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Your rights as a dog owner

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Marinepits, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. edgarb

    edgarb Pup

    Great post! To be honest, you should never let any law enforcement officer search any of your property without a warrant for any reason. Also, you don't have to answer any of their questions. You generally have to give your name and that is all. You don't (generally) have to show identification. If federal agents are questioning you, then it is a crime to lie to them, so you are definitely best off not saying anything if not in the presence of your attorney. You'd be surprised how often that the only evidence in a case is the statement of the accused.
  2. kingwood

    kingwood Pup

    I am requesting some advice and or comments.I live next door to a neighbor from hell.Three years ago my sons pit got oou of our yard.I heard the commotion and discovered that my neigbors wife was sitting in her fron lawn with 2 babies and her 3 dogs roaming around without a leas ( which in Texas there are leash laws) .I eventually got my sons dog .During the entire process not once did she intervene and continued to argue with..never went inside.Her husband sent a letter..3 pages aand in it he stated next time he would shoot the dog..as Houston PD gace him the authority to do so.My q is..is this legal, can his letter be used in a court of law
  3. Awesome post its nice to know own rights as proud owners of such a misunderstood breed i had an issue with my home owner insurance wanting to cancel because i own pitbulls on my land even after they ask for proper record of their history and quote they asked bite and attack history i was offend as a proud owner thank you
  4. skratchr81

    skratchr81 Big Dog

    serious knowledge. thanks for the post
  5. F.D.

    F.D. Top Dog

  6. Live your lofe by these guidelines
  7. Brodie

    Brodie Pup

    The AC in Houston will enter your backyard and take pictures through your windows, they will then use those illegally gained pics to get a warrant. The facts presented on the warrant are often misrepresented. It happened to me. I got my pittie back though. And no I don’t keep him outside or on a chain. He is a pampered inside dog and they still took him.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  8. Brodie

    Brodie Pup

    Kingwood - when HPD took my dog I was told they were doing this because he was a pit bull and I might be the kind of owner that would leave him on a chain and he might never see a vet. You always lose with HPD if you have a pittie. I was at the 24 hour emergency clinic one night with my pittie and was told by an HPD officer he always shot stray pit bulls if they were at the scene. If your pit bull gets lose and a person says the dog threatened him then yes he can shot it and get away with it. HPD will always take the stance that pit bulls are threatening. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  9. postmandan

    postmandan Big Dog

    in texas if man or beast puts you in fear for life or property deadly force can be used. this isnt about just bulldogs =Dan
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  10. toan365

    toan365 Pup

    Now that is what we all need to know. Good post!!
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  11. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Its still a bunch of bullshit even if laws don't get involved.I have a buddy who's neighbor had a man biter and yes it was a APBT and they would not properly contain the dog , so he got loose a lot...He came t ok mr about the problem and I said if he threatens you or family shoot to kill.Well anyway he followed my advice and killed the dog, man he got blasted publicly with no law enforcement involved.Fhis dude is a bsdass one hell of a you don't want to piss off of a man.Dog got loosd because of ignorant ass owners and cornered his daughter and he shot the shit out of ghe dog just like I told hjm to dk.
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  12. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    My point is , law enforcement isn't all you have to deal with when you own this breed.My buddy in the story above was around these dogs since a youngin.Feild and Stream did a article on his father , he had real bulldogs that he caught hogs with when nobody knew what wkld hogs was.
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  13. If I can contain my dogs, then there is no excuse why someone else cannot contain thiers. I know sometimes $h!t happens, but if it's a regular occurrence and the dog is human aggressive, then whatever force is necessary is justified. Hell, you may be doing someone defenseless a favor by saving them from a mauling. If it's an APBT, then you did the breed a favor as a whole. We don't need human aggression being bred into an apbt that the average "pet owner" can buy from a puppy peddler or a back yard breeder. What's bad for the breed is bad for good, decent dogmen. So yeah, if a dog charges me or anyone I care for, with malicious intent, it's getting its teeth brushed with lead.
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  14. Mr.Pitblu

    Mr.Pitblu Pup

    Wish I knew this 6months ago some nosey ass called the peoples and they took 6 dogs I jus worked hard to get but I'm more so hurt about my hard mouth redboy wouldn't let go of nothing unless I showed him something else. I know they put him to sleep
  15. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    Two golden rules to follow. If you have these dogs you better have a lawyer on retainer. Second if you're married you better have a second lawyer on retainer.
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  16. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

    If something happens, it does not matter if your dog is at fault of not, it is his/her fault. Always. Did I say always? Yes. Always.

    In Texas, it does not matter, LE will ask the person who shot your dog "did you feel endangered?" All they have to do is answer yes, and it will be considered a righteous shoot. It does not mater if your dog was he sweetest thing ever, and came wagging its tail hoping to be petted, it is 100% about the perception of the person. It is the stand your ground law, which , when it comes to humans is good. Dogs, not so much.

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