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SDJ Books

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Revelator, Oct 9, 2022.

  1. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    It's bad . Use to G.P. wouldn't even look at a guy that didn't have at least 2 years industrial type experience and now all that shit out the window. I was talking to a Supervisor from G.P. the other day and said he watched a young guy with a trim saw try to cut a peace of wood for 20 mins lol come to find out he didn't have a chain on the bar. True story . G.P. buys a bunch of trim saw chains from me and batteries and few other things. 19 year old kids in this town making 25 a hr plus and don't know shit .
  2. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    I got 2 diff G.P. mills I have to deal with 20 miles apart.
  3. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    It is just about everywhere.

    We work rotating 12 hour swing shifts. With the over time the operators are working well over 140 hours the first fifteen days of the month followed by another 84 the second half of the month.

    We can't keep people either. $30/hr and they come and go to the point I seldom learn last names.

    We had contractors in the plant last week and the electricians indicated 16 workers, two Leads and a Supervisor would show up. They had 10 total which put their Leads on the floor and the Supervisor running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

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  4. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Tjey don't teach them shit in school now days . I got 2 under me now that I had to teach how to read a dam tape . If it wasn't a whole number or half a dam whole number they was lost . Math and Common S is out the window. GONE
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  5. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Now I have a 3rd and he is the newest . I have a 5 inch peace of straight pipe and tell him to cut it in half and he brings it to me and one peace 6 inches longer . I'm like wtf is this and he said it's the only way I could do it . I'm like you couldn't take the total number of inches and divide by 2 and cut it in half ? He was lost and it's that bad.
  6. Ssdd

    Ssdd CH Dog

    We are the highest paid factory in the area starting out. We have a pretty lax policy for most things. In the past 3 months I've seen 15 ppl come and go. I don't learn first names til they're here at least 90 days lol.

    You take kids that should be asking what sauce u want at taco bell give them a great job and they have no idea what they have.
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  7. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    It's everywhere too.

    We had a guy that came in as an experienced mechanic. He listed off a ton a accreditation as an airline mechanic. He had been in that industry for five or six years.

    In the midst of pulling down a hydraulic drive unit he asked what wrench came between a 1/2" and a 5/8ths.

    It makes me not really want to fly. LOL


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  8. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    Ain't that the truth. Seen my first pair of hey dudes yesterday. Was at a truck stop in north Dakota. At the register two bottles of power aid and a cup of ice. This dipshit picked up the cup of ice and asked me what it was. I about lost it and cussed him out.
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  9. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

  10. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Hey these kids can't write or read cursive these days lol and I write in cursive because it's quicker . I take prob 5 pages of notes a day so if anything is fucked up anyone can look back at my notebook . Can't write checks lol .I have a handful of customers that can't read or write or can't see very good and a few shake to bad to write .They trust me to write thier checks and these young kids I got under me can't write a dam check so I had to teach them how. It's crazy .Yra but cursive may as well be fucking Chinese with them.
  11. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Well the shit in the store coolers ain't never cold enough in most places so I do the same dam thing and buy a cup of ice to pour it over . I like my drink ice cold unless it's coffee
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  12. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    It ain't just young folks though.
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  13. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    I don't have time to babysit these boys this morning so every time one walk by I stop what I'm doing and stare at them lol. They moving faster now lol.
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  14. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I think the stories are endless. And apolgize for getting the topic down the rabbit hole.

    My wife runs a property management company. We use the heat and A/C guy at the house. He is a super guy, does great work and just recently retired. He is also a super teacher as there are at least five guys in the area running their own business and they all tutored under him (and 4 never went to a HVAC school and three of those four have their own license).

    Just before he retired last year he had a kid working for him who was killing it. He said the kid learned as fast as any one he had ever seen but the kid would not stay off the phone. It was a constant. He was talking on the phone, texting, watching videos and didn't solder a line back together. He then tried to fill the unit with freon. $$$$$ in the air.

    The kid was told to leave the phone in the truck while they were working and he had a problem with the request. So being an old guy he gave him the choice....the job or the phone.

    When he retired later that year he did so as a solo artist.

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  15. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    A phone is a great tool to have out in the field as long as you use it for work purposes not entertainment .Most younger guys use it for entertainment during work hours.
  16. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Gonna do one more as this is a pet peeve of mine and I think the advancement in cell phone technology had the sole purpose of stabbing me in the throat.

    Yesterday my wife got the latest IPro whatever wing ding phone. The manager was letting the two people at the counter that they had received a series of bad survey reviews and the area manage was making an inquiry. The first complaint was being on their phone vs. waiting on customers.

    The young guy said he was guilt of it but he tried to make the calls/texts as short as possible if he had a customer. So I am thinking you shit head you are missing the frikkin' point.

    The young woman who was waiting on us had been doing a great job and we were buzzing right thru the process. She said she did not do that and always left her phone in her purse. Then ten minutes later the young guy calls across the counter and tells her that her pocketbook is ringing. She stopped what she was doing and answered her phone so she could tell someone they needed to do their homework after school and before she got there.

    As we were finishing up the manager walked by and asked if we could do a survey. I told her it would be better if I did not and let her know what we just experienced.

    It is everywhere.

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  17. Ssdd

    Ssdd CH Dog

    My job is fairly easy. Keep shit running if it breaks fix it. Most days we tag breaks. Work and hour break and hour. The company turns a blind eye to it for the most part. About the month ago the head ups came through and found 9 ppl on the floor and 18 in the break room. Of course they lost their shit and put a end on tagging breaks. I told the dude I work with I'm fine with 30 min breaks and a 45 min lunch(an extra 45 min of paid breaks were not even supposed to take) he has thrown a tantrum everyday since. I don't understand folks these days.

    I'm as guilty as the next about the phone when shits Cadillac-ing and I'm bored watching a line move waiting for shit to break lol. But some of these folks will be on the phone while Rome burned around them.
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  18. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Shit I use my phones calculator alot so if I got a customer in front of me and grab my phone I am actually using my calculator to get them a better deal if I like them lol
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  19. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Our system is the same. As long as you are where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there, as a Supervisor I could care less. (I am part of the problem, LOL)

    A number of years ago I may have not invented the tag system but I surely perfected it. It would so two-face of me to yell down from my pedastal now. However, I do tell them that when they fuck it up don't come crying to me about how things use to be (same shit my old Supervisor told me years ago).

    Yep, I told my son and his group of friends on Sunday that if they put their phone in their pockets, and left it there, there heart and lungs and other bodily organs would continue to function. None of them believed me and were not willing to take that chance. '

  20. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

    Phones are a parasite at the gym and drive me nuts. People sitting on equipment obsessed with their phone and then they wonder why they never get in shape. I tell anyone I work with that phones and training don't go together, maybe while doing cardio but not weight training.

    I trained my son the same way, the phone stays in the car. Asa result he is squatting 275 for 8 reps at the age of 15. A gal I am prepping deadlifts 1.5 times her bodyweight for 10 reps. No phone, they are for pussies.

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