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Thor 2000 - 2008

Discussion in 'R.I.P.' started by Miss Conduct, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Miss Conduct

    Miss Conduct CH Dog

    Yesterday i was forced to say goodbye to the best damn bulldog i've ever owned. :(

    Thor was a loved companion, everyones best friend, had a huge heart, and will be severely missed. He was always looking to give love, whether you wanted his slobbery stinky breathed kiss or not. He was a great ambassador for the bulldog, and i know he will be missed by many.

    I love you Thor, forever you will reside in my heart...



    And the way that i love to remember him, happy, handsome, and on top of the world....
  2. BoiBoi

    BoiBoi CH Dog

    RIP Thor, sorry for ur loss
  3. PADogman

    PADogman Top Dog

    Sorry to hear of your loss.I know he'll be greatly missed.
  4. RightHandImp

    RightHandImp Big Dog

    Sorry to hear you've lost a good friend MC.
  5. surfercalavera

    surfercalavera Big Dog

    sorry for your lost
  6. coolhandjean

    coolhandjean CH Dog

    Sorry for your loss.
    RIP Thor.
  7. BullDog143

    BullDog143 Big Dog

    Very sorry for your loss.
  8. miakoda

    miakoda GRCH Dog

    I'm so sorry, MissC. :(
  9. poundAPBT

    poundAPBT Big Dog

    Rest in peace, Thor... :(
  10. scratchin dog

    scratchin dog CH Dog

    Very sorry for your loss. :( RIP Thor
  11. cutt

    cutt CH Dog

    RIP THOR Srry for your loss.
  12. short1

    short1 Big Dog

    so sorry to here about your loss
  13. frenchie1936

    frenchie1936 Guest

    my condolences go out to you.
  14. Big Game

    Big Game CH Dog

    I always hate hearing this kinda stuff
    R.I.P. Thor
    MC keep youre head up.
    Sorry to herar of youre loss.
  15. Crystal621

    Crystal621 Big Dog

    RIP Thor, I am sorry for your loss :(
  16. pennsooner

    pennsooner CH Dog

    RIP Thor. It hurts to have them pass.
  17. Miss Conduct

    Miss Conduct CH Dog

    Thanks everyone, i really appreciate all the condolences. Been having a really rough time with it. Hard to see any of your animals go, but its esp. heart wrenching loosing your special ones... :(
  18. Angels8

    Angels8 Pup

    RIP Thor. Sorry for your loss MissC.
  19. sorry to hear that MC....he was still young @ 7 1/2....what happened?
  20. Miss Conduct

    Miss Conduct CH Dog

    I have NO clue and its just eating at me. I noticed over the weekend that he was panting a little heavy, but he was acting normal, and eating/drinking good too - so i chalked it up to the heat. Well Monday night at feeding time his belly looked a little bloated, and he didnt finish his food - but was drinking and acting normal. I really dont think he got bloat (gut twist) because he had been a little bloated the day before too. Thor went through phases of GI upsets over his lifetime, so none of this was alarming to me.

    I called and made a Vet Appointment for him to get him checked out, and by the time i got home he was already gone..... I was soo upset and shocked, i didnt even think of doing an autopsy... which i am kicking myself now for. He was sent off to be cremated, so it was too late after i thought about it :(

    I dont think he would have been poisened, as EVERYONE ("Pit Bull Hater" or not) just adored him, and he never ever barked. I dont think he got into anything either as when he was off the chain he was in the truck with me, or always by my side...

    Only thing i can think of is maybe some sort of cancer? As cancer is the leading killer of dogs. Either way im just sick over it. Best f#cking dog ive ever had, and i come home to him gone.....:(:(

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