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Vick Pleads guilty

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Bullyson, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. Bullyson

    Bullyson CH Dog

    Im not an "internet tough guy" either. I was saying dont test my roots. Ive been around. I know what happens. Ive seen the way SOME thugs treat their dogs. Kicking the shit out of them, not feeding them for days at a time. Just all around neglect and treating the dogs like shit... Im not saying all, just some. And Im sure theres some "HICKS" and "REDNECKS" that do the same things. Ive found that its more prevolent in the hood than in the sticks though and Ive spent many hours in BOTH places. Dont get your panties in a bunch. We can all sit in here and argue whats right and whats wrong with this case all day long but thats not going to change the facts. It happened, he got caught and now we all have to pay the price as Pit Bull owners for his stupidity. SECURITY SHOULD HAVE BEEN #1. His combine should have been locked down tighter than Donald Trumps combover. I read the endictment, all 18 pages of it. He got lax in his ways and it bit him on the ass. All 4 of the CW's are people he matched in to. No telling who else snitched on him. I think this is getting to the "dead horse" stage. Im done beating it. YIS, D.
  2. dmx215

    dmx215 Big Dog

    youre right security should have been #1 but hay shit happens
  3. mydawgs

    mydawgs CH Dog

    YUP shit just happened.....and just like the pet bull owner that does not understand their dog, it is HIS fault. Its called taking responsibility for your actions, or lack there of.....

    Now that blame has been properly dispensed, lets all learn something from it and try to avoid his journey.....this discussion is depressing
  4. Texasbulldogs

    Texasbulldogs Top Dog

    But for some of us to be called a cur, just because of an opinion that we have in which differs from yours
    [font=Verdana','sans-serif]My views on them aren’t because they have a differing opinion on the topic. Simply that some are mentioning; “he should get the max”, “he’s a killer, blah, blah, blah”. One doesn’t have to agree with his methods or anything else. But he was a keeper of this breed and appeared to have a standard and culled dogs that wasn’t up to par. What exactly is wrong with that? If a person truly cares for this breed, should they honestly have a problem or want the maximum sentence for something that did their small part in trying to keep the breed honest and true to form? This isn’t about morality, if he did right or wrong with his standard and/or culling process, if he was an idiot, or anything else. If we take all the emotional issues out of it, in regards to this breed…what exactly did he do wrong? Seems he did more than most, yet had way more to lose than the average person. I suppose it would have been better if he just breed and peddled mutts without any regard to testing and culling? Instead of elevating his yard, he should have just peddled and did his part in destroying the working aspects of this breed. Are have we gotten to a point where if a person is known by more than “X” amount of people and/or have “X” amount of money instantly, they shouldn’t have the breed or enjoy its working aspects anymore? Please inform! If a person claims to care for this breed and has a problem with a person that uses, test, and culls…they’re hypocrites and curs! Because those same types will be preaching about not buying from BYB’s, etc, etc, etc, yet in the same breath want to ostracize those keeping this breed true to form because they get busted! What would you call such members? <O:p</O:p[/font]
    Big Rod likes this.
  5. Michele

    Michele Guest

    He was careless and what he did is illegal.
  6. BoiBoi

    BoiBoi CH Dog

    swwwwwww~......what drama.......this is another pointless thread that is causing nothing but BS arguments, there aint a damn thing we can do about what happened, its over he coped a plea and thats that. I for 1 could give 2 shits about this whole situation, i don't care about vick or his family, i don't know the cat so i don't care what happens to him, its a shame that he has brought more bad publicity to our breed but shit what can we do about that, the media is to blame for all the hype about our killer dogs so i say we stop bitching about some hoodrat that got caught and start thinking of ways to get at the media and harrass them bastards until they change their ways
  7. wasn't there just a thread by a mod yesterday telling everybody to quit calling names? it seems you could have gotten your point across without calling cur. can we get an enforcement here mods?
  8. miakoda

    miakoda GRCH Dog

    Everyone has had their say. What's done is done and it's all been Vick's own decisions so let him deal with it now.
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