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while walkin pits........

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by BazookaJoe, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Ok first off I'm not a crimal RockStar i have a clean record never been arrested or anything, and i do have a breaking stick i have 3 actually, a polly one that i got from yard boss and 2 wooden ones. I'm not wantin my dogs or me to get into an confertations with other dogs most dogs that roun out or the lil kinds but, i put osme rock in my pocket and just stomp my foot or chunk a pebble at them and they usually run off, but on occasion i have to pull my dog back because the ankle biter try and bit emy dog, they some crazy lil chits. I only have problems with 4-5 of the dog sin my area and they are either pits that peopel own that get loose or there is one stray that looks like a pit mixed with a mutt. When i rid emy bike he chases me an dtryed to bite me, and when i walk my dog he runs up to us, i pull my dog back but what good is thta when the other dog is chargin forward, the last time he got nippe dby my dog and he ran back into his yard, i have no truck to transport my dog to the park tat i wanna walk him at, it's not far from my hous eonly about a 8 min walk and it is a nice open field and there are never peopel there, it's a veterins memoreal kinda park with a track. today i'm gonna go and talk tot he people on the way i walk to that park and tell them to keep there dogs chained up or make sure they close there gates, there dogs are not dog aggressive but they are people aggressive and either way if they coem up to me somethign kill happen,there used to be a big white furry dog, i forget what the call them bt lots of people with gamecocks use them to guard the chicken yard, i think they are soem kind of mastif a nepolen mastif or something. not sure, but he woudl always chase us and run up to my dog and that dog weights about he same as a saint bernard so i stopped walkin down that street i have been avoivind streets with lots of dogs, BUT, everybody over here has a dog,, and most are pit bulls or pit crosses or some kind of guard dog, they are either those kinds or the lil kinda dogs.i'm just gonna walk him at that park but the thing is that at 9 it closes and if you are there it is tresspassing and is 9 times outta 10 a cop sittin there. I'm thinkin bout callin the aspca on that dog that is always out cua he has no tags or collar and always trys to bite me. thanks for yall input, and i'm not tryin to start any chit. and if yall thinkin i jst have back yard breed BS, well that mayeb true at the moment, but i used ot have a pup off a GR CH that is well known, so i know my stuff when it comes to game breed dogs and pit bulls in general ii did my research for 3 years before i even got the pup.
  2. B-I-Z

    B-I-Z Big Dog

    go jump off a bridge
  3. XxKonnectionsxX

    XxKonnectionsxX Top Dog

    This thread went from some guy talking about how he has to deal with loose dogs messing with him while walking......to he's a criminal and blah blah blah......... some people on here are soooooo quick to judge others. I also noticed when one does, the others just follow. Its like monkey see monkey do...Just how lemmings follow each other off a cliff.

    Thats just my opinion...
  4. dhcrew

    dhcrew Big Dog

    all i can say is THE BEST thing to do is get a mill, but sometimes people will assume you run a ring if you have a mill. i have a few dogs i take for walks, but i drive them to the desert first, the only things out there are coyotes, and if my dogs get me a bounty for a coyote, i dont see the trouble...lol, the rest of my dogs i swim, ir they work out on the pole. im sure you will find an appropiate solution. and the post where it was said you are showing your dog that you are an incapable leader, is definately a good post. be careful your dog doesnt start to show the signs mentioned and also that he does not try to challenge you for leadership. good luck and you will make the right decision.
  5. Rockstar

    Rockstar CH Dog

    I didn't state that Joe was a criminal; I only asked. Regardless, it was uncalled for, and for that, Joe, I apologize. Just sort of threw me off with all the talk of stabbing dogs, and little kids around an APBT that exhibits tendencies toward people aggression, and such. I'm not one to beat around the bush in regards to the way I feel about something, particularly when it comes to this wonderful breed that is being outlawed at a frightening pace.
  6. slim

    slim Pup

    I live in Canada. I own two wonderful family dogs. They happen to be pitbulls. I have trained my dogs to not attack other animals or people. I believe pitbulls and all dogs can be trained properly to not be aggressive. I love my dogs and hate all the contraversy that goes along with owning a pitbull. If we all take responsibility to train our dogs to be the best they can be then we would have a lot less problems. This goes for anyone with any breed of dog. We can not control other peoples dogs but we can sure control our own.
    Just my point of view.
  7. Rockstar

    Rockstar CH Dog

    "If we all take responsibility to train our dogs to be the best they can be then we would have a lot less problems. This goes for anyone with any breed of dog. We can not control other peoples dogs but we can sure control our own."
    Well said, Slim.

    I love a dog which will walk among others with quiet confidence. One which doesn't feel the need to bark and snarl and dance around like an idiot every time another animal comes within view. In some of these dogs though, the prey drive is so rediculously high that no matter how much training and socialization is implemented throughout the dog's life, they're still going to want to hit everything with four legs. I've seen some incredibly well trained bulldogs over the years, but I've never seen one that would "let go" on command. But regardless of a dog's prey drive, instinct, or anything else, training and socialization are essential. Gamedogs or not.
  8. badnews_VA

    badnews_VA Big Dog

    and your reason for this is.............?
  9. I won't stab a dog unless it is on top of me tryin to kill em that a last resort. and no hard feelings, yall just miss under stood me, an dmy dog knows i'm hsi master
    he never has tried ot challange me, i feed him an di walk hima nd i take him off or put him on his cable runs, he know she can't do that himself, he protects me, that is my companion and warrior, exactly what the APBT was breed for.
  10. don't think a mill is an appropiate substitute for education and socialization or for walks! If you don't want to walk your dog or own too many dogs to do so, then you shouldn't get them in the first place...

    If your dog never sees anything else than your yard and the mill, he'll stultify. A mill only as supplementation.

    I own two pits and walk them at the same time, they were tought to ignore other dogs even if these bark and growl.
    Admittedly it took me a few months until my male had learned that but it was worth every second of that time!
    But I can do Agility without leash nowadays. And he's got male dog "friends" that he plays with without aggression.
    Still he was attacked twice in his life. First incident happened when he was a pup and I was scared stiff, that when it was over I forgot to ask for the ownes insurance, address etc.
    Second time was this christmas. As it was a residential area my dog was on the leash, the other wasn't-people seem to think that owning a "family friendly" dog makes them imune towards leash law. I seperated the dogs and wanted to know the owner's name, but she walked off. Well I had wittnesses and found out with the dog's name who the owner was and went to police. She got fined.
    Now you'll all tell me how lucky I was. And I'll contradict, because if I see a loose dog without owner I'd rather turn around than risk a fight. If I meet somebody I don't know I ask him to put his dog on leash. And that works most of the time.
    So either I'd avoid going down streets where I know there are dogs running around or I go and call police to do something about it.
  11. dhcrew

    dhcrew Big Dog

    hey rockstar, guess what? 2 of my dogs will actually let go on command. no matter what they are holding, be it a rope, toy, or another animal. sometimes it takes a couple let go's along with a pull, but it does work.

    when my rudy got attacked by a larger more experienced stud dog, caleb, he was getting his a** wooped, and we pretty much had to wait until they had holds to break it up, caleb was an uncontrollable dog that also went after us when we tried to break it up before they had holds, rudy was throwing blood everywhere but i wouldnt command him to stop because of the fear that when he did, caleb wouldnt. i didnt want caleb to kill him, so we watched and waited a few seconds and directed their rolling with the hose and as soon as they had holds, we broke calebs hold first and got him muzzled and pinned then when i commanded rudy to let go, it took three times, but he did, and as i said this was after they had been at it for maybe a couple minutes i really have no idea how long. caleb wasnt ours, but we were taking care of him, and i still had him PTS for going after us even in the heat of battle. to me this behaviour is unacceptable. his owner is still mad at me for it but oh well.

    my 2 girls also have had their arguements, but they will also stop on command, even if they have a grip on each other. i have trained them that way since puppy hood by getting them very worked up playing rough, and commanding them to stop no matter what. it works with mine, but i wouldnt and dont rely on it, i still have sticks and other tricks to separate them if i have to.
  12. Crash97

    Crash97 Top Dog

    Now wait....you put someone elses dog to sleep? I don't know the circumstances. If a dog is people aggressive, they need to be put down, but it wasn't your place to make that decision. If someone put my dog down without my authorization, I'm not sure what I'd do. But getting mad would be the least of it. This ain't to start shit, just to point out I think you're wrong for that.
  13. JuddFL

    JuddFL Pup

    edited edited
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 9, 2006
  14. miakoda

    miakoda GRCH Dog

    While I have 3 apbts (2 rescues & a stray i found) that I can break up a fight b/n them by yelling, w/my true game-bred dogs, commanding them to stop is a joke. They also know release commands (it's stressed when playing w/toys & when on the hogs), but when a fight breaks out, they have their minds on 1 thing & 1 thing only & it's not on listening to me. Only a break stick & an extra pair of hands is gonna separate them. That's why it's important for extra care to be taken so fights don't happen (hey, shit happens sometime especially when my husbands in charge & lets 2 or 3 run loose together :eek: .

    As for the thread, I have already stated my response in an earlier post.
  15. dhcrew

    dhcrew Big Dog

    we had talked about it at first with her, i gave her a choice, she could come get him and have him somewhere else, or i would do what i thought was best, ie, Put him to Sleep. she is mad at me for not keeping him here for her, i told her in no way would i allow a human biting dog to live anywhere my yard. she left me no other choice.
  16. dhcrew

    dhcrew Big Dog

    mia, you are probably right, i just bought my first "game bred" dog back in november? october maybe? and she is only about 4 months old. i am training her the same way as i have all my other dogs and hopefully i wont ever personally have to find out if it works, but i hope it does. just so you know she is indeed game bred, i bought her from "arkansas" jolly
  17. rocksteady

    rocksteady I'll drink to that..

    All this is plain and simple As the pit bull owner it is up to u to take responsiblity to the next level and be careful

    If your dog is aggressive and u cant control it, or worried about other dogs, then unfortunetly no matter what the laws say (since laws are made to protect stupid people from themselves) do your dog a favor and keep it home BE THE BETTER OWNER

    Yea..it sucks but think of the breed as a whole. ONE LITTLE INCIDENT can put a black mark on you and your dogs and then everyone will be just waiting for something to happen.

    Remember..its NEVER the other guys fault. If you know how your dog is, it is up to you to prevent anything.
  18. The hoosiers down the street let their two idiot dogs run loose, i just called the police station and had them go do the talking. there's a leash law here and they can get a ticket for letting them off chain, and they can actually get a court summons if the cops have to go again. maybe you could call the station and tell them about the situation, that way it's not a big shock when it happens.
  19. I dont have that problem around here. Thank god.
  20. Crash97

    Crash97 Top Dog

    While I may not agree with some of Joes methods, I understand his situation. These types of situations are fairly prevalent in the low rent district around here. At one time, I lived in a very low income area around here. The way of doing things is very much the same as he described. People allowing their mean ass dogs to run either loose or in a flimsy ass fence. I too had the sucker punch artist attempt their act in a very failed attempt at stealing my dog. Once again my advice is to get and use a mill for your dog.

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