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urinating WAYY to much!

Discussion in 'Health & Nutrition' started by deebo780, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. deebo780

    deebo780 Big Dog

    my girl is about 4 months... she is potty trained ... but the past couple days i noticed she cant hold it and she peees ALLL the time.. every 15 minutes.... and she is over drinking too.... i took her to the vet yesterday ran urine and blood test 300$ later and dr couldnt see anything wrong.... the only thing he said was increase her food intake and see how she does... its only 1 day after and im just wondering if anyone on here had any input! it would be much appreciated thanks
  2. Skippy

    Skippy Pup

    The vet would have checked kidney function in the blood tests so that is good because it would have been my first thought, although not so much at a young age. I imagine it would have been checked for any urinary infections etc. Could it possibly be something it ate causing it to feel dry?
  3. Finkle

    Finkle Big Dog

    I would agree urinary infections can cause it, she is a bit young but did they check for canine diabetes, it's rare but diabetics go through the same symptoms.
  4. hellrell

    hellrell Pup

    Maybe an early sign of heat
  5. do u feed garbage dog food? Lol cuz thtll make em thirsty and theyll drink and pee
  6. supertank

    supertank Big Dog

    Does she do this all day or just when you are around (if you can tell)? maybe she has associated peeing with pleasing you.
  7. sadieblues

    sadieblues CH Dog

    Have her checked for a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) ... Excessive urination is a primary symptom of a UTI.
  8. 1916

    1916 Big Dog

    Do you keep her outside? During the winter more water is necessary. Could be if you keep her outside,that she is just trying to stay hydrated. More water intake,more pissing.
    Its also a sign of heat as well,but given that she is 4 months old i might not be that.
  9. ChDynomite

    ChDynomite Top Dog

    It sounds like a UTI. A course of antibiotics wont hurt.You can use any of these(safe for pups)dosage 250mg twice a day. Amoxicillin,Ampicillin ,Amoxicillin,Cephalexin. $300-your vet gave it to you with no lube. Sometimes they cant detect a UTI so if u can run a course.
  10. When i was house breaking my pup she got a UTI You don't need to give her free choice of water inside. My girl will drink when she is bored and make her self sick. :dogdrink:
  11. deebo780

    deebo780 Big Dog

    ok im going to start at the top there is way to many posts to quote lol well she couldnt have ate nothing different thats for sure as for diabetes, finkle, i will call my vet and see if it is a possibility.

    is this a sign of heat rell?

    i feed her iams pro active.

    supertank she is in her kennel for about 3 hrs while im in class and then the rest of the day shes with me so yes pretty much only around me because its the only person shes always with...but today when i was about to go outside to smoke one she peed right when i was leaving, so i kinda thought to my self shes doing it for attention? another reason why i think this is because i have exams this week and as of late i spend most of the day studying rather than playing with her...maybe a posibility

    she stays inside so the outside thing cannot be a factor

    and dynomite so a dr cannot neccesarily detect a uti?? hmm she just got off anti biotics for her ears... good idea to put her right back on?
  12. deebo780

    deebo780 Big Dog

    by the way, thanks for all the input!
  13. Finkle

    Finkle Big Dog

    I would say UTI is the most likely scenario if it is an issue, also look at her vulva if it is smaller or looks like an innie then she could have a recessed vulva which would lead to UTI. Her going through her first heat may negate this problem just something to be aware of, canine diabetes isn't really common in the breed however some of the symptoms do align so just something to keep in mind if they don't come up with anything, something to explore if UTI is not the case. I'm sure she will be good best of luck
  14. Water in, pee out. It's that simple. I have never let my house dogs free drink. They get water often enough when I decide.

    If she's drinking all the time, she's gonna pee all the time. it's that simple. Until you have some other signs of sickness besides simple pissing I wouldn't waste any money at the vet again. Limit the water intake, problem solved.
  15. deebo780

    deebo780 Big Dog

    haha i see what your sayin boogie but its not lke its always been like this just as of late so thats why i was concerned but anyways im gonna monitor and hopefully it clears up and finks, shes normal, normal vulva... the heat thing mght be the problem cuz she may be close to 5 months im not exact sure on her birthdate until the transfer of ownerships comes in... thanks for input
  16. Jeep/Redboy

    Jeep/Redboy Big Dog

    When one of my pups had a UTI she was peeing (or trying to) way more often than every 15 minutes. All she could manage to get out was a few drops at a time and I did not notice her drinking more than usual either. If her vulva is normal I would hold off on the antibiotics. Check her pee to see if it is red or yellow. If she is drinking a lot then it shouldn't be too yellow. Red could mean something with her kidneys or bladder, but I guess you had that checked already. Seems like you got a lot of good advice on here, so I don't know. You got to pick and choose what you go to the vet for though. $300 for nothing hurts. I would just control her water and see if it doesn't slow down. Do the skin test though to make sure she's not getting too dehydrated. Good luck and watch out for them vets lol!
  17. deebo780

    deebo780 Big Dog

    haha jeep ya im weary of them but at the same time nothing we can really do about it lol her pee is normal its yellow sometimes and sometimes its clearer yellow... she seems to already be slowing down.

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