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Canine Athletes Conditioning Feed Plan

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by CanineAthletes, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. CanineAthletes

    CanineAthletes RSS Feed

    Those who have been following my work and philosophies for any amount of time understand the importance I feel nutrition plays on a dog’s life. As society has advanced our food systems have become overly processed and marketed for human convenience and corporate profitability. As such, health problems like obesity and cancer are becoming more and more common. To further complicate matters, people rely on nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical drugs to improve their health. These supplements and pharmaceutical drugs almost always come with negative side effects. It is my firm belief that health is a byproduct of a species appropriate balanced diet consisting of fresh whole foods in combination with proper exercise and rest. Many people like to complicate nutrition but getting back to the basics is where the beauty lies.

    You will find that my feed plan for a dog in training resembles what I feed my dogs everyday of their lives. My diet mimics what nature intended the dog to naturally eat. The result is mentally and physically fit dogs that live long lives and have strong immune systems. They exude energy and vitality.

    Anything your dog eats should be good for human consumption. Supplements targeted for animals typically consist of ingredients that are not good enough for humans. Much like the ingredients used in dog food kibble. I’ve personally used many human performance supplements. I’ve found very few that were not a waste of money. The majority are marketing gimmicks. The supplements I list below are those which I myself have consumed and found to not only improve performance, but also to be safe. One of these supplements is protein powder. Protein powder has been around for quite some time and many studies have been done confirming it’s benefits and safety. I have put dogs through conditioning programs with and without the use of protein powder and I have noticed increased performance when adding it to the diet. This goes for every supplement I list below.

    I give my dogs an energy drink (8) to (12) hours prior to training. This helps the dogs body stay in an anabolic state which enables them to recover faster from their workouts. The increased rate of recovery allows my dogs to work harder and longer during training. The energy drink provides this without adding excess weight to the dog. It’s also quickly digestible and helps keep the dog properly hydrated.

    Energy Drink

    • (1) scoop of Vanilla Whey/Casein Blend Protein Powder
    • (1) Tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    • (1) Tablespoon of Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil
    • 12 - 16 oz Water
    • Mix the above ingredients together in a shaker bottle. Shake the mixture up well and give it to the dog (8) to (12) hours after his training session.

    I feed my dog as soon it cools down from the training session. It usually takes (20) to (30) minutes but depending on the weather it could be shorter or longer. My after-training meal is very similar to my every day maintenance meals. I do not weigh my dogs’ meal. I adjust the amount I feed based on how the dog looks. I weigh my dog two to three times a day towards the end of the program so that I know what he weighs at different times of the day. This helps me to identify trends and weight fluctuations that my eye might miss.

    After Training Meal (estimated for ~45lb dog)

    • ½ Raw Chicken Breast –or- Chicken Quarter with the bone and skin
    • (6) oz Lean Red Meat (NOT GROUND BEEF)
      • I will use whatever I can find on sale at the supermarket or venison if I have any from hunting season. I do not feed ground beef because it is usually comprised of less than ideal cuts of meat.
    • (2) oz Chicken Gizzards & Hearts
    • (4) oz Calves Liver every other day
    • (1) Tablespoon Whole-Milk Plain Yogurt (NOT FAT FREE)
    • (1) Tablespoon Whole-Milk Cottage Cheese (NOT FAT FREE)
    • (1) Par-Boiled Egg with the Shell
    • (1) Tablespoon of Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Fruit & Veggie Mix (Preference Formula)
    • (1) Fish Oil Pill (1,200mg)
      • Must be from wild sources; not farm raised fish. Must be Molecularly Distilled to remove mercury and other impurities.
      • IMPORTANT: Stop feeding Fish Oil 10-14 days before competition.
    • (1) Tablespoon 100% Wheat Germ Oil

    Ten days before competition I remove the lean beef from the meal and replace it as needed with extra chicken to maintain the dogs desired weight. The reason for this is because the chicken contains less calories than lean red meat. The dog will require less calories towards the end of the training program because the duration of the training sessions will be reduced. You do not want the dog gaining excess weight before the competition.

    There you have it. This is how I feed my dogs during my conditioning programs. It is a very simple yet effective nutritional program that provides the dogs with a balanced array of nourishment. It does not overload the dogs organs with carcinogens and chemicals that cause rapid aging and pre-mature kidney failure. Good luck and if you have any specific questions feel free to hit me up or comment. I’ll do my best to help. If you want to have a debate over kibble versus raw, save your time because I’m not interested.

    Continue reading...
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  2. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    • 1) Tablespoon of Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Fruit & Veggie Mix (Preference Formula)
    • (1) Fish Oil Pill (1,200mg)
      • Must be from wild sources; not farm raised fish. Must be Molecularly Distilled to remove mercury and other impurities.
      • IMPORTANT: Stop feeding Fish Oil 10-14 days before competition.

    • Post a label for the dehydrated fruit and veggie mix. Interested in this.

    • Explain the stop feeding 10-14 fays out?

    • I use to have a regimen of supplements that were paramount through the keep but stopped about 10 days or so out. Over time I have eliminated most of those supplements.

    • I'm not a big fan of fish products for the dogs. I use them in non-work times. It is excellent as a dense protein source.

    • I once had a hook up for 5 gallon buckets of menhaden fish oil, all natural and un processed. I had two and three pound packs of the fish meal. Without any scientific backing I felt the high protein source really helped pregnant females and even some use in growing pups.

    • Drop some light on the use of the fish oil and then why it has to be stopped short?

    • S

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  3. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'm not sure where the bullet points came from in the above post.

  4. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

    Slim, you might have to go to their site and contact them with the question. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them reply on here

    DISCOIII Premium Member Premium Member

    I can only comment on things I have seen and to make it clear I truly enjoy the reading of all types of feeding of the canine athlete. But there was a small group of men that went under Toxic Kennels and they got their bulldogs directly from D. Adams a good start in the dogs. After getting to know them over the years they wanted to share their conditioning feed and methods, so I took the time to visit for a couple days and was not surprised to see what they were doing. They always would talk about keeping it simple and boy did they. This is what they did their feed was good kibble at that time and dog red cell that was it, when it came to work all they did was take turns at 30 min intervals walking the dog so a fresh man was always with the dog and there was three of them. The walks would build to 3 hours a week before then taper down. This program gave many a good dog men a run for their money such as a dog called Beast handed Stephany's GR CH Vigil his longest match and a dog called Onion that I gave back because I was unsure of his gameness skull dragged GR CH Kruger and quit so far a head as he lost interest and Kruger a truly dead game dog scratched to win. Fred Bowling was handling and was truly in panic mode at the end. Not to long after this Fred died and gifted Red Ape to Oscar. I had a friend years ago that stayed with Carver to learn conditioning in the beginning he told me Carver would send him out in the morning and tell him to start walking two hours and then rest 30 mins massaging the dog during that time and then do it again and again till they would come and pick him up 12 to 16 hours later, from my own experience hand walking is the only way to keep your dogs legs on them when going into deep water.
  6. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member


  7. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Good post. I agree that hand walking is a big part of the show.

    I have posted this before but my first experiences in these dogs I was about 10-11-12 years old. My best friend's dad was in the dogs. He had two really large fields beside his property. He would run a dog on the mill for ever so many minutes and hand the dog to me. I would walk a predetermined course and the next dog was on the mill. As I was coming back that dog was sent with my friend. The dog I was walking returned to the mill. The old man had one of those 'sit on a bucket type keeps'. At the end of the work he would drop us a couple-three dollars a piece. In the late 70's in rural NC those two or three dollars gave me Rockefeller type status. I was rolling in the dough. LOL

    DTA's CH Charlie was a hand walked dog all 4 times he went into deep water. US1's CH Angel the same.

    I think the deal is how they walk. If that dog has the lead banjo string tight with your elbow locked and pretty much dragging you as you lean back on the lead, then that hand walking is a beautiful thing 'when in deep water'. If a dog is walking along side you with a 'limp lead' then the amount of walking necessary needed goes up exponentially. That type of dog usually gets about 20% to 25% of his body weight of chain pulled behind him on a 10' or so trace.

    I like the carpet mill as much as anyone. But any time I can get a dog to do work with his feet on the ground it is a plus.

    Maybe the best conditioned animal I have ever seen was a female that was absolutely obsessed with a soft ball. It was neon green and it sent her ape shit every time she seen it. We went to an open field and my buddy and I stood some 20-25 yards apart and played catch. This bitch blistered the ground after every throw. She would get ever so many hard sprints and then let her have the ball. We would hook her to the lead and walk around a field. It took about 15 or so minutes to make a lap. Back to the hard sprints and then make a lap. I never counted how many sprints but we built up to about 3 hours in that field and out of that maybe 5 or 6 laps. Maybe 1 to 1 and a half hours.

    I'm a big fan of hand walking and a big fan of keeping it simple.

  8. sweetscience

    sweetscience Premium Member Premium Member

  9. sweetscience

    sweetscience Premium Member Premium Member

    I can't speak for canine athletes advice regarding cutting the fish oil, I think the reason he cuts it is fish is a mild blood thiner. This may affect excessive bleeding in a hunt. Just an opinion. ..ask the author.
  10. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    Spoke to old Benny a couple of times on the phone before he died, what a guy he was.! Told me how Toxic kennels and Splars got their name.. I wanted to buy some Adams blood like the dog below,
    Sadly they were out of the dogs by that time, but Benny put me onto another old timer who taught me a lot over the years.. Good dogmen and great human beings!

    Benny was out of the dogs by then, but he
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  11. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    typo on bottom line.. sorry!

    DISCOIII Premium Member Premium Member

    Benny was a real fun guy all the time he like to party the other two were more serious, Benny did all their handing, against Kruger he was a little smoked up and missed a handle and Onion got a hold of Fred's pant leg and tore it off to his crotch and boy did things go hay wire real fast as Fred had a temper. One day a bunch had a cook out roll off I did not bring any of my own bulldogs as I have stated before you have to pay to see my dogs a lesson that I learned early on about a real bulldog that I bred and showed some 38 years ago that I think of every day of my life. But that day I was given 2 dogs one was Onion and the other was a bitch that was 30 pounds that pushed so much weight that day by the time they put the forth dog on her I asked the owner if he was trying to kill her and he said he did not like her so I said just give her to me and he did that bitch ended up winning two for me she was the last dog on a 7 dog show the same show as Kruger. Crenshaw and Kelly was there and Crenshaw insisted that she should get best of show and Kruger get gamest but I never reported my matches and Kelly respected my wishes. When you show a pedigree like the one you showed it sure makes you think of the good old days and how different it was back then. There was more trading and loaning of dogs than it was about the money right now I have a little stud dog on loan no money or pups just friend ship.
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  13. promoe

    promoe Premium Member Premium Member

    I take it he is supplementing the greens and sweet potatoes with the fruit and veggie mix. along with the natural sugars from fruit. I am not sure about the feeding an egg everyday. And science is right the fish oil can slow clotting.
  14. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    @ DiscoiIII... Thanks for sharing that history sir! That 30lb bitch sounds like the bomb and I love the name 'Onion' (somebody sure to cry :) How were they bred? I always liked Adams dogs and still do today.. I think Benny owned a house dog bred down from Kane when I spoke with him, he could talk forever about dogs.. You're right things mostly based on money now, but he helped me on my way, put me in touch with good people and it never cost a thing! I thank him for that and I always try to remember his example when other people ask for my help.
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    DISCOIII Premium Member Premium Member

    Onion 's reg. name was Splar's Atlas Duke his father was Adam's Bruiser mother Adam's Angel one generation from Art and Tart the out was from Frank Bunce's Blacky who was out of Zebo. The bitches father was a gift pup from Bass out of Summer's Frog x Summer's Nugget pure Redboy the mother was Hemphill's Dixie pure Hemphill. I sorry I don't have peds online. Just a added note that redboy x hemphill litter produced four out of five winners it was a good breeding.
  16. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    Good dogs DiscoIII, I'd have been happy feeding them! Couldn't find the Splars dogs you named, but hopefully the dogs below are parents or grand parents to your 30lb female.
    Actually I don't have online peds either.. Usually if I'm interested in a dog, I just google search, name of dog followed by apbt and it's come up every time.. Wish you all the best.
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  17. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    The guy that turned me onto dogs as kid was good friends with R. Bass and K. Marlowe way back then. He bought a pup from them one time and while setting up the deal and making arrangements for a show, with long distance rates of the day in play, he ran up a $300 phone bill for a $200 puppy. He himself was a game guy because he came back in the house after his wife drop the hammer on him. LOL

    From those early days one of the digs on Red Boy was the no mouth trait. The dogs off Red Boy and down out of the Loposay blood (Cat/Cleo/Brandy Girl) showed good mouth. Dumb as a stump but all nite game. They would trade just to be trading, make against the odds scratches, and usually take so much punishment pulling anything off after the 1st or 2nd show was a stretch.

    The guy that turned me onto the dogs as a kid had a male that was out of Red Boy/Red Feather (littermate to Yellow John. He would take his death grinning if given the opportunity. But in turn could not bust an egg. It was said his dry food had to be soaked so he could chew it. It was also said he would have to make huge gains to get to the 'no mouth' department. But his littermates could bite.

    He had a female of Brandy Girl that could cut bricks in half, along with rocks and chains and sticks and barrels.

    Over the years I have been a Red Boy fan because those were the dogs I first experienced as a young kid. Thinking about how times have changed. A 10 year old walking a 40lb. half crazed Red Boy match dog within weeks of doing the do. Memories I guess.

    Another thing in Red Boy dogs is coat color. It matters, Especially the strains coming out of Cleo/Cat. When they are heavy on the Red Boy and come out brindle like Brandy girl three things are just about an absolute. One, they will knock their teeth out by the time they are 12-20 months. Extremely hard keepers. Two, they will scratch to a sign post, just plain dumb game. And three, even if bred to a German Shephard there is a high percentage chance of deep game bulldogs.

    The first two turned me off of bindle dogs in that line for a lot of years. The third, it has brought me back home.

  18. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    As always Slim, thanks for your insight.. Been thinking about Redboy blood for months now, hoping to learn as much as I can, read every RB thread on this board at least a dozen times and now more or less focusing on dogs from Bailey's Crypt, STA's Boomer, WCC's Deacon and Hunter Red , all being fairly bred similar anyway, but one dog that sticks out for me right now is Plowboy's Willie, I understand he's crossed, but it's a cross that I like anyway.. When I saw the pedigree to the sire of DiscoIII's Redboy female I couldn't believe how tight on Redboy he was (impressive!) When I hear all the stupid game stuff about Redboy dogs, it reminds me of the tight bred Wise's Max dogs in the UK during the 80's.. The ones I saw were pretty bad, no mouth or ability, but never stop on you! When they got crossed into other lines though (BOOM!) They were like bomb detonators.. I heard recently that some people say Redboy could have been out of Wise's Max or Ross' Red Devil (not sure which) and papered up? I'll stop now before Redboy fans drag me out for a lynching :) but the dogs bred down from Plowboy's Willie is what I'm thinking about right now! Any opinions on that blood (good or bad) appreciated.
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  19. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I have heard the Hemphill stories as well as a different set of Colby dogs than is papered.

    I'm not sure. I just got a message from Disco about a mutual friend. He was a go-getter back then and personally knew all the players. He had as much insight as any person on how red Boy truly came about. Mr. Mims has his version and he and Mr. Y are on the same page.

    For me, coming along much later it is a moot point. He could have been of Benji and Lassie for all I care. LOL

    Like you said, it is a great cross for most anything.

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  20. Holocaust

    Holocaust Match dog

    Story I heard from someone who asked teal about red boy was pretty funny.

    Jeff was kept outside teals bedroom window. He alledgedly told someone I know "son, if they backed that bitch up to ole Jeff it was without me knowing"(implying this of course wasn't possible).
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