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What is more desirable?

Discussion in 'APBT History' started by NC, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. coop-dog

    coop-dog Big Dog

    Interesting thread for sure two questions do hard mouthed dogs come out of the woom bitting and chomping. when is it you realize you have a bone crusher.secondly what would be cosiderd a better defence against a hard mouthed dog, A ear& nose dog or areal good wrestler. or what
  2. 14rock

    14rock GRCH Dog

    Your first question, has no definitive answer. Sometimes it's apparent very, very young and sometimes you won't see the potential for years down the road.

    The second is also pretty open ended. Things need not be analyzed so much, winning fights in theory (i.e. "would a good wrestler with average mouth beat the barnstorming bone crusher?"), is, was, and will always be, worthless. Since dog-fighting has been illegal for decades, it makes the point even more mute. There was only one way to find out what, which athlete would win, on that particular day. However, you neglected the one trait that was probably the most essential to victory over a bone crushing dog. Gameness. Heaps and heaps of it. If your opponent is putting holes in you, and taking your wheels out in 5 minutes, an ounce of quit will make most of them consider if it's time to pack it in. By that point, you're already beat. Ear and nose dogs are fine and wonderful, but even the best laid plans fail. That's fighting in theory, I've never seen anyone studding to a "Champion in theory" if he's never had teeth in him. You don't want to see an ear dog get caught and have to go toe to toe, if all he wants is the ear. Eventually, it will happen. On the same note, being a good wrestler doesn't do you any good, if your being bit down! The best defence is to not get touched. That is a fantasy, and because it never happens, people matched dogs to see who would win, outside of paper analysis.

    "What is more desirable".... In what avenue? Why do you assume the freak-biting monster is going to quit? How can you be certain the intelligent, 3 hour dog is game, when him going that long in itself, is a statement of what kind of mouth he has been tested under to be "proven game". Time limits are worthless when you think of it in that respect. And possibly, the dog that was only possible to gametest for 10 minutes against the destroyer, COULD be gamer than one who was rolling with a plug for hours on end.

    No one style or technique will ever dominate, and to be successful you needed to have very well rounded dogs. When a weakness is exposed, that is what the opponent will utilize, very rarely will one specific trait or style ever win on a regular basis. Since you made the UFC comparison, I also will use it. I wouldn't of bet a dollar on Matt Hamil first few times I seen him fight. No matter who his opponent was. He lacked one dimension of his game so badly (hands), I did not much respect his skills, and lacked faith in him ever being a title-contender. He hit the bags, and trained boxing to turn his weakness into a strength. The goal of a fighter is to always be as well-rounded as possible. If you can recognize your weakness, and turn it into a strength, you are constantly improving. Human athletes do this by putting more time into learning that skill. Dogs are improved through breedings made by dogmen with enough knowledge to know one trait is not consistent, and an eye to evaluate total package dogs and how they would compliment eachothers weaknesses.
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  3. You find hard biting dogs in many dog races, however, only Bulldogs are able to fight for hours .....
  4. preme

    preme CH Dog

    Thanks Rock ,im Leaning To The Gamee Side...
  5. what i noticed that has not been mentioned much is the fact of the intelligence part! me im gonna take the gamer of the two, because like old timer said an extremely hard bite is a characteristic of fear! fear would entale they dont wanna be there! put them againts one with intelligence that can ride them walls and frustrate the hard biter he will stand that line when his only offense is exsposed! plus you throw in the deep gameness, if the bites arent too crucial he can weather the storm!:D plus it lets you know where you stand when breeding like someone said earlier i cant remember. so when you breed one of those extremely hard biters outta your gamedogs you feel that much better!!;)

    oh and about the $ issue thats what started happing too many people in it for the $, and not what supposed: THE DOGS!!!:mad: thats why they started breeding for mouth instead of gameness!!
  6. hoovereport77

    hoovereport77 Big Dog

    before 1976 here in the islands, you would have to go for a dog that is game has mouth, and has the abilty and wind. ther eeason is the level of competition . the old timers before 1976 have seen purely game dogs but will merely get destroyed and lose. they have told of stories of champions that bit hard and won easy but showed their cur side when they went up against an equally hard biting dog that waited for its turn. if i lived and was in the game before 1976 i would go for an average all around dog instead of one that was purely mouth but whose scratching is doubtful or one thet was purely game but dumb game with absolutely poor ability and no mouth. thats just my opinion
  7. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Personally and from a breeding point of view, I want the deep game dog because all in all that is what it's all about! I will take a dead game bumb over a hard-mouthed cur any day of the week... Gameness is what is strived for in these dogs. everything else comes second.....JMHO
  8. jeeperino

    jeeperino CH Dog

    Nothin like a very smart dog IMO. Considering the competition a dog that is able to adapt and counter with intelligence and grace.

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