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What do you think of tosa and bullykutta?

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Bolio ROM, Jul 24, 2022.

  1. Bolio ROM

    Bolio ROM Pup

  2. Bolio ROM

    Bolio ROM Pup

    i seem to have sent it to the wrong place :)
  3. Bolio ROM

    Bolio ROM Pup

    how to delete it?
  4. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

    You can't....this board is forever, lOL.

    Here is the thing: Your old school dogman will claim that it is every kind of wrong to fight a game bred pit bull against anything but another game bred pit bull. On the other hand you have the owner of these other breeds claiming, all the time that they their dogs will defeat a pit bull. Personally, I am always interested in seeing who will actually win, I have no such old school limitations of my beliefs and what I think is wrong or right. But that is just me. I think people who run their mouth should put up....but again that is just me. Watch, guys will jump on here and call me every name in the book for suggesting a match between a non pit bull. My take has always been, I don't care what the story or legend is, I just want to know who wins.

    There are legitimate reasons. I had a guy running is mouth at the car wash about how his mastiff would beat any pit bull on the planet, and I really wanted to test his dog against my 58 lb male a destroyer son of Ch Crazy legs. I just nodded and went my way because I already had animal control out at my house several times and Mr Mastiff probably would have gone straight to LE after my dog disassembled his mastiff...then on the other hand, you never know.

    I had a friend who bred Argentinian Dogos....he also ran in the fast lane with game bred pit bulls, he had a decent sized yard, and he swore the Dogo would win. There have also been pretty well documented matches of Tosa' beating Pit Bulls, but the general finding has been that if the match goes longer than 25 minutes the Pit Bull will pretty much always win.

    Now the Bully Cuta is in a part of he world that does not crack down like we do on dog fighting. What I have heard is that the Bully Cuta pretty much always defeats the Pit Bull. Again, that is just what I hear it could be complete BS.
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  5. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

    Also...there are claims on the Internet that a German Shepard and or a Rottweiler can beat a Pit Bull. I have seen first hand that those claim are complete nonsense.. I mean is is not even close, it is usually over in as little 2-3 minutes, but these claims are just from morons on the internet who have not actually seen any of these dogs really go.

    The claims regarding the Bully Cuta supposedly comes from actual organized matches with large amounts of money at stake.
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  6. Leeke

    Leeke Pup

    Pitbulls in Pakistan are shitty, most of them are Amstaffs, and they hang tough with BKs anyways. A BK is way out of its depth with a game dog. A Tosa is a different story. Both APBTs and Tosas eat a BK's lunch. However, that's not to say a pitbull from American gamebred lines couldn't be killed by a BK. I seen a Great Dane shake a pitbull to death, wasn't a good pitbull but one badass Great Dane who got a good hold. BKs are Great Danes marooned in Pakistan.
    Pakistan does big dog matches with some money at stake, yes, I could fight my huskador with my grandma's bloodhound and put $1,000 on the table. Doesn't mean much.
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  7. Leeke

    Leeke Pup

    This guy's dogs could slug it out with an APBT any day, might win. I don't know much about them but they literally seem like APBTs with a few more kgs of loose skin.
    They beat all the other dogs, best fighting Volkodav breeder and elite fighting underground Tosa breeder matched their dogs, Tosa won. Shook the Archaic fighting LGD community up a bit as they thought they had the best dogs.
    A man I talked to about Tosas and BKs and Volkodavs told me they were the best, and a game dog has the potential to beat all of them. My original post may have been misguided, BKs are legit but those fights I saw were mostly shit shows. Some videos you got dogs who don't want to fight being on the ground and they're looking on clapping. TF is that, don't think any of that is a good representation of the dogs involved.
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  8. Leeke

    Leeke Pup

  9. wicked13

    wicked13 CH Dog

  10. Leeke

    Leeke Pup

    There are legitimate pit dog Tosas that get matched with LGDs, BKs and sometimes big-ish pits. The gay sumo bullshit is for tourists, those Tosas aren't the ones who fought for their reputation. Remember: The Tosa's original creation was Japan's ''fuck you'' to the west for their bulldogs murdering their Akitas hand over fist.

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