’s leading expert on tethering and aggression in dogs. She and fellow researchers published their study, “A Comparison Of Tethering and Pen Confinement Of Dogs”, in the Journal Of Applied Animal Welfare Science.

    Despite recent claims floating on the Internet that tethering dogs leads to increased levels of animal aggression, Dr. Houpt’s team of researchers at Cornell found otherwise.

    The Cornell study found that tethering of dogs is a safe and humane means of confinement. The study on the effects of tethering concludes that it is socialization, not the method of confinement, that influences canine behavior.

    The Responsible Dog Owners of the Eastern States says the proposed anti-tethering law will have a negative impact on local dog safety efforts, as it reduces some of the protections found in the New Hanover County leash law, which was strengthened last year.

    “Keeping our community and our children safe should be our number one priority”, said Andrea Press, spokesperson for RDOES. “Loose running dogs were a serious problem in New Hanover County, a problem that was finally addressed with the implementation of a county-wide leash law, which has had a significant and positive impact on our community”.

    “Now the county wants to undo the protections our citizens deserve by banning leashes and tethering. This proposal clearly contradicts our new leash law and punishes responsible dog owners. It makes no sense”, said Ms. Press.

    Neither the Centers For Disease Control or the American Veterinary Medical Association support anti-tethering laws. Dr. Gail Golab of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Animal Welfare Committee states that the "AVMA has no official position on tethering”. Dr. Golab says, “Based on a review of the scientific literature (of which very little exists) and requested professional opinions of veterinary and animal behaviorists, it appears that the effects of tethering are situation-dependent". Dr. Julie Gilchrist of the Centers For Disease Control states that cause and effect have not been proven.

    The RDOES asserts that New Hanover County has a duty to protect the public health and safety of all of its citizens, as well as protect the rights of responsible dog owners.

    “It’s highly irresponsible to scare the public into thinking that dogs that are safely and humanely contained somehow pose a danger to the public”, said Ms. Press, who is the daughter of a prominent cardiologist in Washington, DC. “Anti-tethering laws based on junk science”.

    Anti-tethering laws are also seen as substitutes for breed-specific legislation, which is strongly opposed by every major animal welfare organization as a method in the prevention of dog bites or attacks.

    In addition, anti-tethering laws also may unfairly target the poor, those in rural communities, and may disproportionately affect black or Hispanic dog owners.

    The Responsible Dog Owners of the Eastern States cited numerous issues with proposed ordinance, which is a revisal to the New Hanover County Animal Ordinance Section 5-4, the Animal and Fowl clause, including the fact that the proposed law bans “ropes chains and the like are prohibited for any purpose under this chapter”. In effect, this would outlaw anyone even walking a leashed dog.

    The proposed law also punished responsible owners for safely tethering a dog. Fines for tethering are ten times the cost of allowing dogs to run loose, $25 for a loose running dog and $250 to safely tether your dog, and provides a different array of sanctions in conflict with the county leash law.

    The issue of tethering came to light when Ms. Press, a county resident and the Southeastern representative for the Responsible Dog Owners of the Eastern States was cited by Animal Control for tethering her dog in her own backyard while she was at home. Officials at the New Hanover County Board of Health dismissed the citations issued to Ms. Press, finding that the Animal Control had improperly issued the citations.

    “It’s important that we protect our citizens with laws that are based in fact, not fear. Anti-tethering laws have no actual basis in fact and are just the latest craze. They may sound humane, but may actually do more harm to dogs and people than good”, said Ms. Press.

    “Someone has to stand up for the truth to help protect our community. We are thrilled that Dr. Houpt of Cornell University is here to make sure our county officials have all of the facts”.


    The Responsible Dog Owners Of The Eastern States a coalition of individual dog owners, clubs, rescues and humane organizations, advocating for the protection and preservation of responsible dog ownership, safe and humane treatment of dogs, effective enforcement of strong dangerous dog legislation, and educating the public about responsible dog ownership.

    http://www.adoa.org/index.php?option...22&Itemi d=36

    Here's some more info for dogs deserve better...


  4. ColbyDogs

    ColbyDogs Top Dog

    I have stayed out of this thread, I do LOVE my dogs, doesn't mean that they are not dogs tho. You came here for support and sympathy...well I do sympothize for the loss of a dog however you spuoting off like a PETA rep isn't going to gain you any support here....sorry not going to happen.

    Chaining a dog is no different than crating a dog, the one advantage to chaining is the dogs have more space to move about, I do not see you complaining about crated dogs, why is that ?

    Chaining causes aggression....GTFO , that is stupid banter that they teach you at PETA & HSUS University....sorry not buying it...seen too many good dogs in my day to call bullshit on that. I have never been bitten by a chained dog nor I have I seen a chain dog attack anyone I have however been bitten by loose dogs a couple of times tho.

    So my experience....Chained dogs bitten me = 0 loose dogs bitten me =2 ( not counting other times were I accually out ran more loose dogs.)
  5. ABK

    ABK Rest In Peace

    Great article, but a waste of text. It's obvious Justice wouldn't accept anything posted here. She probably wouldn't even believe us if we told her the sky was blue if it didn't fit into her PETA mentality. :(
  6. FUCK ALL OF YOU!!!!!! Slap me in the face?????? Yeah...only in your dreams!!! Trust me it would be the last slap you ever made...And I didnt come here for any sympathy...or pitty...Ya'll do not have "discussions" here...You second guess and throw blame and hold yourselves so high it makes me sick!!!!!

    Go play with your chained up dogs!!!!!
  7. Gato

    Gato Big Dog

  8. Gato

    Gato Big Dog

    Wow, very mature "discussions".
  9. Titch_Pitbull

    Titch_Pitbull Top Dog

    Personally I just think that these people are loving all the media attention.

    either way Gage should have been kept on his owners yard. not allowed to roam where ever he pleased including into the gardens & property of other people.

    How about you chain your "stupid ass" so good apbt folk wouldnt have to deal with your high & mighty attidute.

    My dogs love the freedom that the chain provides. Better than stuck in a crate for long periods of the day. I couldnt dream of letting my dogs have free roam and anyone who would allow that is just stupid.

    Some people on this board have been around dogs before you could walk. Others have great knowledge about dogs and the breed in general it wouldnt hurt to be polite even if you disagree with our views.

    What exactly do you do with your dogs? play fetch in the park and let them roam around unsuprvised so they can get shot?. Hmm great owner you are (or whoever owned gage)

    How the hell can the breed survive while we have people in our own sector squabbling and fighting. We raise game bred american pit bull terriers. You raise pit bulls. run of the mill dogs. Nothing wrong with that at all but why come to a game bred dog board and start fighting with us when you should be working with us.

    How can a civilasation prevail if there is wars within its own country. the same shit applies here.

    I admit I am not an animal lover. But I am an Animal Admirer if people just admired animals instead of "loved them" there wouldnt be so many problems with crazy people spouting shit around about how animals should be treated like humans ect.

    You seek validation in what you do. This means you have 1) a weak character with little self belif as you have the need to qualify yourself to others 2) are not doing it for the breed your doing it for the compliments you hope to recive

    I'm not sorry if I offended you because these are my observations and thoughts.

    This whole incedent could have been prevented like it or not. A dog is a dog. The human should be viewed as the dogs caretaker/master if you took proper care of of the dog he would be alive. (proper care doesnt mean just feeding & watering. it also means to confine your dog securely and safely).
  10. simms

    simms CH Dog

    Who said anything about slapping you in the face? Why are you throwing threats around?

    Sherry, I think you need to take a break, ya sound crazed.
  11. FYI to you...Gage was in a fenced in..5 foot high chain link fence that the owners BUILT when they moved into the house...That is called CONTAINMENT...He was let out for morning potty as Gage and the owners other 4 dogs were and this is when he was shot...The other 4 dogs (Yorkies) were not targeted...Gage WAS!!! AND Gage was not free to roam into others gardens or yards...He never left his owners yard unless on a leash.

    And he was not an outside dog as it appears most people here's are (being on chains tells me that)...Gage lived indoors!!! Before you reply why dont you read the FACTS....

    And as far as MY DOGS....I have a 2 year old RESCUE labrador who is getting ready to undergo 2 THR...for those who dont understand that..it is a total hip replacement...You want to talk money..$2,700 per hip..and it wouldnt matter to me if it was $5,000 a hip...I take very good care of my animals...VERY...they have NEVER EVER had a chain around their neck...Tied to a tree...Outside alone.....I have an acre of fenced in yard with a doggie door and my dogs are contained (as people keep saying) and they are loved and safe..Everywhere that I go, Hailey goes with me...My home is Hailey's home...If loving Hailey...not chaining her when she's outside makes me a bad person...THEN SO BE IT!
  12. Crystal621

    Crystal621 Big Dog

    Listen Lady, my dogs live inside too. BUT they enjoy being outside. I work and go to school. I can't sit there next to them for hours while they run around, I envy that you have all the time in the world. I do let them out there when I am home and have the time to supervise them without a chain. My 7 month old pup tries to climb the fence if allowed.
    I've seen dogs go over 12 ft tall fences/runs. A fence itself (especially without supervision) is not sufficient containment for an APBT. This is one thing every anti-tether person needs to understand. There'd be less attacks and problems altogether.
    Please, and I am saying this as nicely as I can here, do some real research on your own, do not just believe everything you hear.
  13. Bullyson

    Bullyson CH Dog

    Just leave troll. You are not doing anyone any good here. All you're doing is talking shit and trying to ruffle RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERS FEATHERS. A chain link fence 100 foot high isn't going to stop an APBT that wants out. Talking to you is like pissing up a rope. Go somewhere else and preach. Here's a little something for you to ponder while we wait for you to be banned... HAD THE DOG BEEN ON A CHAIN, HE WOULD NOT HAVE HAD A GOLF BALL SIZED HOLE BLOWN IN HIS THROAT. Period. Your friends are at fault here...Like it or not. I feel bad for the poor dog that died because of its owners ignorance... It has been said 100's of times. "THIS BREED IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you can't see why high drive dogs need to be on chains, you fall into the group that has no business puting their hands on these dogs. Fluffy bunny loving piece of shit troll. Bath in vasoline and run as fast as you can at a spoiled, fat ass, back yard bred mutts asshole. YIS, DJ!
  14. ColbyDogs

    ColbyDogs Top Dog

    I think this thread has runs its coarse.
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