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tants AAA

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by lonerkennels, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. what are your thoughts about the dogs off of tants AAA
  2. TabDogs

    TabDogs CH Dog

    I personally have never owned one off AAA. I have heard both good and bad about his producing. Some people I know say he is a poor producer, then I have talked to some people who base their yard off him and say he was excellent producer. I have seen 2 dogs off AAA and wasnt very impressed... IMO I like Toe Jam better.
  3. searkkennels

    searkkennels Big Dog

    man i have 3 dogs off aaa. real tight to. i love the way he produxed. i can breed my kolo dog to whatever and throw some good pups. they are jus not that smart. i am talking about the ones i own. becausee they are so tight. oh and kolo does have an above average mouth. crazy but he does. here is a pic of one of my males with his pedigree. seeing 2 dogs off of a sire does not give you the right to judge his producing ability.
  4. B

    B CH Dog

    She was just saying her opinion based on what she had seen. That is better then most people that claim this or that and haven't EVER seen one.

  5. searkkennels

    searkkennels Big Dog

    ok fine, you can't make an accurate judgement on how a dog produces by seeing 2 of them and forming your conclusion from that. Or you hear that he wasn't a good producer. it jus doesn't work that way. i heard that my apache dog was 6yrs old now, but since i raised the dog i know he is only 3. see what i mean. sry it jus upsets me, when people say things they have no knowledge about other than hearing something. Now if she was talking about jeep dogs then i would not say a word because i don't own any and seems like they got some good ones from what i hear. not trying to start anything.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 18, 2005
  6. searkkennels

    searkkennels Big Dog

    . ,mmmmmmm
  7. 14rock

    14rock GRCH Dog

    Do you have a recent pic of him seark? The only one I've seen was where he was 8 months and looking mean!
  8. searkkennels

    searkkennels Big Dog

    apche or kolo. i think you mean apache. sry i can't post a new one of him. it would not be to smart on my part. i was talking about kolo in this post he is one of the AAA dogs i have. i posted a new one of him on peds online, his pedigree and pic are posted above. the pic is a lil messed up because of the film that was one of the only pics to come out of that roll of film. i will have some new one up by monday or so.
  9. tabdogs are you talking about freakgirls jam ? or a differant dog. seark has your female come around yet?do you have 2 females or 1 i new you had kolo and a sis to him is the other male or female and or litter mate to kolo im thinking of makeing a cross with my earl jr dogs to a AAA dog in the future i think they would be some awsome dogs
  10. 14rock

    14rock GRCH Dog

    I meant apache.....I understand what you mean, looking forward to what you can post. I am envious of your dogs seark,lol.
  11. searkkennels

    searkkennels Big Dog

    i have kolo his littermate brother and littermate sister. i also have 3 more dog off AAA bgred to a daughter of youngs whiskey which is yellow x penny 2 (double yellow). whiskey is 14 and still going strong. LOL. but Kolo's 2 littermates we have are cold. a friend of mine keeps those 2 for us. anytime loner have never done that cross. we mainly work with other blood. but Phil lives only an hour from us and u know he believes in it, and has some good ones. also thanks 14rock we have worked hard with these dogs. i will shoot you the peds and pics of a few more that we don't put on the site. i think u will like
  12. TabDogs

    TabDogs CH Dog

    I SAID I HAVE NEVER OWNED ONE OFF AAA....I have heard both good and bad about the dog from people i know ..not just some billy bob off the street..NOW I never said that i based my opinion off of the 2 dogs I saw...Thats why I said I HAVE ONLY SEEN 2 off him...I never said that my opinion of the dog was a bad one...Just stated what I heard of the dog..NOW I said that I like Toe Jam Better because I have seen alot of good dogs off him..I have a grandaughter of his whom I wouldnt trade for the world. http://www.apbt.online-pedigrees.com/public/printPedigree.php?dog_id=157083.. I wasnt trying to offend anyone, just stating what I have heard. Like I said I know people who base their yard off AAA and some who wont touch a dog off him...Just like I am sure there are people who dont care for Toe Jam...This same argument can be said about any dog out there..some are gonna say they love it some are gonna say they hate it..Basically I posted what I heard to get feedback from others who have more expirence with the AAA dogs...
  13. CabinBoyz

    CabinBoyz Pup

    i have one off jam...he acts great...time will tell.
  14. 87buick

    87buick Top Dog

    Tants Ch Shell Teamers shell. Great [] Bitch, and i believe the only female champion off him. She could of easily made Grand champion. She had bad hardware by the time she was shown. She won many OTC and was bred before she was even considered for the []. she was not a young dog either. Looked identical to AAA Dark Brindle. The first was into a Spyder byte em black bitch. Deep game Bitch. Mr Teamers yard was raided and he lost alot of great dogs. She reproduced also. She had a littermate brother who was a cur.
  15. LuvMyBulldogs

    LuvMyBulldogs Big Dog

  16. 317386 friend own him. Producing pretty good ones
  17. RedGoodbye

    RedGoodbye CH Dog

    May be breeding to a double bred AAA bitch, Directly of AAA on top and bottom.......Would like to hear more on folks experince wit the blood

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