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Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by Bullyboi, May 17, 2006.

  1. Bullyboi

    Bullyboi CH Dog

    Could anyone give me an idea of what they should look like and how to make one. I am thinking about it to help keep my girl in shape for the summer. Any links would be great or any pics too. Any more info would also be good.

    Thanks Aaron
  2. Marty

    Marty Guest

  3. robert

    robert Big Dog

    Thanks for the address Marty. They don't give the prices though. I bet it's expensive.


    Do You Have A Local Tractor Supply?they Have 3 And 4 Ft Deep Tanks For Cows Or Horses To Drink From They Have Big 1s ,plenty Room For Swimmimg And Around 250 Bucks.
  5. yea but how do u make one. I want to make one too.
  6. NCPatchwork

    NCPatchwork CH Dog

    PetSmart has a few tanks if it has an Equine Department. I believe one is 89 bucks?? Just call and see!
  7. B

    B CH Dog

    Horse troughs are the easiest and cheapest. You won't be able to make one cheaper than they sell the entire thing. You have to make a support system with a harness attachment. The dog must always be 100% supervised in these type things. You can accomplish just as much with a lot of easier ways.


  8. Attila

    Attila Guest

    wouldn't a garage sale treadmill work better, safer, cheaper, etc. Less messy in the winter as you can't put your dog in water outside in the winter.
  9. Bullyboi

    Bullyboi CH Dog

    Thanks for the input guys.......i work her on the treadmill now.
  10. Bubba

    Bubba Top Dog

    A swim tank is a great way to work a dog, as it works more muscles than a mill at one time... and you can make them heated for a winter workout.
  11. Patch O' Pits

    Patch O' Pits CH Dog

    Do you have a link to the petSmart one I couldn't find it ... it kept just giving me buckets
  12. game_test

    game_test Top Dog

    i just got a cabelas catalog and there is a cheap above ground pool w/ filter etc, looks real nice. the 15 foot diameter pool with a depth of 36" is only 149.99. this is just like a "hard" above ground pool except it is made of heavy duty PVC, it comes with filter, pump, cover, ground cover, and instructional video. i will see if i can find a link to it, just wanted to let everyone interested there is another nice, cheap option out there.
  13. game_test

    game_test Top Dog

  14. Patch O' Pits

    Patch O' Pits CH Dog

    Thanks! I don't know if that would work or not ... if they hit it with their nails it might end the fun quick!. I'll have to see how they are made I'll check the link
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 23, 2006
  15. game_test

    game_test Top Dog

    you cant just let a dog swim alone in any tank, this one included. you should have a collar and lead on the dog and walk the perimeter of the tank to encourage him/her or to work hard. in doing so the dog shoudnt have the opportunity to put its nails on the side, you could also make some sort of cover for the sides out of some high density rubber or something. just a thought.
  16. Attila

    Attila Guest

    life vest. Never turn your back on him for a minute. Not one second.
  17. Patch O' Pits

    Patch O' Pits CH Dog

    That is a given that would be like letting a child swim alone

    It is the actual getting in part where I think it would get ripped ... I'm not very big and couldn't walk up a ladder to get the dog in that easily

    Now if there was a deck leading to it at the same level or it were inground that would be a piece of cake iMO

    Even at a swim rehab where I've done some work their regular above ground pool liner was nicked and damaged when they were getting a dog in and out and they even had a special lift to get the dog in and out and he was harnessed as well.

    Although the size of this would allow for a better swim I think the horse trough if I could find one sounds like it may work better in my case

    That may be necessary for some like those who don't swim well or have an injury, but I don't feel that most dogs being suprvised in a controlled environment for a short swim a need a vest JMO
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 23, 2006
  18. Mouser

    Mouser Big Dog

    I'm guessing that most on here are city folks, a good pond or small river, and a tennis ball are really good. Better yet a john boat, harness, and rope are best, plus you don't have to license your john boat if you don't have an outboard. Wonder how fast a dog could pull you, LOL! Mouser
  19. Attila

    Attila Guest

    I have a water trough got it at the farm supply for about $75 for a 200 gallon one. I have a creek behind my farm so I turn them out in that most often. Reason I use a life vest because the water runs very fast and l lost a dog a few year back because of the under tow of it. I don't reckon it is needed in a pool but I don't own a pool and never have. I don't know how long was intended for the swiming for the dog. We swim in the creek, rivers, Lakes and ponds. You can also get those water troughs at the tractor supply.
  20. Attila

    Attila Guest

    Well set some spinners out and troll for fish at the same time and you can multi task the dag gum thing. Maybe see how many beer you can drink before your dog tires.

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