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CA: Riverside: Butch Kinzenbaw Memorial Show

Discussion in 'West' started by Vicki, Mar 11, 2019.

Added to Calendar: 05-04-19
  1. Stickler: I do recognize the animal in your avatar, and it is Kinzenbaw bred. Butch had sent me a copy of that same photo in a letter years ago. But, it is not the same animal as the pup on the flyer. The pup on the flyer was a male, and the animal in your avatar was a female named Kinzenbaw’s “Red Bat”. However, Red Bat was also owned by Butch’s protégé “Josh,” the same guy who bred the pup pictured on the flyer with Butch. One of the last times I talked to Butch, he said that Red Bat had just died and that Josh was pretty devastated over it. Butch told me that she was the best acting bitch he had seen since he had gotten Clouse’s Miss T. (Kinzenbaw’s “Nasty”) from Bert Clouse.” Guess Red Bat must have been pretty impressive, because Butch had told me many times the stories about Nasty, which seemed rather, “incredible”.

    Did you get the photo in your avatar from Butch as well?
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  2. Butch Kinzenbaw was a very private individual. He’s a dogman that kept a relatively small yard for about 40-years essentially out in the wilderness. He and his wife raised and cared for the dogs impeccably while living in very humble conditions, simply for the soul purpose of preserving the genetics that Butch had first received from Bert Clouse, back in 1978. Butch, bred as tightly as he could on that old blood, only crossing it three times in 30-years and then inbreeding on those crosses. I had many-a-looong phone conversations with Butch over the years, and before he passed he told me that his dog’s showed 7-Generations of his breedings behind them. That may not seem like a lot to some people, and it’s really not when you think about it, especially over the course of 30-years, but that was the point; Butch was a dog “breeder,” he loved breeding dogs, raising the pups up, and seeing them grow through their different stages of life. From the time they were created, up until the time they took their last breath. Butch loved breeding and raising the dogs through the entirety of their life-span, and did so, only for the purpose of, in his word’s, “preserving the gene pool,” and it seems to me, that he did a pretty good job, and apparently the ADBA thinks so as well, because Butch is also in their “Dogmen Hall of Fame”.
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  3. 80BOWTIE

    80BOWTIE Big Dog

    Ty for the insight.

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