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Stricklands billy dogs

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by mrelirom, Mar 21, 2011.



    It crosses very well into the Earl Jr blood. Do you still work with this blood B.M. ?
  2. boilermaker123

    boilermaker123 Big Dog

    No my whole yard got stolen years ago...and I stand corrected I did breed to clint black one other time...to a bitch off of b-lines ch. Cowboy and shady black...the only double bred shady black breeding ever made...there was a male out of this that was exceptional and I sold him after I had schooled him I heard he stopped in a little over an hour. ..I had some females off of this that were bad ass ..two got killed when my luthor dog. (Stricklands ch.Billy x ch.Cleopatra ) got off the chain killed one of the bitches then moved to the next chain spot and killed the second one when I got home he had eaten all the meat off her bones...I dropped on my knees and cried my eyes out it was the most horrific thing I had ever seen..worst yard accident I have ever had...
  3. StarLion

    StarLion Pup

  4. olddog

    olddog Big Dog

    AIN'T NO WAY'S BLACK BULLET down from the double bred shady black/clint black breeding.
    Just wondering how his pups have turned out? ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [291641] :: AIN'T NO WAY'S BLACK BULLET

  5. BOTP Kennels

    BOTP Kennels Big Dog

  6. curdogs

    curdogs Pup

    where can I find proven rascal rascal jr stock
  7. boilermaker123

    boilermaker123 Big Dog

    Mimi was stolen off of my yard at least the assholes should have gave me credit for the breeding it should say boneheads mimi...that was the name I used to go by..
  8. boilermaker123

    boilermaker123 Big Dog

    How did they know how which dogs were bred off my yard? Anthonys son Joey stole my whole yard and he didn't know crap about these breedings and how they were bred
  9. boilermaker123

    boilermaker123 Big Dog

    Yes I screwed up and sold gizmo in a middle of a divorce and needed money for a lawyer along with bulldog ps Luther (ch Billy x ch. Cleopatra) the only ch. Female Billy was ever bred too. .gizmo was my favorite out of any dog we ever had and that includes gr.ch shady lady ..just his personality and he was so damn smart he understood everything you told him...a phenomenaly smart dog
  10. boilermaker123

    boilermaker123 Big Dog

    Does anyone know what happened to luthor?
  11. boilermaker123

    boilermaker123 Big Dog

    Why not comment ?..I had a son of clint black when he was 15 months old his 1st roll was into his sire clint black..soon as gismo hit clint in the shoulder instantly hit a bleeder then clint realizing what just hit him he sucks the ear of gismo on defense to keep that mouth away from him...went about 20 minutes clint scratched few times didn't show any bad signs...

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