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wind vs mouth

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by gypsyboy, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. gypsyboy

    gypsyboy Big Dog

    So like the title says wind vs mouth this topic would seem like a good convo.


    Ive yet to own a hard mouth on my yard, but none the less the bite is descent. just not, "gotdam, you got chewed the F**# OUT!".
    The dogs on my yard were built for wind. I wouldnt mind having some mouths in my pot though. Im curious to see the posts on this topic.

    SVKNLS Pup

    I want both. I still prefer a hard mouth with atleast 1 1/2 hr of intensity. They can be beat,but it ain't easy. In most cases the dog with all the wind don't go home either. This is all hypotical of course. JME
  4. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    i would take mouth simply because you can't make a soft mouth dog bite hard but you can improve any dogs wind.
  5. kera5

    kera5 Big Dog

    i also agree with this to.
  6. preme

    preme CH Dog

    Seen both bring home the Bacon ... But I'm with wat dream pits said
  7. love that mouth.
  8. SBKennels

    SBKennels Pup

    I have some hard mouth dogs and like dream dogs says you can condition a dog for wind but you can only breed mouth into a soft mouth dog can't make a soft mouth dog bite harder.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 2, 2013


    I hear that. Makes sense. Thanks!
  10. PurePit19

    PurePit19 CH Dog

    I'm gonna go with Wind everytime. A dog has to hold and breath at the same time, I don't need a hard mouth, just a good solid hold. With wind all you gotta do is avoid the mouth. If you have a hard mouth, how do you avoid getting tired... Mouth fatigue is innevitable. JMO
  11. Kimo615

    Kimo615 Banned

    Of course both is ideal.. but if I had to choose I'd go mouth. The opponents can have all the wind in the world but a hard mouth that's got a hold is a wrecking machine. All that wind will only be good for prolonging the ass whipping at that point lol.
  12. killadev300

    killadev300 Big Dog

    As said before both is ideal and a hard mouth dog makes for more entertainment however I would go with wind as a tired hard mouth dog wont keep biting hard if he is to tired to continue. That is of course if the hard mouth dog has little wind. A dog with alot of natural wind has to be smart to keep out of trouble so he wont be wrecked and never get to use his wind ot his advantage
  13. feastodg

    feastodg Big Dog

  14. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    no john doe. the purpose of a match is to win nothing more nothing less. mike tyson will kick the shit out of lance armstrong. his kids would most likely kick the shit out of lance armstrong kids as well.
  15. sadieblues

    sadieblues CH Dog

    True cause they don't always win on gameness and sometimes they are not down long enough to show it ... Other times they are truly talented which can put them at an advantage but may also prevent them from showing just how game they really are.
  16. wisconsingame

    wisconsingame Big Dog

    I perfer smart/ patent hard mouth dogs. Ones that can bite hard at any moment but chose to save there mouth till they get a good spot then bite u down. I ve had only 3 dogs like this and they sure new when to turn the heat on when they need to. And no hog has made it out of the kitchen when they turn it on high.
  17. smithy

    smithy Big Dog

    If I were betting on a dog I would be betting on the one I fought would win not what one is game.
  18. smithy

    smithy Big Dog

    Take chinaman he was a destroyer but his matches didn't go on long enough to test game.
  19. To keep this short we will take mouth over wind anyway. There are two kinds of air natural and conditioned. The top conditioners can take a hard mouth dog and make him a air tank. Wind doesn't define gameness that comes from the heart!
  20. TDK

    TDK CH Dog Staff Member

    They can breathe without a lot of mouth, but they can't bite if they can't breathe. If you had to make a choice, you'd best realize he that bites last, bites hardest. Give me the dog that's in hold and in charge and not gasping, unable to bite as well in thirty or more, as it did in ten.
    This comparison is apples to oranges, anyway. There are too many possible attributes that can negate other attributes. It depends on which dog does what it does, better than the other dog does what it does.
    As I said, it's apples to oranges, and here are some things one better throw in when figuring what a dog has that he or she can win with. Bite, yes. But................Staying busy, smarts, talent, bullying scratches, adjustibility to the opponent, opportunistic mindset, strength, durability, good conditioning, smart handling, and if it comes to it, gameness.
    As been said, your competition isn't a game test You're there to win, and one better acknowledge that there are a lot more things to consider than just two things. One vs some other alone is a moot endeavor.

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