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starting ur own bloodline

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by csotelo9388, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. odinslad

    odinslad Big Dog

    I would klike a bit of advice here on something i have got planned & know it is going to take me the best part of 10 years to do , i am looking for advice on what you would say is the best way to do it .

    I am the owner of say DOG (1) a male with a good run of dogs in his reg going back to your beanie, storm,milo all in his line . i then put him on DOG (2) who has similar reg with similar dogs her reg .

    Now DOGS (1&2) mate & at the same time give or take a month i but DOG (3) a bitch off the same line of dog as DOG(1) but say two years younger but still off that line of dog as DOG (1) .

    Dogs (1&2) have a litter of say 5 pups i keep a dog & my mate keeps a bitch so say my new pup is DOG(4 ) &my mate new bitch is DOG (A) .

    Right two years down the line i then put my DOGS (1 & 3 ) together & at the same time introduse my dogs(4) to his fathers sister sister (Z) & in that time i introduse some new blood off different stock we will call this new DOG(XX) , So now we have DOG(XX) being breed with DOG (2)

    dog (1)x dog(2)=5pups
    two years later
    dog ( 4) x dog(z) = 5 pups & say dog(1)x dog( 3) = 5 pups

    2 years later

    dog (xx) x dog (2) & so on

    i am sorry about the way i have typed this out but its kind of hard to put it all down without making up some names , this is just a blueprint of what i plan to do & only time will tell im not doing it for the money side of things its more the breed side of things would be greatful if some one could advise me on the right track to take , all advice will be taken in .

    dog (
  2. csotelo9388

    csotelo9388 Big Dog

    my bad i shuld have said it different...lookn at the dogs
  3. venom

    venom Top Dog

    Doesnt matter how many dogs you bred are on the pedigree. If you have selectively bred a dog and use him as foundation then that there is the start of a bloodline. His family tree. Doesnt matter if you werent the breeder of his parents, grand parents, and great greats.
  4. csotelo9388

    csotelo9388 Big Dog

    that makes sense
  5. GRSMO

    GRSMO Pup

    In response to odinslad.....

    Well I can't say what others would do. But according to what I know about breeding, and the homework that I've been furiously doing on these dogs, I'd say that you can take any track you want, but your only "guide" is going to be in testing the progeny as you go.

    What I mean is, it sounds like your plan is simple enough---line breeding with an outcross or two. I'd agree with that part. However, the only way that I know of to tell where your going, is to test the offspring (progeny) as you go. That's why breeding anything successfully can take so long. You HAVE to test the progeny. Otherwise your shooting in the dark and hoping that something good falls from the sky and blesses you.

    If I were to ever start breeding dogs, here's the rough outline I would follow:

    1. Make a plan. That plan should show you what traits you want in your final result. The more traits that you attempt to move into the dominant position on the genetic chain, the longer it will take you to get there, so keep that in mind. Just for reference, google "Punnet square".

    2. Once your plan has been established, checked, and double checked, then you need to select your P1 parental generation. These P1's need to have at LEAST one of the traits that you seek and preferably have been PROVEN to breed true for one of those traits. If your P1's do not breed true for any traits that your looking for, then you have to create your P1's before you can move any further.

    3. Once your P1's are established, you breed them, therefore creating the F1 generation. You must keep ALL offspring and test them specifically for the traits that your looking to lock in. If you get one with one of the EXACT traits you wanted, great. If not, you have to repeat the breeding because the P1's DID NOT breed true for that trait.

    4. If you DID in fact get a pup that has the trait you wanted, you then establish what your next trait is according to the plan you made. Does the new dog (F1) have that trait too? If so, great. If not, then you need to find another parent that DOES. Again, true breeding stock for this second trait would be greatly preferred.

    5. Breed your selected F1 that had the first trait locked in, with the new parent you acquired for trait number two.(creating out cross 1) Again, keep em ALL until you've tested for trait number two. Just like last time.....if the progeny has BOTH traits, you can proceed with trait number three. If not, you'll have to do the F1 Out cross 1 breeding again and see if you can get both traits in one specimen. If you end up with both traits in one dog, great you can move on to the next trait or decide if you want to work your line further to establish a line that breeds TRUE for the traits you've now selected into your newest dog.

    Obviously, creating any organism that breeds true for a trait is much more work than just "seeing what happens" in any given breeding. But the up-side to all that breeding and culling is getting something that is much closer to "the total package" as YOU see it. So choose your path wisely.

    The great Luther Burbank that I often quote said: "Keep only the best and reject ALL others."
  6. odinslad

    odinslad Big Dog

    I would like to thank you GRSMO for your advice on the bloodline thread , i have wanted to do this for years but due to time, work & bringing up a family it aint got any further than a thought , i have had dogs in that time but my only regret is not doing this years ago when i had good dogs but with them either dead or old it never happened but i bought a good wee dog last year who is turning out good & is of a good line of dogs , as mentioned on my last reply i have met a bloke with a realy nice bitch well proportioned DOG (2) she will be ready in the summer for mateing & at the same time i have waited nearly a year for a bloke i know to mate his 2 dogs who are off the same line as my DOG (1) .

    So within the next 3 years all going to plan i should have a dog from the breeding of dogs (1 &2) & this new bitch i have been waiting on so within the next say 2 years i will then be able to put my dog who started it off with my new pup i bought , meaning the dog i got from my first litter would then be going over my dogs sister .
  7. Khanfueshus says, here is some advice from a old timer, dont get ahead of yourself.
  8. GRSMO

    GRSMO Pup

    Sounds good. Just remember...TEST for your traits at EACH step in the process or you'll never reach your goals.
  9. odinslad

    odinslad Big Dog

    Im not getting to carried away with myself as we dont know what the future holds but the advice i have had from some of the old school is to take my time , i have also been told to introduce new blood when you have to but only to if it betters yor line , i have also read on here about father bitch, mother dog , same as what phcyo came from but i personaly dont want to go down that road .
    What i have mentioned so far is what i plan to do but i know along the way you get let downs & surprises but thats with life in a whole , i know this is going to take years to do & im looking for keeping the original feachers as strong as i can , the whole reason i am doing this is to know im going to have a quality dog from now till i die as i have a big family & a few dog loving freinds who are after quality in a dog not like some of the crap you see today being passed as staffs , will keep all informed in my progress from time to time through the site .
  11. GRSMO

    GRSMO Pup

    LOL....hell naw! Why do you say that? Just cuz a fella knows a little about genetics, doesn't mean it's WEED that he's studied :D
  12. haha just messing man just what i was think of when you were saying f1 and p1 ect made me think of canna breeding lol
  13. GRSMO

    GRSMO Pup

    :D S'all good, man.

    Soooo does that meant YOU learned those terms from wacky tobaccy?:p
  14. me i have never touched the stuff its illegal and smells like skunk ass ;)
  15. i did have a friend that used to grow but hes in the big house now if you dont live in cali it aint worth it or if you dont got a card in a med state! me ill stick to brew and jack daniels and some sweet warm va jj dont like seeing swingin peckers and eat'n noodles all the time haha
  16. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    bet it would work for creating a weed strain!!!
  17. oh it sure does :D thats about exactly the way you go about it. thats why i said that thats how c-99 was made it was using p1 plants and cubing the gentic traits to acheive all desired traits from the orginal clone. i used to find mj strains and breeding very interesting when i was younger just never had the balls i guess enjoy freedom to much :cool:
  18. nc_pitbulls

    nc_pitbulls Big Dog

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