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what dog got you in to bulldogs

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Holocaust, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Kaos483

    Kaos483 Pup

    WTF I got timed out - anyway my ex got me into bulldogs (the ONLY thing he was good for!) He claimed to be a fancier of the dogs but he didn't know jack. Once I started immersing myself in learning and reading and researching I discovered that. His claim to fame was Diesel, an ADBA registered APBT, that he purchased from some breeder in NY. Now I loved D to death and he was the sweetest dog you would ever meet but he was a blue dog and was way more AmBully than APBT even though I haven't been able to find much in his ped. I'll have to post a pic of his papers (if I still have a pic) and see what those here come up with. He definitely looked RE to me but I'm far from a trained eye and I couldn't find any RE in his ped.

    Anyway, once I got the bulldog bug, I'd have to say my fav dog is Honeybunch. She's the dog I used to teach myself how to read peds (though I'm still not very good at it I'm learning!) and no bitch had a bigger impact than Honeybunch. She came from great blood and continued to produce great blood.
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  2. Revelator

    Revelator Big Dog

    Man, are you telling me that is Tom died?! Robbed and killed?! I had lost contact with Tom and Tommy after I got locked up and by time I tried to track them down, all I could find was it looked like both Tom AND Tommy were dead. I never learned any more
  3. Ssdd

    Ssdd CH Dog

    Yeah Tommy got robbed and popped in TX.
  4. Revelator

    Revelator Big Dog

    Man bro, that breaks my heart! I've broke bread with them so many times, their house, my house. When we would visit, Tommy would take us out street racing in his nasty Mustang. I feel like I lost some family. Anybody ever hear of the people got caught?
  5. Ssdd

    Ssdd CH Dog

    Negative. A pretty well know dogman was the main person of interest but no one got hemmed up for it.

    Everything I'm saying is public knowledge with multiple news articles saying the exact same.
  6. Revelator

    Revelator Big Dog

    Gotta shout out the boy Lefty. He was a good dog, a damn good producer, and tougher than a pine knot.
  7. Back around approx 20 years ago I went and looked at a litter of American bulldogs in va. I wanted a dog to take on walks, one that was great with the family, stable with friends etc, and would be nice if it would protect the newly married wife at night when I wasn't there for work. The American bulldogs I looked at fit the bill for that.

    When I went to pick up my pup, I noticed a litter of brown pups. One came up to me and never left my side. Even chewed my shoes and jeans some. I decided to buy one of the brown ones after discussing the differences between the ab and the apbt. I left with a pup from each breed.

    Both (the ab and pit) were fantastic dogs. The pit puppy ended up being off a dog named uno, a Virgil dog. He was such a great dog. Great with people and very civil with other dogs unless he had to be otherwise. That's the dog that really got me into the breed.
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  8. Forgot to mention, the second one I got was a vj dog thug (later called mugger) bred to another vj dog, gypsy. Not sure if it was a belly mate but a dog named ghost came out of those two if I remember correctly. Someone bought the pup, ended up neutering him and then gave him back. I got him free. He was a great dog also, on the bigger side than what I have now, just like my uno dog was.
  9. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    A lot of really good dogs came off that spot in Richmond. The only issue is that no one ever knows what they were getting. Not meaning to speak ill of the dead but JL was mostly known for hanging papers and telling lies, so much so his real name was MC not JL.

    Seen some really nice dogs directly from that yard, actually seen several and even had one myself.

    Funny part is that I went there for an AB too. The Uno/Big Momma litter was on the ground. The litter that made Super Socks, the 110lb pit bull. The kicker is that Big Momma was 1/2 AB and threw monster sized dogs.

  10. Yeah I had heard he wasn't trustworthy from quite a few people after I had gotten the dogs. I liked his dogs, got 3 from him total. 1 ab and 2 pits. I didn't know him all that well but I did get to see quite a few of his dogs the times I was there.

    The one that surprised me was drac. Pretty sure he was directly out of Virgil. Drac was protective when I approached him in his crate. He was friendly once out but I didn't expect him to be protective like that.

    I also got to see 2 good sized ab's, yeti and rowebear. I think rowebear might have come from AP, but my memory sucks right now so I could be wrong.

    I wanted a pup off burns hotdawg but never got the chance too. JL/max spoke highly of hotdawg.

    Ive always wondered what happened. He seemed to get out of having dogs. I heard he moved, no longer had dogs and then passed away around 5 years ago.
  11. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Rowebear was from AP. AP had the two most gorgeous dogs in the history of the dogs, one pit named Guy, a coal black Colby bred dog and an AB named My Boy. Two absolutely perfect specimens.

    Hotdog never produced anything for JL. He had done all he had come to do when he got there. JL broke one off in Mr. Burns when he bought out the yard. So Mr. Burns let him hold one in the final deal that got Hotdog to JL. Sort of an old school dog man to dog man move. Normally frowned upon by most, but an impressive move all things considered.

    Drac was suppose to be ours. We paid a deposit on the pick male to Bob just before they were born. On the day of the pick-up JL had dropped a boat load of cash on Bob for the massively big black pup. We were offered a female but were not all that much into females back then.

    Later I tried to breed to Dracula but could never get the deal done.

    On the AB he offered me a huge female for $$$$. Then I had to raise the puppy and bring her back as an adult to breed to a male of his choosing. He would keep all the puppies. Then on her second breeding we would split the litter. After that she would be mine. I tiold him no thank you. As we walked to the garage I saw Uno. He did not know I had been in Bulldogs damn near as long as he had.

    When I got to the door I thought I knew him from somewhere in the past. When we got to Uno and Mugger I then realized that he was MC. I then brought up some past experiences that he was a part of and his demeanor changed. He then tried to place some pit dogs with me like he did a lot of people. It was one of those ironic encounters.

    He bred a male I had named Abu. His paperwork was awesome but I believe he was bred even better than papered. That was his trademark. Breed them up but paper them down. If they worked out, he could offer a better bred dog in trade in order to re-gain access. Some of his breedings did not make sense but if you plugged in the actual dogs then you could see the guy was really smart and a good dog man, just sleezy.
    Many moons ago. One of the spokes in the wheel.

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  12. That would have been neat to have drac. When drac was out in the back yard, I was able to really see he was a neat dog. For uno and drac being on the bigger side, they could really move.

    He seemed to really like his dogs big and even his pits he seemed to want protective.

    I like my pits to be very people friendly.
  13. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Drac was Virgil to one of his Virgil/Midget daughters, Raptor I think.

    The Abu dog I had looked like the Virgil daughter Talon spit him out herself. I got him when they thought he was going to be a cur and I thought/think they have to actually start before they can quit. I brought him here, allowed him to learn a few things and then sent him back in a trade.

    Somehow or another the dog in the pic on peds online is not the Abu dog I sent back. But to each his own.

    JL tried to play bully with our group and called on us as if we would hide. So we started publicly calling out every dog associated with him. Kid Rock's weight changed from 42 to 56 and everywhere in between. Super Savage came up lame in a keep. Torch and Blaze were open but then got hooked in Israel or Thailand or some shit. When he led me along and then at the least minute would not let me breed to Drac after agreeing to it, we called out Drac too. If Ghost was half the dog of his two sons that came down here, we would have had out hands full, but JL pulled the plug on Ghost too. He had two sons that could flat carry the mail.

    Not saying we would have been wildly successful in those endeavors but back then I was in a group that was basically wild and stupid. We would ride up and down the road for a bag of dog food and was happy using a phone booth for a box. Not real smart, more nuts than brains.

    Now I have less nuts and really no more brains than I did back then.

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  14. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    I remember Rowebear at AP Place and see Uno there too and watching Uno at the Lumber yard too.
  15. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Those were good times.
  16. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Back then it was legal one weekend and then illegal the next. Back and forth and back and forth.

    One night the law swarmed in and I thought I was going to have to call my wife and get out of jail. This law guy started lining everyone up where the drive way turned into the hog pen and we were on the back side of the hog pen. I actually thought about running. Then we all were summoned to the bottom of the hill/drive.

    They told us we had to move our trucks off the road as the neighbor's had complained. I got in my truck and I barely lifted my foot off the clutch and the deputy said, "Stop, that is good enough". I might have moved an inch. He said, "Have a good night, be safe on the drive home".

    A few months later we went to the lumber yard for a gathering and then after that I think the money and admissions made it sporting and it came to a stop. AP said he could invite friends over to his house and use the pen to break young dogs but there could be no gate money nor could there be prize money.

    He had as many dogs in one place as anywhere I had ever seen. I rode with him to feed one time on a John Deere gator from JL for a dog. (Word was Rowebear and another female was traded for a Chevrolet truck). He dumped a bed full of dog food and we started riding with Bubba tagging along behind on a four wheeler. It was dog after dog. Healthy and well taken care of.

    You are right, it was good times.

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  17. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    I believe AP had over 100 dogs in his yard at one time. I was there the night the law showed up to and I did run.
  18. Yeah it's sad he treated people like he did. Some of his dogs I really liked. Some of the breedings looked really good but hard to say how accurate the papers were.

    If I remember correctly, there's a pic online with raptor showing her teeth.
  19. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I sort of remember a pic of either her or Drac bearing teeth. Not sure. It has been ahwile. Of his pics my favorite was the pics of Grunt. Two pics both in the same back yard in Richmond but one dog had a white star ini his chest and the other did not but it was the same dog........LOL

    Sort of to get back to the topic....i am the worst for steering the original topic away from said subject.

    HC passed away a few months ago. He turned me onto the dogs as a 10–11-year-old. I was walking match dogs for a couple three dollars when in elementary school. Just say times were different.

    HC had a pig picking and there was a female named Lucy. She was Carver bred, and some of the dogs that ending up making Snooty and Molly Bee. Like a hundred years ago. We ate that afternoon, and they started rolling dogs shortly thereafter. It was the middle 80's. Lucy was my favorite dog on the yard and we he took her off the chain I was bothered terribly. She was young, maybe 14-15 months, I just remember it was her first time.

    HC went in the barn (we were not allowed if other grown men were there) and ten minutes in there was yelling and screaming and cursing. MC/JL came out in a hurry. He shagged ass to his ride, and they left with all kinds of threats following them up the road.

    The deal was that it was rolls for only young dogs. He showed up with a three-year-old, tested and seasoned bitch and she put sport on the Lucy female. (He also did the same thing with a bitch at AB's place. He brought Jeep's sister or a daughter of Jeep that was schooled out and match ready and put it on a puppy saying it was a puppy as well. AB put sport on him on the way out.

    MC/JL bought Little Caesar (Caesar to Molly Bee). When they went to breed to Little Caesar with a Molly Bee/Big Boy bred female MC/JL ran off at the mouth and they went to his three-year-old seasoned bitch with another three-year-old seasoned bitch and the tables were turned. It did not take long for MC/JL to see all he wanted to see. HC and the other guy told him from that point forward they were picking up any and every weight he put out even if they had to buy dogs at whatever weights.

    HC had been out of the dogs 10+ years when I was an adult, out of the service and out on my own. I was talking to him one day and he was telling me some lies about yesteryear, and I mentioned MC was now JL. He reverted to his once upon a time 'god father' status and told us we were to call every weight he had. He told us he no longer had access to good dogs at a lot of different weights, but he did have access to a lot of good money that could buy dogs at any weight.....as long as we "embarrassed that bastard every chance we got".

    I guess some people hold grudges. LOL So when JL hoo-doo'ed me with a breeding to Drac and then went with 'I am not sure your bitch is the quality I want to breed to my male" after agreeing to the breeding and letting me drive to Richmond, I then took HC's instructions to heart.

    So, babbling again after nightshift. The Lucy dog was one of my first favorites. She was built a lot like a male and had muscles layered on top of muscles. Sweet as pie on the chain and simply loved everyone. A beautiful dog.

    I think she could have the dog that turned me to the dogs but HC and how he carried himself turned me onto the game.

    Looking back, as a ten-year-old, I should have pedaled my bike back home and never rubbed that first bulldog or listened to the first bulldog story.

    I don't do the 'regret thing' at all but it has been a lifetime of sacrifice.


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