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Working staffys in America?

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by makaz24, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. makaz24

    makaz24 Big Dog

    Is there any good blood out here?
  2. ursaminor

    ursaminor Premium Member Premium Member

    Yes, they call it the APBT.
  3. dbliny2

    dbliny2 Pup

    as far as staffs in US go it depends on what u mean by good blood if u want some fat mess that cant play fetch for more than 10 min without dying but has plenty of overweight people at the end of the lead showing them off ur in luck if u want one thats fit n doesnt look like english bulldog ur sol. Ive only came across 1 site in us i consider to be proper staffs that was called memma bulldogs jmo he has solid lookin dogs
    david63 likes this.
  4. Jdll13

    Jdll13 Big Dog

    That site is no longer active
  5. KawValley

    KawValley Pup

    you can contact Memma on Facebook.. Nice guy with neat dogs
    david63 likes this.
  6. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Some staffs still used for hog catching.If you could find someone who is using them for this I think you could get a decent one.If he would part with one.I mean at least you would give yourself a chance to have one that had some type of ability.
  7. Sherman

    Sherman Big Dog

    I guess the reason solid working SBT never truly took hold in the USA is because there are too many good working APBTs in our own back yards. If anyone knows other reasons please add.
    david63 likes this.
  8. Jdll13

    Jdll13 Big Dog

    I agree with you. Much more variety and easier to find good APBT. You have to be a real stafford fancier to go through the work of finding a good one in the states. But if you do the work you can find a good one.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 8, 2013
    david63 likes this.
  9. JessieH

    JessieH Pup

  10. KawValley

    KawValley Pup

    let me try one of those
  11. KawValley

    KawValley Pup

    that little male is cool- how's he bred and what's he weigh??
  12. Sherman

    Sherman Big Dog

    Bull terrier looks fit too
  13. toom

    toom Big Dog

    That photo almost looks like an old black n white photo.Both are nice looking dogs but are they both workers?I have a friend with a small 40lb male BT that has a great build on him he makes a really good watch dog.He got the dog off a woman that could'nt handle him anymore,,,he loves his BT.How many pounds are both those dogs?I would imagine the pups full grown will be 40 to 50lbs???? Nice photo...!
  14. mfern004

    mfern004 Big Dog

    A guy named Don Mathews (Konfederate Kennels) in GA used to have some Staffords that were workers. He mostly has American Bulldogs for hog hunting and bite work. When I talked to him about possibly getting a Stafford a few years ago he didn't have any at the time but was expecting to get a few more working Staffordshire Bull Terriers. I ended up buying a different pup and haven't talked to him since. The stafford section is not up on his webpage anymore. But if he doesn't have any maybe he knows someone who does.
  15. Supernaturalist

    Supernaturalist Big Dog

    Just started mine on hogs today. Gimme a bit I'll start a photo thread ;)
  16. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Don Matthews had a dog named turbo was about 31 or 32 pounds and Bionic kennels got turbo from don Matthews. and we had our Stafford in a competition to on the hogs 8 or 9 years ago My dog and Don dog was the only two staff in the competition the rest are pitbulls.
  17. Sherman

    Sherman Big Dog

    I spoke to Don not long ago and he said he doesn't keep any staffords anymore because he was concentrating on his American Bulldog hybrids. Said he still loves the SBT
  18. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    yes Don did have some other Staffordshire Bull Terriers there for a while then he got out of it I suppose to focusing on his American Bulldogs. Turbo was a very nice looking dog very athletic and work very well
  19. Jdll13

    Jdll13 Big Dog

    IMG_1012.jpg IMG_1358.jpg IMG_1360.jpg IMG_1068.jpg Two I got from the states. Real happy with them so far.
  20. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    what country are you residing in jdl ? msg me if you like

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