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Winner of May Female of the Month

Discussion in 'Female of the Month' started by SMOKIN HEMI, Jun 17, 2009.



    Zaduszka Congrats on the Win....

  2. cutt

    cutt CH Dog

    (in a stuttering voice) ...that there is some damn good conditioning on that dog there.
  3. WNK

    WNK Big Dog

    Congratulations!!! :):):)
  4. chinasmom

    chinasmom CH Dog

    Nice dog. Nice win.
  5. Quasimodo

    Quasimodo Big Dog

    Grats on that fine dog..

  6. That's a fine lookin' dog right there.
  7. Rocko

    Rocko Big Dog

    WOW congrats...one day maybe my female will look that good...:cool:
  8. farm curs

    farm curs Big Dog

    Beautiful bitch indeed
  9. IN_

    IN_ Big Dog

    Its really nice that you like her... she is just my home pet...
    I like the way she looks... but for me the greatest thing about her is her character, she is thinking, fast learning... She is a great working dog. She acts good at Obedience and Schutzhund trainning, also she does well at weightpull and high jump. I want to try some agillity with her, think she would love it...only her "dislike" to other dogs may be a problem ;-)

    She is just a great working dog... young but promising... She is just perfect for me ;-)




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