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RIP to an old dog man

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by slim12, Dec 7, 2021.

  1. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Tough day today.

    Ever been in a church during a funeral and every story going thru your head can't/shouldn't be repeated in that setting?

    It was quite the roller coaster ride. The preacher listed off all the good things (as he should) and then said, great this, great that, never been in trouble, never been to jail...........and I am thinking he must have not shared this with his new family. The stories I could tell racing thru my head. It was almost comical. Like, I wanted laugh at the most inappropriate time.

    I will go with initials.....HC, DP, MA, TG, KG, FS, BH and RE left one night going to Wilson, NC. In attendance was HH, JB, and a few others. MA could have held his dog on the other's scratch and they would have been out of there in 30. Instead he released and the show went on. He did it again and the show approached an hour. Around :55 the door law swarmed in and everyone broke camp. The younger fellows got out front and made it to the woods. A few of the larger/slower members at the party got caught within their first few steps.

    Howard made it to the wood line. He worked his way thru the woods for several miles. This being pre-cell phone days he made it to a country store. He called his wife and she left coming to get him.

    HH road by in the back of a patrol car and pointed at Howard. The deputy whipped it around and he was caught too.

    They locked them up and the deputy was kind of rough on them. That Sunday morning the deputy was telling them how stupid they were and how sorry they were and how they should be in church and how if it were not for shitheads like them he could be in church instead of guarding them. Being a real dick.

    Howard told him how he was a dumbass and had no idea how to be a deputy and that he was stupid and ignorant as well and not real good at his job.

    The officer in charge came down (some say the Wilson County Sheriff at the time) and Howard told him he had the dumbest f'ng deputy ever. The sheriff said, "How so?". Howard reached in his back pocket and said if he was so fucking smart he would have taken this pistol away from me this morning before he locked me up.

    When he came home that afternoon they had put sport on his head.

    Howard said he probably should have been in church that day.

    That was just one of many that shot thru my head today when maybe they should not have......not sure. LOL

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  2. tomjones2

    tomjones2 Big Dog

    Condolences on your loss S. Sounds like a real character, the likes of only one or two pass through per generation…
    Keep writing, I enjoy the stories.
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  3. David Hunt

    David Hunt A thousand mile Journey begins with one step.

    My condolences go out to you all family and friends
  4. David Hunt

    David Hunt A thousand mile Journey begins with one step.

    What a nice share Slim. My condolences go out to you and your family and friends. I could place myself in that old tobacco Field's.....
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  5. Revelator

    Revelator Big Dog

    RIP, but damn what good stories! Sounds like my kinda people!
  6. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    He and your friend Tom did not get along all that well. Mostly because they were alike in a lot of ways.

    Loud, rough, opinionated and really confident in their dogs and their yards.

    Tom came down to a gathering once at Howard's old place. Tom was being cordial and Howard was being Howard. Howard picked up a rake and a trash can and said, "Tom I will explain how these things work if you need me to".

    That got a "fuck you" and a GD this and GD that.

    When Tom left I can remember Howard saying, "as long as that fucker stays in the dogs he will be hard to handle".

    Back then, on that yard, coming from him, there was no better compliments that could be made.

    Howard found religion and he said once that the only thing he thought God could not forgive him for was his racist comments and name calling over the years. It is odd because I stopped in the feed store this morning and one of our mutual hunting friends brought up some old stories.

    I got out of the truck in a WalMart parking lot the same time as Howard and his wife pulled up. He was using a cane by then and his health was not good. Another friend pulled up who had hunted with us many years before and we were talking coon dogs and bulldogs in a WalMart parking lot in rural NC. I am not sure you can get anymore redneck than that. LOL

    This young sort of fat/chubby white kid pulled up. He had Jeep Cherokee with 22-24's and a booming system. He got out he had his hair in little knots and rubber bands. He had big gold glasses with a gold teeth grill. He had a wife beater t-shirt with a pair of way too big shorts that hung down to show just about all of his boxers. He had Timberlands on with no boot strings and the tongues flopped out. He walked by us and said, "What up, Yo?".

    Howard said, "Excuse me son....I don't know you or your father, but I can assure you he is not proud".

    I wanted to laugh but I was thinking I was going to get shot. I told Howard that these young boys today sling lead without thinking. My worries did not seem to bother him at all.

    Later in life he told me it was those type things that bothered him most.

    As said before, the stories paint him in a bad light. No one really like him all that much but his funeral was a packed house. We agreed half showed up to pay respects and the other half showed up just to make sure. LOL

    But so it goes.


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  7. Revelator

    Revelator Big Dog

    @slim12 he sounds like a heck of a fella, in my opinion. I've known some cranky old goats over the years, and I always had a soft spot for 'em, even if it wasn't mutual And I agree, an off hand comment like that would be a heck of a compliment to receive from someone like him.

    May God rest both of their souls. I wish we had more Howards and Toms in the world today!
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  8. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Having both of them here would make the dog game a much better place. At the very least we would know a two year old dog was a good dog. We may not like them and they may say things that are not all that nice but it would be two spots you could go to and breed to bulldogs. If you bought puppies you would know the dogs in the first couple generations had pretty much seen the other side.

    From there, that line of dogs could only get better.

    So yes, and I say so selfishly, it would be better if both of them were still here.

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